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Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

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A free bicycle-specific auction site.

Target Audience: Bicycle enthusiasts 18 years and up.
Competitor: eBay.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit What are your initial impressions?
  • Is the site easy to understand and navigate?
  • What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
  • Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?
  • Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?

About Hubinero:

Hubinero is a bicycle-specific online auction and listing service allowing users to buy, sell and swap for free. Hubinero offers unique and useful resources to the cycling community such as a calculator to estimate the value of a used bike, diagrams to identify components of several different styles of bikes as well as the ability to upload both pictures and video to enhance listings.

Sellers can easily open store fronts to sell anything from bikes to digital media via download to an international audience. Users are able to leverage existing feedback from eBay and Amazon as well as select from 11 different payment options to get up and running quickly.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

25 thoughts on “Hubinero – The Best Place For New & Used Bikes, Bike Parts And Accessories Online.

  1. Visit What are your initial impressions?

    When I visited the site, my first impression was good – The site is easy to navigate, I can choose wich kind of bikes I want in the menu at the left side of the site. The site looks good, with a nice and simple design.

    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?

    The site is very easy to understand – Theres a categories of the products at the left side of the site. There is a big button of “register” and “place a listing”, I understand it in seconds.

    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?

    Yes, I signed up to the site. The process is very easy, It took me a minute to sign up. I confirm the account from my Email.

    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?

    This part was very hard for me. I didnt understand what I need to do. It tok me a lonk time until I started to place a listing. Well, I admit – I dont understand in bikes, so I just wrote what I was thinking at the moment and I hoped it will be ok.

    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?

    The site is good, the design and the sign up process are good.
    If I was know something in the bikes category, I sure I was place a listing easy.

  2. What are your initial impressions?
    My first impression is that this is a site for auctioning bikes and bike gear.  The layout is neat, bold, and no-fuss.  The bike images grab my attention, as does the large, clear mission statement, “Hubinero Is a 100% Free Bike-specific Auction Site.”  As I scroll down, I like that I can easily see how to search by category or conduct a search of my own.  The bike value calculator is a worthwhile feature, too.
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?
    Definitely.  I clicked on several categories to look at your listings and clicked on some of the listings as well.  The categories are well organized, and I think anyone who has used eBay should have no problem viewing the listings.  I just have one question: What’s the deal with the Spicy Listings at the top of the page?  Why are they specially highlighted?
    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
    My first thought was that I like your placement of the Place a Listing and Register tabs at the top right.  That makes them very simple to find.  Next, I reviewed the registration process, which is very similar to the process at eBay and Amazon, so anyone who has registered for either of those two sites should have no problem with Hubinero.  (Don’t love that you ask for my date of birth, though.  What does that have to do with anything? Also, it’s a pet peeve of mine that I don’t like having to go to my email address to confirm an account, though I understand why you do it.)  In addition, I really like that you allow users to link to their eBay and Amazon feedback.  Credibility is absolutely indispensable for new sellers.  However, whether I personally would sign up or not would have nothing to do with your registration process per se but with your fee structure.  If your fee structure is better than it is at eBay or Amazon–that is, if you charge less per listing and/or take less of the cut–then it would be worth it to register.  If that’s not the case, then there would be no incentive for me to switch from eBay or Amazon.
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?
    When I tried to place a listing, the first page I landed on asked me to go through the verification process, which I chose to skip since I’m just testing this, but I think it’s good that you offer a verification process since that increases trust.  Next, I got an error page and had to reload.  Finally, I got to the Main Category page. This had six boxes, which was kind of confusing.  Once I chose the main category and subcategory, what were the other boxes for?  Moving on, the Additional Category page had the same issue–lots of unnecessary extra boxes.  I clicked through to Item Details and really liked that you have a very rich text editor.  Next, I clicked through to Settings and was happy to see that you let sellers choose from a full range of auction preferences and that these preferences are explained right there on the page.  However, I was concerned that you didn’t display the additional cost for these various modifications.  For example, if I were a seller, I’d want to know upfront how much it would cost to run a standard auction as opposed to a Dutch auction, enable a reserve price, and so on.  Other than that, this page seems pretty straightforward.  The Shipping & Payment page was also straightforward.  I love that you offer so many payment options!  At this point, though, I couldn’t actually select a method of payment.  When I tried to click some of the boxes, nothing happened.  Therefore, I couldn’t go on to the next page.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?
    If I were a buyer, I’d really like this site.  If I were a seller, as I said before, whether or not I used it would depend on how favorable your rates were as compared to eBay and Amazon.  Since those two sites already attract a wide audience, I’d have no incentive to list on Hubinero unless your fee structure was more favorable for me as a seller.  And on that note, I think you really need to be more upfront about the costs associated with your different listing options.  I checked the Help page (and finally found out what a “spicy listing” is), but I didn’t see anything that explains your fee structure.  As a seller, I would want to know about that before I went to the trouble of registering and creating a listing.  (And as for those “spicy listings,” by the way, it would be great if sellers could pay an extra fee to have their listings featured like that.  The “spicy listings” really stand out at the top of each page.)

