iAdvize – Live Chat Support Tool

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Answer directly to your visitors!
Increase sales. Improve customer relationship. Reduce costs.

Target Audience: All companies which wish to improve their customer relationship.

iAdvize is a live chat support tool that allows you to answer directly to your visitors and to guide them to the solution or product that best meets their needs. With iAdvize you will be able to:

  • Chat: Entice your visitors to interact with you or start a direct conversation through our live support tool. Lead several discussions at once without losing the context thanks to pre-recorded replies.
  • Push: Embed your best offers (discount coupons, products … ) in the core of the conversation. With iAdvize your visitors will not miss out!
  • Monitor: Measure your visitors’ satisfaction and monitor your agent’s activity. Identify and escalate the problems most frequently encountered by your visitors.
  • Guide: Review the visitor’s session and take control of navigation. With our live chat support tool all your agent’s actions are reproduced on the visitor’s screen.

You can test iAdvize for free for 7-day with all options enabled. At the end of the trial period, you are able to continue on a paid plan or close your account with a single click.

2 thoughts on “iAdvize – Live Chat Support Tool

  1. Live chat support tool confused me – is it live chat or is it a support tool for some other live chat tool I would use?

    You ask for signup too early. Instead of inviting people to sign up, make them read more about it or watch a video. Would need way more info before commitment.

    A comparison page would be helpful – how does it line up with Olark or Oggchat?

  2. Nice design, but I don’t like the font in the top nav (which is also used elsewhere). I find it distracting. I have used these tools before, I found it fairly useful as a site owner, but fairly annoying as a site user. I don’t mind an image or a link somewhere on the site to initiate a chat, but when things overlay on top of the site in front of my face, that’s another matter.

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