GreenWavelength – From Clean Energy Thoughts To Dirty Details of Execution

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“We are a bio-inspired, clean energy company.”

Target Audience: Clean Energy Seekers.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • What are your first impressions?
  • Is it clear that we are a clean energy company?
  • What improvements would you recommend?
  • Would you be interested in registering for email updates?
  • Would you be interested in an education section that talks about how clean energy systems work, like solar panels, wind energy?

About GreenWavelength:

Breakthrough ideas are often the result of the convergence of seemingly disparate concepts, and GreenWavelength LLC is committed to finding ways of applying nature’s solutions to our man made energy problems.

5 thoughts on “GreenWavelength – From Clean Energy Thoughts To Dirty Details of Execution

  1. My first impression was deffinetly “GREEN” . I was instantly drawn in by the bright colors . I was kinda confused on what the ultimate goal or message was at first look . All in all a good looking ad .

  2. It’s a very bright website. You really can’t tell what they represent unless you check out their FAQS or ABOUT pages. They need to make their message real clear as to what they represent. Are they “green” for everything or green for just the enviroment. You can’t tell from the front of the website.

  3. The look of the website certainly fits the “Green” concept. I was not quite clear that this was an energy company right off until I really looked at it. I would recommend having putting what your company is for in more clear bigger words. I think its a little confusing for someone visiting the site to figure out what type of company this is. I think an educational section would be great. Overall the site is eye catching.

  4. My first impression is the website the colors are so nice and is so you could understand everything so clear i would love to sign up for the updates,i would recommend this website to anyone.

  5. As for first impression: I was impressed with the high-quality visual images which appeared upon initial loading of your landing page. The color scheme and high resolution present a favorable overall impression on a viewer.

    There is much room for improvement in conveying your organization’s purpose and product, however.

    1. I would recommend changing your URL to more clearly reflect that you are involved in R&D of a “green” device. Retaining the word “green” is probably a good idea. I would suggest that “wavelength” be replaced with “solutions”, “turbine”, “wind generator”, or something similar which clearly reflects that you market DEVICE(s) not just CONCEPTS.

    2. I ran several keyword searches in and was unable to generate any hits for using any of these terms or phrases. This is a severe impediment to your marketing and exposure efforts. This can probably be vastly improved by URL modification as suggested above.

    In addition to URL change, I would recommend changing the digital shot of your wind turbine on the landing page to something more immediately identifiable with the OVERALL green concept.

    Perhaps, for instance, you could employ a multi-frame image depicting a variety of green devices and practices (i.e., recycling bins, solar panels, etc.). This would more strongly grab the viewer’s mental associations toward your CONCEPT, which whets the appetite for further exploration of your site.

    Perhaps upon clicking the multi-frame image, the current view of your wind turbine could THEN load, to display your PARTICULAR “angle” and product offered in the overall green movement, from there.

    I speak from personal experience on that point. If I visit a site via yahoo or google hyperlink search results, I move on immediately if nothing on the landing or home page immediately captures my interest re: the relevant topic/issue for which I went to the site. (This is especially crucial, as potential site visitors are presented with dozens or HUNDREDS of alternatives at their cursortips on a search engine’s results page).

    I would have no objection whatsoever to receiving email updates from your site. And, I strongly agree that an educational section which outlines clean energy systems would be an INVALUABLE addition.

    Raising public awareness of the need for more vigorous pursuit of such solutions in today’s ecological environment is vital. Such consciousness-raising is the first step toward more widespread implementation of these solutions and devices in daily, practical ways.

    People should be educated as to not only how their PERSONAL situations can greatly benefit (i.e., BIG money savings, healtheir home and eco), but also as to how the GREEN trend is an overall huge positive movement which is probably the only means by which the human species will be able to survive on this planet, in the end.

    With the foregoing thoughts and suggestions, KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK! and stay in touch 😉

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