Helium – Get Control Of Everything That Needs To Get Done

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Helium Task Management with Email Integration for Windows, Mac and iPhone.

Target Audience: Teams, Small and Medium Business.
Website URL: https://www.heliumnow.com

Feedback sought:

  • Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
  • What do you think about the service?
  • Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
  • What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
  • Please share any additional feedback you may have.

About Helium:

Helium is a dead simple task management tool to implement Getting Things Done (GTD) and Inbox Zero. Helium connects to your email (IMAP and Exchange) and Evernote to transform information you’re already processing into actions. Delegate tasks to anyone whether they use Helium or not. Helium works on Windows, Mac, and iPhone (Android and iPad on the way) without being stuck inside of an Internet browser. Keep all of your devices up-to-date using cloud-based sync.

Helium enables users to maintain a single workflow across systems. For example, you can label an email as “someday” in Gmail and it will automatically appear in Helium in the Someday list. Once you complete the task in Helium it will move the email to Archive in Gmail. This approach makes it really easy to practice GTD and Inbox Zero in one simple approach.

19 thoughts on “Helium – Get Control Of Everything That Needs To Get Done

  1. What do you think about the service?

    I think this service is a great idea.  People are always looking for ways to help them organize their task, such as keeping their meetings, task and appointments straight as well as in order.  So this is a service that could be valuable to many especially those who have hectic schedules.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?

    Yes, if I had a need to keep task and meetings straight this would definitely be a service I would want to sign up for.  I like how you can keep track of all this information not just on your laptop but on you Iphone and the fact that you are working on adding the Ipad as well as the Android to your service.

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?

    Well it would be nice if other mobile devices other then the Iphone was also included.  There are other cell phone a distributor out there whom people subscribe to, and these are customers you could be looking out on.  Also are you connected to Face Book and or Twitter, wouldn’t hurt to connect to these two social networks to get the word out on your service.

    Please shares any additional feedback you may have.

    Did you know that there is an article base website called Helium?  Not that this means you can use the name, but I have to admit when I first saw it my mind automatically went to this other website.  As I said before the name isn’t exclusive, but this could add confusion, for potential customers who may confuse you with this website?  Also could this cause issue when someone does a search in a search engine, just something I thought I would share with you.  Yes, Helium is a common word, when you stop to think about it so you may not have any issues at all, but once again thought I would make you aware of this other website.  Other then that, I think you got a great product, and good representation of it.

  2. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page. The home page has a nice sleek design look to it, and the page is laid out in a manner that is user friendly. The video is offered as a pop up which is nice especially for viewing purposes,the only problem I see is that you have an arrow pointing to watch the tutorial but when the picture is clicked nothing happens. This can be a little confusing, maybe for the future you could actually make the picture the tutorial link or remove the arrow to avoid confusion. The quick tour offered at the bottom is great feature, I don’t want to always watch a video to see how a product works.

    What do you think about the service? I have used other task manager software and this service seems much more user friendly. Registering was simple as was the download. Once entering the downloaded product, having the tutorial there also to walk me through the steps was helpful. But once I closed the tutorial page I experienced some trouble with my download, I followed the directions on the support page and after uninstalling Adobe Air and Helium, then reinstalling them both I had no trouble with the product opening properly. The product is easy to use, adding tasks and managing them is made simple. I like that the product is offered for free and to upgrade to pro is an option not a requirement.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service? Once I got through all of the download problems, the product definitely seems worth the trouble, I can see it’s potential even outside of a corporate office environment. I think the delegation section offers a great potential for people who don’t want to spend all day on the phone to let people know they have an assignment to complete. The waiting on tab is also a nice feature, especially if you are in a busy environment, it can be easy to lose track of what is holding up a project. The device is user friendly which is important tasks are easy to enter and easy to complete.

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with? I have noticed that you offer an app for Iphone, and have an app for Android on the way. I would also suggest creating an app for Blackberry. In my experience most corporate issued phones are Blackberry’s. 

    Please share any additional feedback you may have. I think that this software has potential. You offer good support for product which is important and once all of the kinks are worked out of the downloading process it should be smooth sailing. I think completing alternative apps to I phone should be a high priority. And for the web page either removing the arrow pointing to watch tutorial or making the video available where the arrow is pointing.

