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Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

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Win more auctions for less. Have goSnipe place your bid in the final seconds of auctions.

Target Audience: eBay users.
Website URL: https://www.gosnipe.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Is there anything we can do to the homepage to make it more obvious as to what it is we do, or to entice you, the user, more to sign up?
  • If you are an ebay user and would not try this service, please explain why.
  • Suggest one feature you would add to goSnipe
  • Would you be more likely to pay for the service if it was unlimited use for a small monthly fee?
  • Any other general thoughts.

About goSnipe :

goSnipe is an eBay sniper. It helps you win more auctions for less money on eBay by placing your bid automatically on your behalf in the final seconds of an auction.

goSnipe also provides a bid grouping feature. By grouping auction snipes together, you can bid on multiple items and cancel the group once you’ve won. Found an iPod your interested in? Bid on 10 of them, and once the first wins for the price you want, the rest are canceled… can’t do that with eBay!

We provide a powerful interface for searching eBay auctions and historical bid data to help you determine pricing for the item your interested in.

For light and heavy eBay users alike, goSnipe really is a godsend that will save you from the stresses of bidding while keeping more money in your pocket.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

17 thoughts on “goSnipe – eBay Auction Sniper

  1. Answers based on feedback sought:
    The first thing I wanted to know upon visiting your site was:  How much does it cost me to use your services?  I clicked on the Pricing tab and quickly got my answer.  1% of winning bid.  I am impressed and would consider using your services.

    To answer your question how do you “entice” more users to sign up?  First I would recommend putting the Pricing on the main page.  That is the first question people want to know.  Second, I would include “You can try 3 for free!”  on the home page.  That would create interest.  It is possible that some people come upon your website and think “It will cost too much” or “What’s the catch?” and may not bother searching for more or looking for your pricing section.  I’d recommend putting this on your home page.

    I like how you have a scrolling message bar that states all the great deals people have won using your services.  I think that shows your credibility and success working with clients.

    Nice website layout – not a lot of clutter.
    I like how the discussions section talks about the good and the bad, and how the site admin. addresses the issues discussed.

    I really like what you have going on here, and will consider using your site in the near future!

  2. Is there anything we can do to the homepage to make it more obvious as to what it is we do, or to entice you, the user, more to sign up?
    I feel that you explain quite well on the home page what it is you do, but as a fairly novice e-bay user, I would like more explanation on the way the bid works – do I name a price and you bid that price at the last moment, or do use my price as a maximum, bidding according to existing prices reached?
    In terms of actual signing up, the buttons are clear and would entice me to give it a try.

    Suggest one feature you would add to goSnipe
    There are no extra features I would add at this stage, although I may consider some after having used the service for a while.

    Would you be more likely to pay for the service if it was unlimited use for a small monthly fee?
    No. I much prefer the system offered, where the fee is a percentage of the bid price.

    Any other general thoughts.
    The site is clearly laid out and easy to use. Graphics are good and the overall colour scheme is pleasing. Even as a novice ebayer, I think I would find this useful. At the moment, I buy only products with a Buy it Now option, as I do not have the time to watch items. Assuming that any bid I offered would be treated as a maximum, I would use this service to buy auction items as well, as it would appear to save both time and money.

  3. “Is there anything we can do to the homepage to make it more obvious as to what it is we do, or to entice you, the user, more to sign up?”
    I think that the homepage is quite enticing, as the scroll of things that have been recently sniped is quite convincing. It is also well laid out and the “sign up” and “find out how it works” buttons are easy to find, which would help convince me to sign up.

    “If you are an ebay user and would not try this service, please explain why.”

    “Suggest one feature you would add to goSnipe”
    I would make the pricing tab easier to see, but other than that, I don’t think that anything needs to be added at this time,

    “Would you be more likely to pay for the service if it was unlimited use for a small monthly fee?”
    I would be more willing to pay a monthly fee for unlimited service, but I think that you should add that option while keeping the current pricing system as an option as well, for those who want to use the service, but do not want to subscribe over a long period of time and might be scared off by monthly payments.

    “Any other general thoughts.”
    The toolbar at the top of your page is quite helpful, and I like how your website is laid out.