  3. What are your initial impressions?
    I would have to say my first thought that came to my mind was “that’s hot”. I really liked the burgundy color against the top block and the white bottom. Even though white is bright the text box really stands out because it is paired with such a dark top. The name is nice play on words, hot hubs. I liked the pictures.There small and feature different aspects associated with biking. I like how the pictures tie in the color of the website. I liked the old school bike and the flame ball in the name website. I really appreciated how I could immediately know what your website is about. There was no need to search or guess what it is, it says it right on eye level.

    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?
    Yes, after looking through each tab everything was easy to find and understand. I liked how when I scrolled onto to each tab they had a burgundy shape around it. Again, nice tie in of the colors. It was nice to see a search text box for people who already know what they want to navigate to. the drop boxes made it even more simple to find what you are looking for. It’s nice to have the boxes drop because they featured a lot of information that could possibly have made the website cluttered.

    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
    Yes, I would sign up. The sign up process was very simple and easy. I liked how you added the terms and conditions and a registration pin. It made for a more secure signing on especially for those wanting to buy and sell items.
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?

    I liked the summary of information. The listing process was quit extensive but nonetheless not hard to do at all. I felt as though once I put in all the information it would very easy for a buyer to make a decision because so many questions went into listing an item.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?
    For people just looking around on the site may feel uncomfortable with you asking for there address if there not looking to buy and sell. Obviously others might find that just fine. It would have been nice to see a direct phone number, email and or address under the contact information. On the about us page I thought it wasn’t needs to put “because all of the obvious domain names were already registered”.It really took away from the essence of the rest of the information. That seemed to be the only weak spot in the about us page. I would definitely take that out. I appreciated that your company is donating a portion of your earnings. I think that should be somewhere on the front page because it’s a noble act. Lots of people really don’t read the about us page so please highlight that. All in all, great site.

  4. Visit What are your initial impressions? My initial impression is that it’s a pretty neat idea for a website.  It’s a specific, to the point auction site.  I think the colors are very eye catching and appealing.
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate? Very much so.  I was instantly impressed and my curiosity was peaked.  I navigated around the website to kind of get a feel for how it all worked.  It was very easy to navigate and simple to understand.
    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up? Yes.  I read over the Terms and Conditions and feel like my information would be totally safe to release.  It is very important for a potential customer and/or seller to be able to read in detail about how the information they are releasing may be used and may not be used.  I have issues with as a Buyer, the seller being able to see all of my personal information, but I realize it is part of the auction process.
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process? I like the idea of having a verification prior to listing anything.  Becoming verified is important for me to see prior to a purchase on any auction site.  The listing process was very easy.  Step by step instructions.   Editing the listing description has a very detailed form with lots of editing features to chose from!  The setting part was very easy.    Shipping had a very extended list of options available, which should be very helpful to anyone looking to buy or sell.   When I got to the Shipping and Payment area, Under direct payment, I was unable to check any actual Direct Payment Method, therefore, I could not proceed to the Preview and Finish screens.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better? I would have liked to have been able to go through the entire listing form to see how it actually looked and worked, but could not proceed.    I did look through the Wanted and Stores section, and also tried out the Contact Us page.  Everything seemed to be in working order.    Overall, I think it will be a hit with the targeted audience.