  3. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
    What do you think about the service?
    I think it looks really useful. Some of the things I like best about it:
    –Clean, clear layout
    –Functions offline and without a browser
    –Task management automatically sorts tasks by deadline, importance, and grouping and counts them down to completion
    –Really easy delegation of tasks
    –Flexibility to convert any file type into a task
    –Integration with existing email programs
    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    Yes. I listed some of the most compelling above.
    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    I agree with the users above that it should be available to mobile devices other than just iPhones. You might also offer integration with text messaging and with chat services like AIM, Yahoo! Chat, and so on. It would be nice to send a task to someone by text. Or maybe you already do offer this and I just didn’t notice. Other than that, I’m not really sure what to say because I get the impression that users can convert any file type into a task, which would make it unnecessary to integrate further with any particular application.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    Now I’m going to comment specifically on your site and how you present your product.
    When I first saw your name, I immediately thought of the wiki news site Helium, and this was initially confusing. However, it became apparent fairly quickly that you were unaffiliated with that Helium.
    I like your homepage a lot, although you could stand to make your logo a little bigger. Also, I was confused at first because when I moved my mouse over the intro video, there was no indication that it was a video. The only way I knew there was a video there was that you mentioned it here and there was a link that said, “See it in action. Watch the tutorial.” That link is kind of small, so if I wasn’t looking for it, I might have missed the video. That said, the intro video itself is great! The visuals are large enough to see and easy to follow, the narration is very professional, and the pacing is good. I got a very good overview after watching it just once. As for the rest of your homepage, I like your layout, your snappy tagline, and your expandable screenshots at the bottom. What I’m not as crazy about is your copy under “What is Helium?” and “Key Features.” My problem with “What is Helium?” is that you start off by throwing jargon at visitors–“Getting Things Done (GTD)” and “Inbox Zero”–before they even know what that means. At this point, that’s not going to sell them on anything because they won’t understand it. And “transform information you’re already processing into actions”? Huh? I would rewrite this paragraph, eliminating the jargon and replacing it with a few sentences about concrete benefits that new users can understand. And then my issue with “Key Features” is that I don’t think these really are your key features. Are these really the features users cite as most important to them? What about the amazing task management system that’s at the heart of your application?
    The pages under Features are nicely designed with short, simple selling points accompanied by videos and/or screenshots. My one criticism–and this applies to the site as a whole–is that it is a very visual site, almost too visual. I don’t fully understand what your application does without watching the videos. That is, your copy is pretty sparse and vague. On the one hand, I like that you offer all these videos and that you don’t get too wordy. On the other, I think you might reach more of a happy medium if your copy could get just a little more specific for those who want to review the product in a glance rather than sit through numerous videos.
    Your Sign Up page does a nice job of selling the service, with frequently asked questions displayed immediately below. You seem to offer a lot for free, which is nice, and the paid subscription isn’t at all expensive.
    You seem to have a pretty extensive user guide under Support, which is wonderful. I see too many sites that don’t offer enough in that area.
    Your blog leaves your site but keeps the same color scheme, so it’s not too jarring. The blog is a little plain, and it would be nice to see an archive section, but obviously it’s new.
    Bottom line: I think you have a great application here, and I think your website does a pretty good job of selling it. I would change some of the copy to make it more precise, but that’s about it. I suspect some reviewers will come along and tell you the site is too plain, but I actually like that about it. It’s very simple and it’s selling a very simple service, so I think the design of the site complements the product. Good job!

  4. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
    I really appreciate that the video does not load automatically. It is easy to locate, and once opened, has a professional production value and is highly informative – great use of video!

    What do you think about the service?
    As a busy professional who is constantly using lists and tasks, I am unsatisfied with my current options (eg. written lists in a planner or Outlook’s horrible task feature).  I would use Helium in a heartbeat – it seems to be made for someone exactly like me!  As a project manager and copy editor at a busy marketing firm, I juggled dozens of projects and clients, plus internal meetings, every day.  This could honestly make a huge impact on my day-to-day life.  Also, I was very impressed to see that there is a free service, as well as a very reasonably priced pro version.  I honestly don’t see a negative to this service.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    Absolutely; I can see myself using your service every day in my job and personal lives. I definitely can’t be the only professional out there who needs help organization and streamlining tasks and meetings across platforms – an excellent idea, and seemingly well-executed.  I use a Mac at home and a PC at work, so the cross platform feature is an excellent one for my needs. Also, being able to bring in other people, and also sync with other applications is a huge plus for me.