  4. Is there anything we can do to the homepage to make it more obvious as to what it is we do, or to entice you, the user, more to sign up? When I first heard of this website, the first question I wanted to know was what exactly do you do and how much is it going to cost me. The question as to what it is that this website does was immediately answer by “Win more eBay auctions at the price you want.
    goSnipe places your bid at the last possible second” It can’t get any more simple than that! The pricing information was also immediately available to me by simply clicking on the Pricing tab at the top of the opening page. Boom, both of my questions answered immediately! I like that.

    Through it all, I am still a person who likes the idea of dealing with a person. I would like to see an emergency contact phone number in case I do run into problems I would want addressed immediately.

    If you’ve ever experienced the excitement of bidding for an item on eBay which you’ve had your heart set on, and losing at the last second, you know that the price to use this service is excellent!

  5. • I think that your website explains itself quite nicely. A few minor suggestions would be to put the cost on the homepage and not sure if I like the feedback button on the side of the page. Sometimes when its on the side, I might hit it by mistake if the computer is running slow and issues like that. As far as the cost, I was able to see that information at a click of a button, but having the information on the first made might entice me to keep reading, especially if the price is right

    • I think that I would try your service. I do not know how many times I am trying to win a bid and I lose at the last minute or could have gotten it for less. I also think that the costs are reasonably priced especially for the avid Ebay shopper and wants to win a certain must have item!

    • I really can’t see anything else that I would change other than what I mentioned above. Sometimes pricing can be a deal breaker and if its on the main page, you might pique a readers interest to continue reading

    • I think that I would be willing, but that would also depend on the cost associated with that feature. If I am an avid Ebay person, especially if I can recoup the cost by the money I save on the winning actions. I would definitely consider it. If I am just a part time Ebay person, the cost might not be worth it to me. It might take me too long to recoup the cost of the site

    • I think this is a very good idea for the avid Ebay person to help win the actions.

  6. I’m not sure what else could be done to state what it is the website is for. It’s written clearly as soon as the page comes up.

    I am an ebay buyer and I would loved to have had this available to me last Christmas. I was wanting zhu zhu pets for my children and of course they were sold out of all of the stores and I was constantly being outbid. I got to the point where I made sure I was on the computer and doing the last minute thing. Usually that drives me crazy but I was desperate for them zhu zhu pets(that they played with for 5 minutes). Anyways, this could save a lot of time for people.

    I don’t really think there is anything that I would add. There’s a lot of information on the page and instructions on how it works. Not much more to say!

    I would say it depends on how often a person is buying on ebay whether they would want to pay a monthly fee. I’m sure someone who is on there a lot would like that option. However, there may be people who don’t use ebay very often and if there’s a monthly fee it would probably cause them not to use the service.

    I think this is a very neat idea that can help people win ebay auctions!

  7. Front Page ….
    When I look at pages offering single product I like to see clean simple design. There is no need for black section on bottom and so much text to have visitor stay at yours web site …. If this is my first visit to unknown site I want to see 5 main futures to get me interested and nice screenshot of application…… then large links to future section and buy now !!!! …. So…. there is too much going on main page …. looks like you have serious complex web site ….
    Now…. for serious ebay users like my self monthly fee is more tempting then as per bid fee… I am a seller and buyer and ebay and paypal per transaction fees are something that keeps me wondering about canceling by accounts….. then from other side if you but one a month on ebay there is no way that someone would pay monthly fee……..
    Something I did not like mostly is that when you get to community page all you can spot at first glance is ” didn’t work, didn’t bid ” … you need to make sections for this forums and hide those posts … Make subject related groups…. let say named….. :” problems with bidding”…. and have those posts only for people who get to that section
    …..Hope that help you improve you site

  8. Well, apart from just LOVING the idea of this website, I think that it is actually laid out nicely. The only thing that I would say I agree with to change is that there is a lot going on with the homepage, and I do agree that the black strip at the bottom could easily be removed and not missed because all the options are already at the top of the page. But, with that really being my only con, I love that it offers 3 free snipes…this is a great selling feature and would make anyone that has ever lost in the last 10 seconds cuz they couldn’t get their bid in, want to use this. I thought that it was great that you had a separate category for the pricing and that it is not on your home page. I would hate to see the price right away. But, I think that price is well worth the aggravation that you will save. It was a very informative website and really easy to navigate through, which is definitely a plus for more computer illiterate people like me! Maybe the page could have a little more color, but overall a GREAT website that gets the point across and doesn’t have all the other advertising crap and distractions that MANY other websites have. I LOVED it!!!

