Gideros Studio – Develop Your Mobile Game And Run On Every Device


Gideros Studio helps you streamline and speedup mobile development process.

Target Audience: Mobile developers.
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Feedback sought:

  • What do you think about the overall website usability?
  • Does the idea of “writing once and running everywhere” interest you?
  • If you do not like the idea and product, tell us more why.
  • Overall, if you were a developer, would you be interested in using Gideros Studio?

About Gideros Studio:

Gideros Studio is a mobile software development environment developed and supported by Gideros Mobile. It allows developers easily build, test and deploy their mobile applications to a variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Gideros Studio consists of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers to build graphically rich, native and portable applications and games with 2D acceleration. This allows programmers directly interact with the screen of the device with high performance, building code which executes in the native machine format of the target processor.

One thought on “Gideros Studio – Develop Your Mobile Game And Run On Every Device

  1. This is a really cool program.  First, it is a bit difficult to decipher what this business is.  At the top you should have something a bit more straight forward.  Such as Ever want to design your own game/app?  Use our program which will work for your iPhone, iPad, or your Droid.  Most people when first going to a site will just glance at it.  Most will not take the time to read through the first page let alone the whole site.  That is why the top of the header to the first page is very important.  That can make or break your website.

    Do you have to be a developer to use this program?  It does seem like you have to be. 
    What is with the key word highlighting? Maybe make bullet points.  Make it more clear cut.  People look for simplicity in a website, and do not want to have to read through the whole site to find out.  Plus, someone with only some computer knowledge this can be a big put off. 

    Otherwise, the site is easy to navigate.

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