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Prices tracked on millions of products. Get recommendation on the best time to buy.

Target Audience: Online Shoppers.

happybuy saves shoppers money by tracking prices on products from the worlds largest online stores. Shoppers can be alerted of price drops for products and by utilising the PricePredictâ„¢ technology be recommended when and by how much pricing is likely to drop.

For initial launch, happybuy has partnered with three of the webs largest stores; Amazon.com, iTunes and the Apple App Store. Shoppers are able to browse departments, view price history and track pricing across all product categories. Prices are currently being tracked on millions of physical and digital products including Apps, Music and Movies for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Once tracked, happybuy’s PricePredictâ„¢ calculates when is the best time to buy using historical pricing movements and lets shoppers know via email alert when prices drop. Using the purchase recommendation, shoppers are able to make considerable savings off already discounted prices.

Check out happybuy.com and let us know how/if you find it different from other savings sites on the internet. What can the site improve?

6 thoughts on “happybuy – The Biggest Savings on the Internet

  1. Could be interesting to show a small number of the very best deals on the homepage – not all users may want to start with a keyword search if they’re looking for great $ savings.

  2. @Dan thanks for the feedback. The ‘biggest savings’ are highlighted on the homepage as a list – these are the items which have had the biggest price discounts recently.

    I agree that the search is perhaps too prominent and that a lot of people are probably more likely to initially want to browse than search.

  3. Happybuy is a really cool search engine. It allows you to search for products and compare the prices and then buy the one that interests you. It also tells you when the prices will drop and emails you when to buy. Very very cool.

    For it to become better it will just have to crawl onto more shops and places selling stuff. Now it has amazon and itunes. With more shops it will have more choices and it will be better. But as of now, its a great product.

  4. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! The only thing I might suggest is adding some type of customer testimonial on the front page,and perhaps offer happybuy gift cards!

    Other than that, the obvious, add more products!


  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    @Michael yes we hope to be able to bring more stores online in the future.

    @Lawrence great idea about the testimonials – it would help to validate the service for new visitors.

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