Gruburg – Get Hungry

Gruburg - startup featured on startuplift

Get personalized recommendation on where to eat.

Target Audience: Foodies, Frequent Travelers.
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About Gruburg:

Gruburg is the new iPhone app that tells you where to eat.

By visiting locations and logging them with ratings we create a food profile for you.

When you are in a new location or are unsure of what to get, Gruburg’s recommendation engine gives you the closest restaraunts that match your taste criteria.

2 thoughts on “Gruburg – Get Hungry

  1. Very cool concept, but how are you going to seed my recommendations without knowing any places I’ve gone.
    The site is clean, but there’s very little content. Maybe add some more pages?
    Good luck!

  2. In order to get recommendations you need to checkin to a few locations on the app, by clicking Like/Disklike for the restaurant you are visiting.

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