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    My only disappointment is that you do not have an Android app. Also, I love that Helium can sync with other software – I use project/task management software called “ProWorkFlow,” and would love to be able to merge the two.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I think you have probably already gathered that I am a big fan of your service (I’m actually registering now for a free account to give it a try).  As far as your website itself is concerned, I think you have a very clean design, well-written copy (a rarity these days), and easy-to-navigate pages.  I love that you have a blog; however, I’m disappointed that it’s not branded (ie matching your site design and nav, custom URL), so that it is not easy to return to your site (it does open in a new window; however, it’s relatively easy to set up a blog subdomain on your current DNS and design the blog to match your website’s navigation).  I’d like to see more activity and engagement through your blog as you near your company for launch – when I find a brand I like, I absolutely am committed to engaging the brand through social media outlets.  Overall, you have a great product and a very solid website, I am very impressed. Good luck!
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  5. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page. Done.
    What do you think about the service? It seems to be on the cutting edge of technology.  I think it’s a very professional, organized way of keeping track of my tasks.  Although, I am not a business person, I could see myself utilizing it in my everyday life for errands, etc.
    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service? There are several features that I am impressed with, the first being the fact that I can store documents on this app and then open them at a later time.  Second, I am impressed with the fact that I can create a whole network of my contacts.  I can do all that I need to do, including sending emails, all from within this application.
    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with? I absolutely love the fact that I can use this service through my iPhone application.  I can also use in online.  I would love to see if integrated with Twitter.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have. Upon checking the Sign Up page on the website, I was truly impressed that a Basic membership was free.  However, when I went to download the app on my iPhone, I noticed the cost to be .99.  I don’t understand why.
    I appreciate the fact that there are no contacts if I were to sign up for a Pro account.
    I did some further checking around your website and upon clicking on the Support tab, I had some issues with the page loading.  It felt like I was actually being taken to a new website altogether.    I did not feel very secure in Submitting a Request for assistance.
    The About and Contact tabs were sort of hidden away at the bottom of the website.  I felt that it would be better suited at the top instead of at the bottom of the screen.


    Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.

    The video is attracting even it’s a little longer which take 3mins but i feel like watching it again. It’s interesting with your intro to the features and also the background music which make the whole video looks interesting. This is a great video as i always don’t really have patient in watching video more than 2mins. But when i watch your video, i feel interesing and dont realize the time. 

    What do you think about the service?

    This is a good service with those great features. People can arrange their task or record any new task by using your service. They can get job done quickly and also be reminded. Which is really helpful. I found that im interested in your service after i watch the video. With the feature of connecting with the email and also storing document it is really nice and convenient for users to manage all their emails or document. Most of the people who are working usually needs this kind of services. 

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?

    Yes, i would like to have this kind of service in my life. it is helpful in organize, managing, arranging new task, completing task. This kind of service make life much more easier. 

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?

    Firstly, your service is available for iphone and i wish that other than iphone it also available at other phone such the blackberry and the android phones. i like that if your service provide us with the feature of connecting us with our own friends which we can share any task directly using facebook or share it through window messenger. This would be more convenient. Im not sure if your service provide a pop up or alarm notification that notify the user when there is task that is close to the deadline. Then i hope that i can adjust my own layout which is convenient to me. I wish that i can adjust and change the style of the application. people may get boring if they always see the same layout. I also wish that i can add my own task menu which i can create my own task menu such as time, date, deadline, alert sound, description. i can add extra option of writing the menu that i need when your service does not have the option. which is more flexible. I like that i can use the service not only mailing the task to my friends i also can sending any other email that i want to type and send. 

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I would like to see your video auto playing it when i fisrt visit your site instead of clicking the watch tutorial. People might not notice that. Your site is simple which people can easily understand. You can attract more people by making a slide shows of your service screen shots instead of only display a picture infront. It may look more attractive and professional. Your quick tour can be improve by changing the quick tour into how it works. Stating the step 1,2 and 3. It may look more organized and also professional. Overall your site and your service is very well. Which i think could attractive huge interest from the public. One more thing that i would like to suggest is that, You can sold this software to others portable devices which could be very useful and people may really like it. Mobile devices company may like it. People can use the free version or register your premium package.

