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Find concerts by your favorite artists, and discover new ones at the same time.

Target Audience: Music lovers.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit Spend no more than 5-10 seconds on the home page. What do you think the site is about?
  • Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors (, Songkick, etc.)?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About gigzoo:

gigzoo is a project by ReignDesign that is set to launch in early 2011. Here are some of the features of gigzoo:

  • Discover hundreds of thousands of bands and millions of events in over 4,000 cities
  • Find out where and when your favorite bands are playing, anywhere in the world
  • Check out upcoming events in your area, or any area

We started it with one goal in mind: to make it easier for music lovers to find concerts by their favorite artists, and discover new ones at the same time.

gigzoo is also launching a free iPhone app soon that lets you keep track of your favorite bands, find shows in your city(or list of cities you’re willing to go to), find new bands and email, tweet, or let your friends know about upcoming shows on Facebook.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

22 thoughts on “gigzoo – Find Concerts By Your Favorite Bands

  1. This site is very informative for music lovers, also simple to navigate through. No dislikes except for the design of the website

  2. Answers based on feedback sought:
    1) After visiting, I believe the site is a resource for finding concerts/bands in local areas.
    2) Various elements of the site: Well, compared to other startups I have reviewed, this site looks pretty one-dimensional. Other sites seem to have more tabs and pages. From what I see here, it appears that the homepage and the search results on the other side of the “Find” button are the two pages this site is comprised of.

    I cannot read the first two words on the page, I see only half of them, but I think it says “gigzoo mobile”

    I observe words overlapping words, which looks like a website design error. For example, “John Zorn” is overlapped by “Search band or event names”

    The Yellow/Orange “FIND!” buttons are overlayed with the word “Find” in black font.

    I do like the “Available on the App Store” icon, but shouldn’t it read “Available in the App Store”?
    3) In answer two, I go over the bothersome things and the things I like, while going over the various elements.
    4) Compared to Songkick, Gigzoo looks very basic. Gigzoo needs a big overhaul and website re-design. You might want to consider hiring a professional to create something that will attract visitors. also looks more professional than Gigzoo. For starters, Gigzoo needs to fix the little website errors, but it will still need a lot of work to get it on the same level as Songkick and
    5) Additional comments – I don’t see how Gigzoo has any competitive advantage over the competitors. I think you will need to put a lot more work into your website to become a contender in this market.

  3. Overall the site’s appearance is inviting in a playful type of way. How ever the layout could use some additions. For example when I did a search for an artist, there was no menu available to select what information I could find out about the artist. There were several videos offered, but not much outside of that. Other similar sites allow users to narrow down the information they desire. So when you select an artist you can also see past events, upcoming events, and venues. The website seems more like a place holder for the soon to be released iPhone application. Thus maybe the focus is not totally on the website itself.

  4. Well, I guess I have quite a bit to say about this website, some good, some not so good.


    1. Very fun and playful webpage. Definitely appealing to the eye.
    2. Cute little people everywhere that make you interested in the sight.
    3. A lot of featured bands right when you click on the website.
    4. Gives locations of bands internationally as well as locally.
    5. Give you multiple selections ex. I typed in Lady Gaga and got not only some info about her, but the option to click on shows with just her and also featuring other people she has sung with.

    1. Like another reviewer said, I didn’t understand what the words say. It does look like gig zoo after looking at it, but not my preferred choice of font for the “name” of your web page.
    2. Very limited choices in guiding through the website. To some this is good because it is just point and click, but I would have liked more options.
    3. Most important, I could NOT figure out how to change the location. Call me an idiot, but I looked and looked. This is where I would have tried to contact someone, but by the time I got a hold of someone, I would have prob just called ticketmaster.
    4. Apps would be great, but why just iPhone, why not Android market as well.

    Overall, I might try to use the website, but can definitely see myself getting frustrated and using something else. I like the design though!

  5. The first few glances of the homepage did not immediately clue me in to the fact that it was a concert/music site. The graphics don’t immediately give that impression until you look very closely at them. Once you read the “Currently On Tour” list and look at the big search box at the top, it’s clear that’s the kind of site it is.

    I do think that the site has a very clean layout and design. It’s very easy to navigate. I looked for Lady Gaga events and quickly found lots of information, along with plenty of YouTube videos to browse through if I had the inclination, which is nice. I also like that the link for the iPhone app is very front and center, so it’s easy for someone to find it if they wanted to download it. I did see your “Follow Me” links for Facebook and Twitter, but not until I was getting ready to leave the site. The links aren’t very visible up there at the top of the page.

