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December 4, 2010


goSnipe – eBay Auction Sniper

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

goSnipe - Featured on StartUpLift

Win more auctions for less. Have goSnipe place your bid in the final seconds of auctions.

Target Audience: eBay users.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Is there anything we can do to the homepage to make it more obvious as to what it is we do, or to entice you, the user, more to sign up?
  • If you are an ebay user and would not try this service, please explain why.
  • Suggest one feature you would add to goSnipe
  • Would you be more likely to pay for the service if it was unlimited use for a small monthly fee?
  • Any other general thoughts.

About goSnipe :

goSnipe is an eBay sniper. It helps you win more auctions for less money on eBay by placing your bid automatically on your behalf in the final seconds of an auction.

goSnipe also provides a bid grouping feature. By grouping auction snipes together, you can bid on multiple items and cancel the group once you’ve won. Found an iPod your interested in? Bid on 10 of them, and once the first wins for the price you want, the rest are canceled… can’t do that with eBay!

We provide a powerful interface for searching eBay auctions and historical bid data to help you determine pricing for the item your interested in.

For light and heavy eBay users alike, goSnipe really is a godsend that will save you from the stresses of bidding while keeping more money in your pocket.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.


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