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Breaking all barriers to things YOU enjoy doing with friends and others in the real world! (ie. passions & hobbies, sports & fitness, recreational activities, private parties, music events, food tastings, cultural happenings, etc)

Target Audience: Facebook users 16 – 40
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2 thoughts on “FunWhisper – It’s on. Near you.

  1. 1) Do you understand what FunWhisper is about from the pre-registration page?
    My first impression I got when I visited the page based on the designs and appearances, was that it had something to do with finding outdoor activities to do such as camping, fish, biking, etc. Sort of like you put your location and zipcode and than it will find the closest area. Reason why I thought this because of the map on the phones and a bike.

    As I began reading I found out it was more than a locator of outdoor activities. It’s to keep up with family and friends when they are fun outdoor activities. Not only do you find out what your friend is doing, but you also can see the location and invitation. So it’s pretty cool to know if you want to join them. Now you can make your friends be aware of outdoor activity and invite others to come. This is sort of what facebook, twitter and google + only better. You can combine all of them to see what activities your friends are doing and that is Awesome. Good Job!

     2) Are you encouraged to subscribe? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    The page does catch my attention to join. When I see it, it bring thoughts on your head of all the exciting fun outdoor activities to do with your friends and family. Just by looking at the page without reading it catches my attention to join, but……. I feel although a good job with the design and a brief summary. I think it would be a lot better if you had a video demonstration of it with examples on how it works more. It mentions how you can have Facebook, Twitter, Google + all together to see the activities, I would like to see how that works. I think showing a video is perfect to explain better. Also I think the email when you join should have a little more information, because Yes I actually joined, but was expecting more information. Other than that it looks great!

    3.) 3) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    As I said before the page looks awesome! When I look at it makes me want to go out right now and set an outdoor activity and tell all my friends about it with this App. But I think you should make a video and when someone subscribes/joins have a little more information on the email. Other than that good Job!    

  2. 1) Do you understand what FunWhisper is about from the pre-registration page?
    Yes. First thing I saw was the mobile phone photos which made me think of it as a mobile app. The content was informative and so are the little icons – they made me think that this app is for all kinds of activities. Reading through the page quickly gave me the idea that FunWhisper updates you on events near you or have people having similar interests as you join your own event.
    2) Are you encouraged to subscribe? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    If I would be on the look out of events of my own interest, I would definitely try subscribing. Being up-to-date would be a great advantage especially if there is limited number of participants in an event. It lessens the trouble of having to search online for activities I can attend to. I also like the part which helps me find events near the places I am at if I’m on the road. Also, spreading the word of my own event/activities would be easier and helps me get to know other people.
    3) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    I think FunWhisper is a great app. Being a mobile app, it can keep me informed of any activity I may be interested in. It’s a great way to meet new people and gain new friends.
    The screenshot of the app gave me an idea of how it works but I think it would be better if there was a video demonstrating the app. Some people may be discouraged by stuff like entering your email when all they see is a picture. It might make them think whether this is real or not. All in all, the pre-registration page is informative, not confusing and easily tells what the app is about.

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