    Overall, I think the graphics could use some work. As I said before, the little black dot-looking guys in the clouds don’t immediately clue me in to music/concert stuff unless I look closely enough to see that they’re holding mics, guitars, etc. However, I do like that the site is a light color rather than a dark color. I also think you need to make your Facebook and Twitter links more visible.

    I like the clean, streamlined appearance of the site. Navigation is very simple and straightforward. If I needed to find a concert or event, it would be easy to find out everything I needed to know from your site.

    Personally, I like your site much more than lastFM. I think your layout is less confusing than theirs. I find their site to be mostly just a jumble of information that’s hard to navigate through. I do think Songkick is a great site overall, and I think Gigzoo could certainly compare to it in the future based on what you’ve got up so far. It looks like you guys are headed in the right direction.

    Bottom Line: I think the site could use some minor tweaking in the areas I mentioned above, but overall, very good job. The site is generally very pleasing to the eyes and easy to use. The ease of use is my favorite part.

  6. • The site is about locating concerts in different locations
    • I am not sure if it’s my computer, but the entire site was not able to fit on my monitor. I can see something but can’t make out the words. The first things I can see are gigzoo and then find concerts by your favorite bands.
    • I am not sure that I like the feedback button on the side of the page. It also moves up and down and when your computer is giving you fits, could be hit by mistake. There really is not a lot of information on this site that I can see. I can do searches for concerts or the different artists, so I am not sure if its no loading correctly.
    • Don’t like the location of the feedback button that was mentioned above and the lack of information. I saw that you had a blog, but there was nothing written, maybe use this space so people will know more about your website. I like that this website is for new artists so they can get their name out to a wide audience.
    Again, not sure if its my computer, but was having problems reading some of the information. Word were running together or on top of each other
    • I think that you are offering similar services as your competitors, however, your website needs some work to pique the interest of your audience. If I was searching for websites like your, I would just move onto the next site. There are too many issues with the website that makes it seem unprofessional. The top of the page is cut off, words running together, etc
    • I do like that there will be an app for the iphone, but again not much info here and it’s coming soon

  7. I think the site is about finding the bands that are playing in your area, locally. It would appear that you can search for the band you are interested in, in any location, and find out when and where they are going to be.

    Immediately I tried to change the location. It was not clear to me immediately how to change my location. I physically had to click on the green area that said to change the location. I am used to having the words underlined or highlighted where to click. I am also an avid believer that the Contact Us button should be easily found and would have appreciate a much larger font for this button.

    Other than these above-mentioned items, I found the site very easy to navigate and very user friendly. I think it’s definitely comparable to sites of similarity.

    Overall, it’s a fantastic site which captures my attention with the ease and simplicity of it’s design.

  8. 1. What do you think the site is about?

    The website looks like it is a good concept. The site is not clutter and looks easy to navigate through. I think the little figures on the site are unique and a good touch for the site.

    2. Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.

    I like how you are able to search the cities in order to find bands. Although, I like how you can search by city, I also think you should be able to search through state as well.
    The section you have the app store on the homepage with the figure is a nice touch.
    I think you need to have more about you. Right now it looks like an amateur website. Adding more about who you are, why you came up with this concept, what your goal/vision is, other important details would help with your site.

    3. What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I do not like the logo. When I first looked at it, I didn’t get it right away because it looks like a square on top of a circle. When I looked at the URL, I was able to figure it out.
    I do like the little figures you have on the site. I think they are a nice touch and they are unique.

    4.How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors (, Songkick, etc.)?

    I think your site has potential but needs some work. I am not sure if I like where the feedback button is. I like how you can see the feedback button at all times but I am not sure I like where it is at. It is a little distracting since the color stands out. I like the layout better on songkick.

    5. Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    Your site is simple to use and navigate through. I would play with some color schemes because the site looks a little bland. Since you are dealing with the music industry, you can make the site bold and expressive without coming across unprofessional.

  9. This site is about finding bands
    The site is great to go and find any band that you love to listen to
    I like the look of the site,i can not find anything i do not like
    This is just as good as the other sites

  10. 1.)On seeing the Home page i feel it functions well but the text on the home page is not very attractive or not formatted properly.Thetext on the page do convey the idea that this site is a search for the bands playing in a locality and when are they playing and where.The position of the text is haywire.I can hardly read what is written on the top most left hand side as the text is hidden.
    The not in New york search facility is not working properly.It shows autolist for a city but does not show the list of band in a paticular city in a particular state.
    In my opinion its hsould be a link for change location and then the textbox should come.Right now the blank text box comes up on clicking on change location with no caption.So user doesnt understand what to do next.

