Getresponse Review Features Pricing Customer Support Pros And Cons

GetResponse Review: Features, Pricing, Customer Support; Pros and Cons

Is email marketing an essential aspect of your business? Looking for the perfect email marketing system? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a permanent solution for your growing business. Getting the right email marketing platform will have a significant impact on your marketing campaign’s outcome.

About GetResponse

Most email marketing platforms like MailChimpConstant Contact, and Aweber offer similar functionalities, making it a daunting task when picking the perfect email marketing platform for your business. To help you decide on the best platform, we will look at one of the most popular email marketing solutions and dig deeper into its merits and demerits.

 You are probably wondering which email marketing solution is this ? and is it right for my business?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of GetResponse.

About GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing solution that integrates powerful features with an easy-to-use interface, which helps you develop content, improve revenue, and boost your website’s traffic.

GetResponse offers powerful features that support email marketing landing pages, auto funnels, autoresponders, and webinars at very reasonable price points for small, big, and medium-sized businesses.

This email marketing platform takes you through every step of creating a successful email campaign, making it ideal for both beginners to experienced users.

Getresponse Features

Compared to other email marketing solutions, Getresponse comes with an extensive set of features—the most popular entry-level plan.

Here’s what we like:

1. Marketing Automation Tools

This feature helps you build a scalable automation workflow using a  drag and drop tool- you create an automation flowchart that instructs the GetResponse platform what to do when a customer opens a particular offer or clicks on a specific link.

Marketing Automation Tools

The automation tools go way beyond what’s available on primary autoresponders; they will help you develop a user journey tailored to fit different user needs. Besides, it provides users with powerful segmentation tools that allow you to arrange contacts into various subgroups and customize their emails accordingly. A point to note is that these tools are only available on the “Plus package or higher.

2. Page Builder

Rather than merely pointing clients to a data-packed website, the landing page creator directs your clients to an attractive landing page with the necessary information, including a well-designed data collection form.

Page Builder

Besides creating beautiful landing pages, this feature can also help you test different landing pages’ conversion rates in real-time, giving you insightful information on the most successful landing pages to roll out. This will, of course, have a good impact on the email campaigns.

 A similar feature from other email marketing platforms usually requires a third-party add-on software like Instapage to achieve the same results.

3. Webinars Intergration

Recently the GetResponse platform added the ability to host webinars on its platform. This unique integration enables marketers to host product advertisements, product demos, and training sessions.

Webinars Intergration

The idea of having both your email list and webinar feature on one platform is very inspiring. With the pre-existing email contacts readily available, you can easily integrate your contact list with your webinar and creatively use them as marketing leads for your campaigns.

The GetResponse webinar feature also makes it easier to promote your webinar. When going live, the entire streaming session takes place directly on your platform. Additionally, this feature easily handles slideshows, videos, and screen-captures.

4. Advanced A/B Split Testing Feature

This feature involves sending a series of test e-newsletters to a few clients on your mailing list, then tracking each email’s performance, and sending out the most successful version to the rest of your contact list.

Generally, the Getresponse platform has the upper hand when it comes to A/B split test feature as it allows users to split test about five separate emails against each other. At the same time, its main competitors will allow you to work with less than three variants.

5. Conversion Marketing Funnels

One new feature that GetResponse has introduced is the Conversion Funnel feature, which is quite a shift from the original product. To a certain extent, GetResponse switches from an email marketing solution into a tool that’s easily used to maintain an e-commerce enterprise.

Conversion Marketing Funnels

In simple terms, this feature aims at providing you with a simple way to create sales funnel without moving to a third-party application. It also provides a clear picture of what a customer goes through before buying the product. Plus, it also integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Esty to make online payment options like PayPal available.

Getresponse Pricing Plans

Like other email marketing platforms, GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial and four separate paid packages. They also offer monthly, yearly, and two-year subscription plans. GetResponse provides an 18 percent discount for a one-year subscription and a 30 percent discount for a two-year subscription.

  • Basic Package: This plan will cost you USD 15 per/month for up to 1000 contacts.

 Point to note: the package has limited features.

  • Plus Package:  This package will cost you USD 49 per/month for 1000 contacts. The plan offers advanced email marketing tools, plus you can host webinars for your audience.
  • Professional Package: This package costs around USD 99 per/month for 1000 contacts. It’s tailored for marketing pros with specialized needs. It has all the Plus package features combined with the option of hosting webinars with about 300 people.
  • Enterprise Package: The cost of This plan is USD 1,199 per month. This package is for businesses with subscribers exceeding 100,000.

Pros and Cons


  • Effective auto-responder capabilities
  • Competitive cost
  • Free email marketing classes
  • Ability to create robust marketing funnels
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable email marketing Features
  • Stylish user interface


  • Limited 24/7 phone support
  • The analytic are rather underwhelming
  • Loads slowly

Customer Support

GetResponse provides vital customer support for its clients. You can contact the support team through an interactive Live chat application and be sure assured to get prompt answers to your queries. If it is not a pressing inquiry, you can always write them an email. Furthermore, they have an inbuilt knowledge base engine on their website that can help you answer simple questions that do not require support reps.


Overall, GetResponse is one of the most convenient ways to communicate and market through an email platform. It is cost-effective and also priced competitively compared to its competitors. Apart from prices, GetResponse is focused on improving its platform to satisfy its clients by introducing new and interactive features. You now know what feature GetResponse offers and how you can use it to improve your email marketing Campaigns.