  7. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
    Great video! It was fun to listen to, easy to understand and visually pleasing. It was just long and short enough that I thought that I understood further what you site was about. I like that you had little section breaks inside the video they tied right into the three text box break down that you have on the homepage.
    What do you think about the service?
    Your service is about helping peole to get their everyday affiairs under control. It allows you use it with or without access to the internet, tie it with your email, delegate the task to helium or non helium user, and more.
    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    Can you link up more than one personal address? It would nice to some type of notification system that automatically sounds when dates are near or when task have been completed by those you have delegated work to.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    The way the sign up button is over the watch the video almost gave me the thought that I needed to sign up to watch the video. Then you have the arrow which made think that I should look to which it was pointing. It is not obvious that I would have to click on the text line itself to watch the video. Also in saying that I actually liked the screen shot placed on the homepage.  When I going to sign up I did not like that you put little taglines under each title. If you have name I think that people understand that they are adding their name but the tagline under teh password was fine. Nice window that popped up when I was done. I see that it will feature the person’s name which  makes a person feel it was customized for him or her.  On the homepage I don’t think that you need to highlight certain words or make little catch phrases under the what helium is about section. Simple words speak volumes to user just as long as you use simple and clear words and your video throughly backs up every written word on the homepage. I like that you have such a creative break down of the products page, they were simple and visually pleasing. I also like that you weren’t affraid to made the pictures bigger on the screen, that drew me in even more. It’s nice to see that you go right back to viewing th video which is a key fun feature to your website. Beautifully executed tabs with usefull information under each. I would like to see more information on how it works on the iphone. I would consider adding “now” to your sites name instead of just helium. There is a popular journaling site under the same name and when I do a simple google search under the wod helium they are what pops up. I would also consider adding a pricing tab to the front of the page. I hate when I get all excited about a product and come to find that I have to pay to use it. From the looks of the homepage it seems to be free and its not. Being that your service is reasonablly priced I coudn’t see how adding that to the homepage would deter people from signing. I like that you offer a basic and pro usage option and that you offer a free 30 day trial.

  8. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.

    The video was very interesting. For someone who is in the market for tools to manage & organize business operations, this can definitely get their attention. I did notice that the video focused on a MAC interface. I have been working for 9 years and I have yet to see any business run MAC. When a video uses a MAC interface for me that yells personal use so I think though MAC looks stunning on videos, I think it will create more room for business owners’ imagination if its something they can picture how it will look like in the office. Have to say though it was hard to see the video link when you first go to the site, it was very clever to put it at the bottom of a huge banner that shouts sign up. made me think i need to sign up first before i can see the video, i can see that as a marketing strategy which i like.

    What do you think about the service?

    Being a Manager who handles teams with numerous tasks daily with different demands in productivity, this certainly will be a good idea to add accountability & measure performance. I do however see a challenge for the product to sell since most of the task that can be performed by the program can be performed by a person which will have direct interaction with the team itself and will have more flexibility that a straight forward system like this.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?

    YES it does.
    1. It brings a new face to organizing, delegating, archiving completed tasks.
    2. I do like the interface of it, it looks sophisticated.
    3. ideal for start up business that rely on efficiently completing tasks and control

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?

    1. I would like to suggest (and feel free to throw in some change for me for this ;P ) a reporting system so that 1. its more than giving a person’s job to a system but an actual reporting so that it can be used for measuring & correcting performance.
    2. Allow to have sort of an org chart to be able to assign who is under who so when a task is overdue both the superior and the person assigned to a task will be notified
    3. APPLAUSE system that allows commendation

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    Being an organized person, i would love to have this thing in our office. HUGE possibility that this thing will turn to gold 🙂

  9. What do you think about the service?
    This is great. The convenience of use with windows, mac and i phone make this an exceptionally great service. Being able to delegate tasks right from the program is another awesome feature. Even the most unorganized person could use this with ease.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?

    Yes. Absolutely. I love that you are able to attach files and send tasks to email. The scheduling of tasks to different people right from the application is great. The user interface looks great and more importantly looks like it would be easy to navigate. The fact you don’t have to have a persistent internet connection to use it is another great feature that it has.

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    If you could integrate an instant messenger program with Helium that would be great. This would allow you to answer any questions or communicate in real time with the person you are delegating the task to without them or you having to constantly do an email check for a response.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I think this will be an awesome service to help the organized stay organized or the not so organized get organized. I think it will also cut time down substantially on getting projects done. Overall I think this is a great service.