    2.)The other sites like and songkick are more graphical with pictures.
    There are proper categories for every serviice they are providing.
    The text and pictures are well formatted and aligned.

    3.)Other sites have links for a variety of things related to music.
    They even make an account for the user which is not with this site.
    They have a live feed to show who is listening to what.There is no live feed about users of the website in

    4.)Aesthetic appearence of the website needs to be improved
    Its should look more professional .Right now its looking like another spam page

  11. Based on my view of the website I feel that it is a site for locating events and concerts in different area, specifically in New York in this case.
    I think that the site is very straight forward in what you are looking for and the way that information is listed. However, it is not exactly a site that would draw me back to it. I am used to seeing web pages that are extremely visually eye catching and feel that this is not one of them.
    Extra music information would be helpful as well….such as websites for featured artist or event, or similar ones.
    It does not look professionally prepared.

  12. The site looks like a good place to find out about upcoming concerts.
    the design is a little boring though and there isn’t much in the blog
    it would be good if the site asked what location you are looking for a concert in

  13. Upon first looking at the website it took me a minute to realize what the site was showing. For someone unfamiliar with those bands they may leave the sight. Because the find button asks you to find a band in New York, people might think this is only for the New York area. However once you get past that I thought the sight was ok. My only other problem is that it does not list (Lady Gaga) concert days in order. They jump from March to Feb then March again. But when you see other sights like Songkick you see that they have a similar setup.

  14. Mostly this website shows status up of what is going on in the media of music and entertainment.

    I see some similarity with the rest of the headlines usually going online.

    I found some similarities as Facebook or a page where you can win a free I pod. This site it’s mostly for blogging updater and doesn’t look anything more than that. A simply short headlines, what’s usually is going on at the moment.

  15. a)From a first glance on the website, i thought it was about finding musical performances at different cities.
    b)I thought the website was simple and straight to the point and easy to use for people to find their favorite musical performances at different locations, i thought the iphone app was simple to use and useful for experienced and first time users, but i found bothersome was the lack of material and information to guide users through the website.
    c)I think other comparable websites like(, songkick) has better organization of subjects and more material that i think is more useful for people to find their favorite musical performances, also i thought the layout of their webpages was more colorful and nicer to watch.
    d)i think your website is simple and easy to use, but maybe with more colorful layout and more information and subjects useful for people would make it a more popular choice for them to pick your website.

  16. 1) The site is about finding music bands currently in concert for people who are interested in concerts in their local or desired area .

    2) I like the cute like black music characters and the site’s concept is very easy to grasp and user-friendly. The webpage is easy to read and clean looking not too cluttered or wordy and I like the logo used “an old record” on the browser. It seems their focus is on delivering up to date info via phone app.

    3) I did not like seeing 2 find/search boxes as it seems redundant. The logo, although different, is hard to read. I suggest changing around the graphics, colors and aesthetics so it is more appealing and believable.
    I was a bit confused as to why bands was on the left and events on the right. I would create 2 linkable sections for each group: bands, events, festivals, etc. where visitors can click on and get information desired.

    I was left wanting to know more about the site itself such as: the creators, where it is located, more events/concerts, customer service/help section, faq’s, how is Gigzoo different? What is your niche? Is there a membership? e-newsletter? Do you offer discounted rates? Not much information provided.

    I did like the concept of getting up-to-date info on my phone and ease of use of site.

    I like the upcoming events box, although, I think it should be in the main page.

    4) In comparison to other sites providing similar services, Gigzoo unfortunately does not seem to provide much to a client, I didn’t see any real added benefit other than the phone app to someone seeking for bands/events, there needs to be something different about Gigzoo that will draw people to use it.

    5) Again, I suggest the layout of the site to begin with, connect to social media immediately, add lots of information and venue but not to make it too wordy or cluttered as these types of sites are attractive when they are organized and have snippets of info and graphics to peek someone’s curiosity.

    Create an easy to remember tagline or slogan. Add more links, pictures, content that will want the user to continue to browse around the site..a fusion of music info, unique identity with a modern touch.

  17. At first glance, the site seems very simple. I expect to get awesome information from the search box. To my surprise I could not search by location to see what is going on around me. I found a band I would love to see live, however only 2 tour dates were listed off to the side (both on the east coast) and were not relevant to my location (on the west coast). As the site is now, I did not get anything useful out of my experience. I think there is a lot of potential to this site, but the benefit to the consumer needs to be refined.

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