GymyGym – The World’s First Ergonomic Exercise Chair


Stay active and in shape while you work.

Target Audience: People who spend 6+ hours a day working at a desk or computer terminal.
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Feedback sought:

  • Please visit our site, spend 5-10 seconds on each page.
  • Please provide feedback on the pros and cons of each page.
  • Does the site overall communicate clearly and effectively what the product is, does, and the value it offers.
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Please share any comments/feedback you have, both positive and negative

About GymyGym:

Our company produces the world’s first office chair that has a built in fitness system. The chair is designed for people who spend 6+ hours a day working at a desk or a computer terminal.

working long hours sitting stagnant at a table is unhealthy and cause lead to chronic illnesses over time. By designing a system that allows you to stay active and in shape throughout the day, you are much healthier, happier and more productive and creative in your work.

5 thoughts on “GymyGym – The World’s First Ergonomic Exercise Chair

  1. The site it’s clear and understandable.It is easy to navigate and very attractive for the costumers eye

  2. What I like most about this website is how it lets the product speak for itself.  It’s very clean and easy to navigate–no fussy frills or gimmicks.  I really enjoy this, in that it doesn’t have the clobber-you-over-the-head infomercial approach.
    I do think however that the site navigation needs improvement.  I would suggest putting a video on the home page that gives a general overview of the product.  That way, you can establish a marketing niche/target audience.  Is this product for people who work from home?  If not, incorporate some footage of what a workday would look like with the Gymygym.  Also, you may want to show people wearing more business-appropriate attire to depict a realistic representation of this in real life.  (I’m curious: why the name “Gymygym”?  I wonder because the name seems to incongruent with the content of the website.
    Now to another point.  This website caught my eye bbecause my father has his doctorate in ergonomics and I’m familiar to some degree with the jargon.  So I have two tips: One: address the “what is ergonomics?” question on the main page.  This is necessary if you want to use the word “ergonomics” on the main page without potentially turning people off or alienating any potential buyers.  Secondly, the “About” page could use some development.  I like the message and I think it’s excellent, however, it could stand to be fleshed out some more.  It reads a bit like a proposal at the moment.  In other words, I think what the website could benefit from is a sense of the back story and the people behind the Gymgym.  Pictures and written statements from the designer(s) of the chair would be great!
    A final thought is to think about a slogan that encapsulates the novelty and really I think ingenuity of the product.  It could play off the word Gymygym, or whatever.  In any case what the website can benefit from is a face, a mood, and a semblance of lifestyle: right now it is very product oriented.  Consider having sub headings that say “design”, “concept” and so forth.
    I wish I had the money to shell out for this great idea :)  I hope this helps.

    Pros: Clean and simple.  Great picture of product.  List of chair features and other info easy to find.  Contact information easy to find.
    Cons:  Could use a personal touch.  Gymygym is an interesting name, is there a special story to the name?

    Pros:  Full of information and links.  Instructional videos are direct.
    Cons:  I couldn’t find videos on other exercises for the legs and back.

    Pros:  Clear pictures of product and colors available.  Description of chair clear and concise.  Payment options straightforward and easy.  Warranty spelled out.
    Cons:  None

    Pros:  I found the exercises for the legs and back!  Great videos.
    Cons:  If target group for this product are the typical professional, then maybe have the videos show people in professional attire.  I couldn’t imagine doing some of these exercises in a skirt or dress.  Seeing that it would be possible, or an explanation of Gymygym attire, would increase marketability.  

    Does the site overall communicate clearly and effectively what the product is, does, and the value it offers?

    Yes, I felt like I understood the point of the chair, how it works and the benefits it would bring me, and my employees.

    Is the site easy to navigate?

    Very easy to navigate.  It was straightforward and presice in the information.

  4. I like the website name, easy to remember, Gymgym, great.

    It is clear enough what it is about. And the product is also nice and useful, I’m tempted to get one for myself too.

    There are quite a number of videos showing how to use the chair, well informative and good organisation. 

    The website is clean and looks professional. The only thing I would suggest is the left side of the content area on the main page looks unbalanced to the whole page, I guess either make that 4 image and wordings larger or add more to that area.

  5. Hello to everyone who has posted comments for our site!
    I would personally like to thank you all for taking the time to do so, it means a great deal to us here at GymyGym.
    All of your comments have been very constructive and instructive on how to improve oursevles here (something we are always trying to do)
    I would like  to give a special offer to all of you who have commented and may be interested in getting a GymyGym for yourself.
    Please just email us at and site than you are coming from

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