  5. Visit What are your initial impressions?

    My initial impression was that finally someone came up with an auction site that my family and I may use. There are other sites out there that you can buy bicycles and accessories at, but they are not bicycle specific (and if they are they certainly arent auction style). I felt that the site was very unique and I was really impressed with the layout. It was very eye catching. The color scheme was done very well.
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?

    Absolutely, in fact I would say that even a child could navigate there way through this site. This is good because not everyone who wants to buy or sell bikes or accessories is tech savvy. I really liked the whats the bike worth calculator. This helps people understand what the bike they have might be worth, and then decide at that point if it is worth selling in the auction system.
    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
    The sign up process if simple and easy to do. The terms and conditions are a great way for users to see what they are getting into before they sign up. The registration pin will help bots from making accounts and then abusing the system. It makes it a secure registration. Yes, I would sign up. In fact, I did sign up so I could do the mock listing, and I will be using the site in the future. I really like the way you can link your amazon and ebay feedback to the site so that buyers can see this. This will help buyers feel secure in the purchase that they are making. I have an established feedback with ebay and I feel that being able to add this to my account is a very big perk that your site offers during registration.  
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?

    First and foremost, I really like the way it offers sellers the change to get verified. This with the ebay and amazon feedback added to the account, will help buyers feel more secure in their purchases. I think the listing process if very similiar to ebays and it is very easy to use. It has a pregenerated list of categorys so that buyers will easily be able to find what they are looking for. You as the seller, just have to ensure that you list your product in the proper category. You then have the option of putting a full listing, buy out item, or quick listing. Then you add an item title and description. Then you have to choose the auction type. This may have been confusing, because I was not sure the difference between standard, dutch, and first bidder; but right under that it gave you a description of each. You then have the option to set a reserve and where the auction will start at. It also allowed you to enable a buy out and set the bid increment. I found the whole process to be very simple, but it allowed you to choose between various options. This made it very simple to add a detailed listing with all the options that you, as the seller want.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?

    I think that the site is wonderful and very user friendly. The only suggestion I have deals with the contact us section. When you click on that section the only option is for you to fill out a few lines and send a message. This may arise problems later if issues come to surface and a customer needs to talk to some one now. For instance, lets say a buyer paid for an item, but never got it. They may not feel secure in simply filling out an online form to get this problem resolved. They are going to want to talk to someone. All of that being said, if the inquiries are answered quickly it will not matter. If you are not going to have a customer service line, then the emails will need to be answered quickly. If not people will start to complain and it will tarnish the name of the website. It may not be an issue that the buyer didnt get the item. It may be that the seller is having issues getting their funds, or any user is having issues using the site. If the user base gets large the best option is to have a contact number for them to reach, even if its automated and all they can do is leave a message.

  6. Visit What are your initial impressions?
    My impression was that the service that you provide is an auction site based on bike-specific.  The layout looks very professional and the site is easy to navigate. 

    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?

    Yes the site is very easy to understand and as I stated above, it is easy to navigate.

    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?

    I the sign up process was very easy.  I like how there is an option for a person to decide if they want a “Newsletter Subscription” or not.  Most sites do not give that option. 

    I like how you can include your Ebay and Amazon feedback.  It helps the buyer to feel more secure when dealing with a seller.

    The terms of service is a great idea.  Not only are you protecting your company or service but also it protects the rights of your clients.

    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?