  9. *To make it more “obvious on the homepage as to what it is we do,” I would maybe simply begin with “eBay bidding with an advantage…while you’re at lunch, out with friends, or simply without the stress.”
    *The service is definitely worth it and is priced well.
    *One change I would suggest is that after I’ve done a search, I would rather know payment methods instead of the category my item was listed under. The payment method may change my purchase ability and I’m probably going to know the category already.
    *I would rather pay a one-time usage fee than a small monthly fee. With the economy not so steady and finances a typical challenge, I believe a one-time usage fee is easier to know if I can afford it. If something unexpected happens, I don’t have to worry about when a monthly fee is withdrawn and who I need to contact if I need to cancel.
    *Excellent website that I will use and pass on.

  10. Is there anything we can do to the homepage to make it more obvious as to what it is we do, or to entice you, the user, more to sign up?

    The homepage is easy to view and not too cluttered. To me it is obvious that you provide a service (electronic program) that will allow you to be the last bidder on an eBay item. However, it does not include any specific pricing information (with the exception of “3 Snipes Free!”). After looking at the fee structure, I believe this is what one of the strong points of the service is. I would recommend highlighting the basic fee structure (1% of total; $0.25 min; $10 max) right there on the homepage. I would also recommend stating that signing up for an account is free!

    If you are an ebay user and would not try this service, please explain why.

    I personally use eBay as a staple shopping source and this would be a service I would definitely use. I constantly have multiple items in my Watch List. I have often been online bidding on an eBay item up until the last few seconds to secure the winning bid. While that is part of the “fun” of using an auction site (beating someone out at the last second and paying less than you were willing to), this service will take that stress level out of the equation (having to be at the computer at a certain time and hoping the bidding does not exceed your established threshold).

    Suggest one feature you would add to goSnipe.

    I have two suggestions for possible feature additions. The first concerns the freight/shipping amounts added to winning bids. Different sellers charge different amounts for similar (or exactly the same) items. I would like to see a feature that incorporates the amount of freight added to an item as part of your Maximum Bid amount or as part of your Bid Groups. The second recommendation would be to add a feature that notifies you when a new item has been added for sale/auction that matches some an item in your Bid Group.

    Would you be more likely to pay for the service if it was unlimited use for a small monthly fee?

    I personally do not like anything that costs a monthly fee. I feel that this would force you to shop more get the value of the service. However, I also believe there are avid eBay users and professional re-sellers that use eBay often enough to justify a monthly fee amount. I would offer both types of fee structures that would cover all sorts of eBay users.

    Any other general thoughts.

    The homepage includes a banner that shows recent Sniped items (cool feature!). However, it might help boost interest showing both the Sniped price paid and also the amount saved (Maximum Bid less Sniped amount less GoSnipe fee). This might truly show the value of the service.

  11. When I first arrived at the homepage for go snipe, I found it very easy to understand the purpose of go snipe. I like the easy-to-use category listings at the top. There is no hunting around for the information you are seeking about go snipe. On the homepage, I did find the changing sample e-bay listings in red a little distracting. I think it would look better without that. Overall, I find it very uncluttered and one I would more likely use because of that.
    I think the link to the science behind sniping is a nice addition. That would make me more likely to use the program. Having the first three free is also something that I like and would make more likely use this site.
    I find the forum and discussion area a very nice addition to this kind of site. Reading what others think is something I would use on a site like this.
    Pricing was clear and easy to find on the site. I do like the idea of the small monthly fee for unlimited use. But even better would be a choice as to pay as you go for the very occasional user or monthly fee for unlimited usage for the frequent bidder.
    As an e-bay user, I would be likely to use this if I were bidding on large ticket items or bidding frequently on anything.

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