Hostinger Review Features Pricing Pros And Cons And Customer Support Services

Hostinger Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons, and Customer Support Services

Getting the right hosting service provider can be confusing at times, especially if you are new to web hosting. A quick scan on Google, and you will be surprised by the many options available out there. 


One web hosting service provider that stands out is Hostinger, its an ideal hosting app because  it is budget-friendly,has a reliable uptime and a an amazing faster loading time. It offers various hosting options, from specialized VPS cloud hosting plans to offering free domains of specific hosting packages.

You may wonder if its the right option for you, is it reliable and if the  platform worth your time and money? 

We did some research to give you some of the best insights we found useful with Hostinger, so here you go.

How it Works

Hostinger is a Lithuanian Company that originally registered under the name “Hosting Media” back in 2004; its primary goal was to provide affordable hosting services to its subscribers.

And in just over six years, the company went from zero to 1 million subscribers, and that’s when the founders rebranded to the current name Hostinger.

Since then, Hostinger has grown tremendously with over 15000  daily new signups on average, over29 million subscribers, and approximately  150 employees working in 39 different countries worldwide.

Currently, Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers compared to other famous web hostings service providers like Go daddy, Namecheap, and HostGator. It provides different hosting services at very affordable prices without compromising the quality, efficiency, uptime, and web page loading speeds.

So who is Hostinger for? Hostinger is an excellent option for first-timers, bloggers, and small business

Hostinger Features

1. Enhanced Daily Backup Feature

With this automatic backup feature, you are assured of data safety in case of an emergency. The servers automatically back up your files once a  week. But you can adjust the settings by enabling the daily automatic feature on your Cpanel.

With this feature, you can also  manually back up your files, just click on the backup menu in the files section on your Cpanel and you’re done.

2. Free Website Builder 

Free Website Builder

Even with the starter package, you can access their incredibly easy-to-use Zyro, a drag-and-drop website building platform. With over 100 + templates, you can quickly build your website. and here’s the best part, you don’t need to be a programming guru for this, it’s quite user-friendly with drag-and drop fetures to make editing a walk in the park.

3. Free Website Builder 

Free Website Builder

Hostinger servers are tailored to work with WordPress, making it an outstanding option if your site is pre-built on WordPress. Pre-installed with the server-level caching plugin, LiteSpeed Cache, your website  loads in a flash. No more slow loading, especially for  websites built on a WordPress platform.

4. One-click install 

Setting up your website is pretty easy; with a click of a button, you can set up your WordPress website with minimal effort. If you want to add new plugins and features, just install them using Hostinger with a single touch. You don’t need to import anything with this in-built install feature.

5. Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

Hostinger starter package comes with approximately 100GB of Bandwidth, while other premium packages have unlimited Bandwith. When it comes to storage capacity, Hostinger is very generous as the starter package has a minimum SSD storage of 10GB with the premium clogging up to 200 SSD storage capacity.

Hostinger Hosting Packages and  Prices

According to their website, Hostinger offers five different types of hosting packages. Let’s have a look at each hosting package and see the available pricing options.

1. Shared Web Hosting Package

With this plan, you can host multiple websites on the same server while allocating different storage space and resources. Under this package, you get three other pricing plans.

Shared Web Hosting Package
  • Single Shared hosting –discounted at$0.99 /mo for 48 months.
  • Premium Shared hosting –  discounted at $ 1.99 /mo for 48 months.
  • Business Shared hosting–discounted at $ 3.99 /mo for 48 months.

2. Cloud Hosting Package

Like a dedicated server, you don’t share with anyone and have lots of resources at your disposal.

Cloud Hosting Package
  • Single Shared hosting – discounted at $9.99 /mo for 48 months.
  • Premium Shared hosting – discounted at $ 18.99/mo for 48 months.
  • Business Shared hosting– discounted at $ 69.99/mo for48 months.

3. WordPress Hosting Package

This package has four different plans at your disposal:- dedicated to the WordPress platform. 

WordPress Hosting Package
  • Single Shared hosting – discounted at $0.99 /mo for 48 months.
  • Premium Shared hosting – discounted at $ 1.99/mo for 48 months.
  • Business Shared hosting– discounted at $ 3.99/mo for 48 months.

4. VP Hosting Package

VP Hosting Package

With this plan, you get blazing fast and reliable speeds combined with a large storage space of up to 160GB of SSD space. The VPS prices start at about $ 3.95/mo for 48 months for the lowest package, while the highest package starts at approximately 38.99/mo for 48 months.

5. Window VPS Hosting Package

Window VPS Hosting Package

The pricing starts at about $26/mo for the Window VPS1 plan, while Window VPS 4, the highest package, begins at around $ 250/mo if you go for the 24-month subscription.

6. Email Hosting Package

This plan is based primarily on email servers. It works separately from web hosting; hence your emails continue working as you setting up your web hosting account. The package here are grouped into two:-

Email Hosting Package
  • Business Email:- which is discounted at 0.99/mo for 48 months
  • Enterprise Email:- which is discounted at 2.49/mo for 48 months

Hostinger Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use interface
  • Multilingual Live customer support
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Free website builder
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • excellent uptime and superb loading speeds


  • Limited to one business email account
  • No site migration assistance

Customer Support

You can access the vast knowledge base platform on their website; it covers many web hosting topics. If you believe your queries have not been addressed, use the live chat tool on their website or open a ticket, and the support team will assist you in no time.

Operating from different countries comes with a significant advantage language-wise, so don’t worry, someone will attend to you no matter which language you speak.


If you are looking for a hosting service provider that is affordable yet does not compromise the quality of service offered, then, Hostinger is the way to go. All in all, Hostinger is a versatile option for startup businesses as well as seasoned web designers.