    The listing process is easy.  There was a lot of questions which I feel is needed to really describe the product in which you are wanting to sale. I like the option of providing a picture of your product.  I really like the “verification process”.  It’s another way of helping the clients feel more secure with using this service and dealing with buyers and sellers.

    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?

    A problem that I ran into was when I was done making my list, I had no idea how to get back to the homepage of the site.  It took me a few minutes to realize that I had to click on the Logo.  I think you should have a tab for the “homepage”.  That way it would be less confusing to clients or future clients.

    I think it would be a good idea if you team up with another site.  Find another site such as a site that is similar, like a bike company or even another auction company that sells items that are not based on bike stuff.  Have them put a link to your page on their site and you do the same for their site.  That will bring in more clients.

    You should include “customer comments” tab.  It is helpful when you are debating on using a service to see what others think or have to say.  It helps people to trust to use your service.

    Overall, I think your site is a great idea.  It looks very professional and easy to navigate. 

  7. Visit What are your initial impressions?

    When I first looked at this site it looked very organized. It also looked real simple to use which will make more people want to use this site. The colors on the site are easy on the eyes and make the page look more interesting.
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?

    Yes I understood perfectly how to operate my way around this site. It was very easy because they site was made simple. There are tabs for the different places to go to on the site and there is a place to search for something specific. This site has something most people would find neat. You can actually enter in some information in order to calculate how much your bike cost.
    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?

    The sign up process was made simple. It is just like any other site that requires you to sign up for. The website ask a few simple questions like whether your a business or if this is for personal use. Also like always you have to create a username and password and then again verify your password. I would not sign uo for this website because I am not interested in finding a bike at the moment and i do not have a bike i’d like to sell. However when i am in the need of a new bike i think it would be rather helpful for me to register for this site and try to find or sell what i need to.
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?

    The listing process is simple for the most part. It is just like other selling sites like ebay or craiglist. You write some info about it and answer some questions and if you’d like you can take a picture of the bike to make it sell faster.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?

  8. 1. Visit What are your initial impressions?

    I think you have an extremely clean layout, very user-friendly.  Most importantly, your company purpose and services are extremely clear.  The contrast between the header and main nav colors (black and white), versus the copy areas of your site, is both pleasing to the eye and provides excellent balance to the page.    The quick links in the footer provide a subtle, yet easy-to-find way to get any additional information I need that isn’t found on the main nav (or subpage nav, which is extremely clean and simple – exactly what I want for a site like this).

    2. Is the site easy to understand and navigate?

    Your main nav is simple and straightforward, making it extremely easy to see where I want to go and get there.  Often times I see nav that is too cluttered, making it a challenge to get where I need to.  Once I chose the subpage that suited my needs (wanted), it was very simple and straightforward to get the information I needed.

    As I noted above, the quicklinks in your footer are a perfect way to show additional links and information for people who need that info, without cluttering your main nav or subpages.  Excellent use of space, without cluttering your homepage.

    3. What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
    On the “Sell” page, I think some intro copy would be very helpful.  Something simple, outlining the process and benefits for signing up.  It’s a little confusing right now with only a login screen and register option only.
    Other than that, the sign up form is very basic and easy to follow.  The process itself is extremely user-friendly.  I think it is an excellent add-on for sellers to link to their eBay feedback rating.  This provides instant credibility to sellers, and eliminates some of the hesitation that might come from using a “new” site.  One thing to note: your signup confirmation email went to my spam box.

    4.  Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?
    The steps are clearly laid out, and one thing I like more than on eBay, is that you can narrow your categories, but ultimately, the brand and details are reserved for the posting.  Many postings on eBay have become standardized in recent years.  This makes it difficult to learn about the unique item you’re bidding on (and not just the item direct from manufacturers.  For used goods, the insights from a listing are imperative for a purchase decision).
    The content editor is extremely easy-to-use, much like using Microsoft Word, and should be easy for any seller to use.  Extremely easy formula for selling a bicycle or accessory.