  10. What do you think about the service? Being mobile is everything in the business world. One of the greatest features of this particular service is that it offers so much mobility. I no longer have to stay buckled down at my desk to get work done and it operate within a variety of different interfaces so that there is no need for interface synchronizing when it comes to workers.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service? When owning a business no matter what they structure, delegation is a large part of maintaining order and structure. This service allows you to do just that. You have a digital imprint of duties organize right there in front of you, you can manage task and organize task by notating which are in progress and which are completed!
    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with? It would be great if the service offered some type of rating system for work completed. So that you could easily document a performance review for workers based off of specific assignments.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have. The web page wasn’t as navigable as I would have hoped. I was confused as to whether I had to sign up before informing myself on what  the product had to offer. However, aesthetically the web page flows well and all the information provided is informative. This is a great product for a company looking to gain tech savvy organization and increase mobility.

  11. Watch the video on the home page.  (I’ll give some thoughts here)
    In the video, you use too many buzzwords overall.  While those involved in a more corporate structure might follow all of the terms, newer entrepreneurs will have trouble following things like “inbox zero” and “personal productivity.”  Give it to people straight, especially since you’re touting how simple Helium is.
    It’s a question of semantics, but I think the phrase “dead simple” hinders your pitch.  It doesn’t seem to tie in with your branding, where something that reflects Helium (which is a light gas) as light and easy to use might work better.  Even if you went with “straightforward” or “easily accessible” or something along those lines, it’d be a step up.
    In order to get the video across more effectively, you might want to find a client that will let you do a real-world application of Helium.  It’d also be free advertising for them.  While it would only focus on one industry, it might showcase the features better than more generic sample tasks.
    What do you think about the service?
    As someone who regularly does marketing and PR, I’m always looking for effective ways to manage my time.  I’ve used a handful of different services in the past, and I’m interested in checking out Helium.
    The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle is something to remember when it comes to most companies.  Don’t bury a great idea under a mountain of fluff; you WILL lose prospective customers.
    I think that from the website, you could clarify some things for prospective users.  Nowhere on the home page does it say that Helium is a piece of software.  You emphasize disconnecting from a browser, but it’s not even an option to update via your browser.  With cloud-based sync, it shouldn’t be excluded.
    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    Absolutely.  I think that it could just be presented in a more effective way.  In the video, you left team building until the very end.  I think that’s one of the key selling points of Helium: the ability to collaborate.  From the video and the website, the e-mail integration could definitely be more clear.  At first, it comes across like you need to completely change your e-mail client and/or its structure.  Also, a ton of people (myself included) use the Gmail platform to handle their company e-mail and it can get a bit screwy with IMAP folders if you use it in Outlook.  I haven’t tried e-mail integration yet, but if Helium works around that, it might be worth showing in the video.
    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    Google Docs
    Facebook, Twitter, SMS (especially the latter two)

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    As a startup, you will benefit from strong word-of-mouth.  Since you just launched the software, you may want to offer a variety of creative pricing deals to bring in more clients and come up with a way to interact directly with those users.  Find out what they like, don’t like, and what might be missing (and could be included in Helium v2 and so on).  Referrals are also key.  What are you/can you give loyal Helium users (especially free ones) for referring their friends?  Maybe 5 referrals = a free Pro account for a year?  It might not get you as many $55 a pop customers right away, but it opens the doors to a lot deeper base of potential users that you can monetize later on by keeping Helium updated and packed with new features.

    Admin: Edited

    No self-promotion or personal information sharing (including email address) allowed.

  12. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
    Where is the video? I found the video after clicking on the tabs Features > Desktop, but no video was seen on the homepage… <edit> I saw it afterwards, you have to click on “See it in action…” </edit>
    The video is quite good I must say. It addresses the main features of your application, and is really useful as I can see how the features work and how they can be useful. The only thing that I didn’t like is the repeating music, and same music again and again… It gets on my nerve, it would be better without any music I reckon.