    5. Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?
    I think you have a great site, both in design and implementation.  The site is not overwhelming, which eBay can be to newcomers.
    My one main suggestion is to outline the process for sellers a bit better.  A short intro paragraph of copy on the “Sell” page would serve this purpose easily.
    I understand the need to generate income from your site; however, I do find the banner ad disconcerting.  Particularly of note is that the banner ad I saw (not sure if it’s rotating) was for Chevrolet, not very relevant to your site.  It’s not a deal breaker, and I’d still use your site (particularly since I bike often); however, I did want to note my commentary on the banner.

  9. Visit What are your initial impressions?

    I am extremely impressed with the professional look of the site.  The color schemes and placement of relevant graphics and main information is placed exactly where it makes the best immediate impact.  You provided ample information yet did so without the site appearing cluttered. 
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?

    It is very easy to locate information and move around your site.  You have great flow and options for multiple navigation methods, which makes finding areas of the site much simpiler to find. 
    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
    The sign up process was simple to do and the response rate at my email was very fast.  I would sign up for this service.
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?
    I like the use of box highlighting to move you threw the posting process.  Everything was moving very nicely until I came to the payment page.  It would not allow me to select a payment method.  I repeated the process 3 times and each time everything stopped at the payment page again.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?
    With the payment glitch fixed, I would say this was one of the best set up auction sites I have seen.  A very professional job with extremely simple registration, navigation, and selling setup.  I hope your business does as well as your represents it.

  10. re: greatfeedback4u
    Thank you for visiting the site and for your thorough review.  Hubinero is totally free so there are no additional costs for listing modifications/enhancements.  The only charge, which is optional, is for Seller Verification and it is a nominal amount.  The site asks for your age as an enhanced security measure – should there be any disputes between buyer and seller.  I will keep your feedback in mind for the second iteration.

  11. Thanks Melanie!  Hubinero allows you to report abuse within the My Account section of the site. Also, the Contact Us page is sent to an email that is checked frequently.  As we continue to grow, it is highly likely we will have a direct dial number – stay tuned.

  12. Thank you , Sierra.  In addition to clicking the logo to get to the homepage, there is a navigational link at the bottom of all pages that says, “Hubinero Home.”  Link sharing is a good idea and something that needs to be implemented.  Hubinero has plans to showcase customers so we appreciate your suggestion!

  13. Great idea for the intro paragraph.  I’m happy you noticed the added value of being able to enter the brand and details by item.  This allows the site to keep a living database of items sold.  Hubinero is working towards using this information to create a “blue book” for bicycles.  I also appreciate your comments about banner ads, not my favorite either but it allows everyone to enjoy the site for free!  As the site continues to grow, the advertising will become more relevant.  I am actually hoping that sellers can leverage it to drive more business to their storefronts.

  14. Hi Tricia.  Users can click any one of the 11 payment options once they are set up in the My Account section of the site.  We will try to make it more clear that you have to set up your payment options before the site allows you to select one for a listing.  Thanks for taking the time to visit.

  15. Visit What are your initial impressions?
    Upon landing on your homepage I was pleasantly surprised at the neat and functional layout of the site. The scheme that you have chosen for the site lends itself well to the functionality of the page. Links were easy to find and not distorted. I used the three major browsers to render the page, IE 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome and did not have an issue.
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?
    Navigation of the website was made simple by the links provided at the top and left side of the homepage. I tested this on different pages and all links works correctly.

    What do you think of the sign up process? Would you sign up?
    As with all major sign up websites the process included on this website was very efficient and I received an email containing all pertinent information promptly. As I too am a cycling enthusiast I would sign up for a service like this.

    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?
    Making a mock listing was simple enough if your users have ever been on ebay or craigslist, the functionality of  the highlighted box was very helpful. I would even say that creating a listing here was simpler than ebay. Brand and details will provide useful information on correlating to a database so that reports can be run and good metrics can be gained.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?
    As some web surfers have pointed out the ads on the site were a little distracting, but as with all free sites this will go away in time.
    I love the “What is your bike worth” calculator, however if you can include code to where a user can just choose their bike manufacturer and model and it pulls the MSRP it would help people with shady memories like me 🙂 and give them a better reflection on the worth of their bikes.
    All-in-all and excellent site Cole and I wish you luck in your endeavors. I will defiantly be back as I may be looking to get another commuter bike soon.

  16. Many thanks for testing multiple browsers.  Good idea about the MSRP auto-fill, that would make it simpler than having to google your bike.

  17. What are your initial impressions?
    The first thing I noticed upon visiting the website was the box headlined: “Hubinero Is A 100% Free Bike-Specific Auction Site.” This box includes a checklist of features the website offers, and ‘Place A Listing’ or ‘Register’ options. Personally I felt a little overwhelmed by this, and thought it seemed like a desperate attempt to catch costumer attention. That being said, it is important to introduce people to the services you are trying to sell, but perhaps it is best not to make it the centerpiece of your homepage. Rather give the search option greater dominance, or allow click-able pictures representing different categories costumers can search under. I think that when the layout of the homepage shows bike parts and pictures, costumers will get the idea. Perhaps move the checklist box to the register page?
    Is the site easy to understand and navigate?
    The site is easy to understand and navigate, but there are a few things I think could be stronger. When I typed the word “bike” into the search box, leaving the category box as “All Categories,” initially all I saw were various colored bike bells under a “Spicy Listing” sign. It was only once I scrolled down did I see the items which were being bid on. I would recommend moving these items as close to the top of the screen as possible so that costumers can see exactly what they are looking for when they search, and not just the “Spicy Listing.”
    What do you think of the sign up process. Would you sign up?
    The sign up process was easy, straightforward, and to the point. There is nothing I would change about it as of now. Knowing the process is be simple would give me greater incentive to sign up. I would not sign up, however, unless your prices were cheaper than Ebay or Amazon. This is because those are names I already trust, whereas Hubinero still has to earn my trust.
    Please make a mock listing, what do you think of the listing process?
    In my opinion the process is fairly simple and pleasantly quick. The only thing I would like to see improved upon is more leeway for listing customization. For example different colors or fonts that members can use to make their listing stand out from the crowd. Perhaps even moving animations for borders, or whatever helps to make listings more personalized and creative.
    Do you have any suggestions to make the site even better?
    My suggestions as of now are dominantly the above listed. I believe the websites lay-out is decent, but could use a few touch ups like I already said. Overall I think this site has great potential and if you are able to work with websites like Ebay and Amazon, you may find a large draw of people heading to Hubinero.

  18. Thank you for the constructive criticism.  I struggled with the large promo box but I want people to see what differentiates hubinero from other auction sites and listing services – being completely free and targeted as an example.  I will keep your suggestions in mind for future iterations.


    Hubinero would probably have to be the biggest site ever made for the cycling world. You can find any bicycle or part you ever need. Hubinero has all the listing’s that
    can deck you out in complete bicycling gear. You can even list and sell your old bike or you can swap it as well, and it doesn’t cost anything
    to list your bike. I would say that if you were a dealer this site could have information equivalent to a phone book.

    This site is not hard at all to navigate. It is very easy to scan through and find what ever the area you need or are looking for. All the options are right there for you to click on what ever you are searching for it is all right there. Someone has worked hard to develop such site with all the info in great detail, and to make it so easy for anyone to navigate.

    I did go to the register page and sign up so I could make a listing. There wasn’t nothing much to it, just your usual username password, and contact information. Then go to your inbox and follow the activation link.

    I made a false listing and the process was not that easy at all. I figured that it may be a little much, but there was a lot to it.


    I really don’t have any suggestions because I liked how the site was laid out. The fact that it was real easy to navigate and find everything you might need. All the options were laid out right there on the left side for you to choose from.

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