    What do you think about the service?
    The service is quite easy and straight forward to understand. You add tasks to be done and it acts as a reminder, with various functions such as grouping, sorting, email synchronising, group reminding and the “project” feature.
    It is very innovative, with the emails and projects. It is not something that you see often, it can be used as a team tasks checklist, in addition to be a personal one, it’s pretty cool.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    Not for me, simply because I don’t have much tasks to do anyways, and most of them I can remember in my head. But for people using phones regularly, it might prove useful, specially because you don’t need constant internet access.
    The ability to contact various people in a group and remind them of their tasks is very compelling though. Furthermore, is that those people can actually click a link to say they finished their tasks!

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?

    Include compatibility with more mobile phones, not just the iphone.
    Alert system to say when something is due for a certain amount of time (1 day or a few hours before submission as example).
    Different people can access the same “account” to see all the tasks, as in for a team project.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    The link “See it in action. Watch the tutorial” was not very noticeable for me… You could have simply included the video instead of the image on your homepage.
    The text ” Helium helps you get control of every that needs to be done” is too abstract for my taste. It engulfs the application into mysteries, and I would rather know precisely what it does. Example is, “Helium reminds you of tasks to be done”, would be much less myterious.
    Those are my feedbacks, hope they can help you! Good luck!


  13. What do you think about the service?
    This service seems like a great idea.  For business owners, managers, or even a really busy mom.  Makes keeping yourself on track very easy and able to get everything done.

    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    Yes, it does actually.  I may not be a business owner or a busy executive, but I am a manager of a business that has over 700  employees for which I am responsible for 50 or so.  I have many days where I either put things off or just simply forget.  I think this would be perfect for me to keep me on track and to stop procrastinating.

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    Maybe making it compatible with BlackBerry would be great.  I know along with iPhones alot of business people have BlackBerry phones as well.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    The site was very pleasant and easy to navigate. 

  14. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
    What do you think about the service?
    This service is a very good tool for all the overwhelming amounts of technology filling up our everyday lives.  This service should be useful for people like salesman that are out on the road and sending sales data through their mobile apps to their e-mail.  Instead of this service simply organizes all of your tasks for you.
    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    The tasks automatically move up when completed.
    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    A service should go well with apps, as you now see on TV several commercials regarding flight booking, hotel booking, and even restaurant reservations.  I recently saw a movie about New York called Phone Booth where almost every single individual was on the phone talking.  This made me consider the fact that the task manager could be useful.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    The you tube video feature for a web site.  In this example the visual aid had a well thought out explanation of how the website operates.  This was useful to me because I would much rather learn by seeing, then to learn by having someone explain something to me.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes from another country; you would have no earthly idea of how to do something unless you are to see it.  For example; if you were to go to China and someone says to go to a restaurant cross from Beinging Corner, then you might get lost.  But, if the taxi driver to shows you where Beinging corner is, then you could easily find it. So I believe that you tube videos are an excellent enhancement to web sites.

  15. Visit https://www.heliumnow.com and watch the video on the home page.
    – If you want all people to watch your YouTube video, embed it in the frontpage and add &autoplay=1 to the video embed code, so it starts playing automatically as the frontpage loads.
    – Zoom is too small from 0:28 till 1:03 to follow the the actions on the screen, viewers will get bored.
    + Zoom is perfect from from 1:03 till 1:11.
    + I recommend to use Zoom out and Zoom in interchangeably depending on the narration (like around 1:34).
    – Boring, long period of inactivity in video between 1:17 and 1:34.
    – Turn your video into a specific  PRACTIAL USE CASE, like Google Docs video “Writing a Love Letter”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7y7NafWXeM or “Google Docs in plain English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRqUE6IHTEA
    What do you think about the service?
    + Website design and software interface design generally gives very professional and trustworthy impression.
    – Most people could not imagine a practical use case for them and eventually not sign-up.
    Does it offer compelling features for you to use the service?
    + Task assigning to other people.
    + Task synchronization between various devices and various software systems (GMail, Outlook, etc.).
    + The combination of the two features is probably unique (or at least rare) among the mobile apps, but very useful.

    What other services would you want to see Helium integrate with?
    – Integration with MS Outlook Tasks, MS Outlook Calendar, Google Tasks and Google Calendar.
    – Not just e-mails, but also Tweets and Facebook Messages could be perceived as Helium Tasks (and Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts could be used to login).

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    – Too grainy fonts used on the frontpage (in Chrome 12 and Opera 11, whereas on Internet Explorer 8, and Firefox 4 fonts look smooth) which makes frontpage look less professional.
    – You could add some illustrative picture (scheme) to the frontpage to explain how your app works.

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