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Idealinput gives small businesses access to top marketing experts at an affordable price.

Target Audience: Small and medium business owners
Website URL:
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 2

Feedback sought:

1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?2) Think of something you want to find on this website. Now try to find it. Did you find what you were looking for? Was anything confusing?

3) Are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell us why (or why not)?

4) If you are of if you were a small business owner, would you use our service to help you improve your marketing? Why or why not?

5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

2 thoughts on “Idealinput – Get Top Marketing Experts to Review Your Marketing

  1. My initial impression of the site is that it is plain and simple. So with it being plain and simple it is easy to navigate and to comprehend. Yes, I was looking for profiles of the Marketing Experts and I did find them. They also had pictures so we can see what they look like. Nothin Confused me, they have everything written well. No, I am not encouraged to start an account, because of the fact I do not have the start up cost and I do not see any guarantee that their tips will help me and my business prosper. I would subscribe so I could read their blogs and get more information! Now, if I had the money for the services, I would give it a shot to see if they could help. When you have money to spend and venture out to better your organization of course you will do everything you can! I think they would be good based on reading about the website. I think the Profiles should be moved to an area where it is easier to find, and they should give specific areas of marketing that they are good at. Then for the Pricing, they tell you, that you can get 2 experts or 1, but I think they should allow you to choose which expert you would like on all the packaging/pricing.

  2. Homepage
    There is just one customer review, from someone I never heard of. I need much more glowing reviews, endorsements from expert well-known marketers, or tech media if possible. How do I know this is worth my trouble? A random statistic that cannot possibly be true for everyone across the board- $10-100 in benefits? really vague. Don’t ask, “need convincing?” for the link below the signup button. Convince me. maybe write something along the lines of, “Here’s a story that will convince you- Bob changed his logo and saw a 75% increase in conversions and 62% rise in sales- click here to learn the whole story”. Specificity goes a long way.

    The 100% guarantee needs to be on the homepage more prominently. It shows you have faith in your own product. I missed it the first time around. It needs to look like it does on the pricing page, that is the right design. I am a careful reader and still I missed that little phrase at the bottom of the green button which already says something else.

    The 3 screens that scroll across all seem vaguely identical with slightly different wording. “increase your sales” “improve your marketing” etc. I’d advise you to choose the best wording and picture and then keep it as only one image. It was kind of confusing, as if I was missing something, but I’m not, they all have the same thing to say.

    Your links to “see the reviews” doesn’t work. (from the “What is Idealinput” page). I need to see examples of what type of reports come in if I am going to buy in. Telling me that it will help my business is very nice, but seeing some actual case studies, sample feedback, and before&after pictures, would help enormously. The only one I found popped up in the middle like a photo, was poorly formatted and hard to scroll through.

    I would fix the top menu links- font is too tiny and drop down menus for only 2 or 3 items seems silly. I’d rethink the page architecture and then have 5 or so larger, eye-catching menu links to the basis links. (ie, Contact us and FAQ shouldnt be subsumed under Help.)

    this might also be my ignorance of normal pricing in the field, but I thought the pricing was a little high, and also that the rise in cost for the plus plan didn’t seem to correspond with the benefits over the basic plan so much. Will the other expert say something different or take a different angle? why should it be a shorter or longer report- sometimes the suggestions the experts have might just take up different amounts of space? I think a different basis for pricing would be wise.

    The experts page looks fine and they have good bios, but I was sort of surprised to see only 4 of them. Seems like very few, or like you aren’t expecting a lot of clients to use this service.

    The “about us” page is a little blah, it needs more formatting and to catch the eye more, be more creative with it.

    Blog is good but I’d get some people to comment on the posts, even if you have to ask your friends to do it, just to get some conversation going and look more serious. Also, put links to your twitter that are easier to find! and don’t only put a “follow” button I want to see your twitter before I decide if I’ll follow it.

    I found a couple typos on the site. the email signup box, emai missing an L. front page: “so you can watch you sales grow.” and the pricing guarantee box “we’ll give you all you’re money back”.

    I think this site has potential but you need to work harder to be persuasive. I am not sold by it- I just don’t come away believing that the feedback I’d get is worth what you’re charging, based on the information presented to me and the way it is organized on your site, even though I think the experts you have do have potential to help me. If your site is not spectacular and perfect, why should I believe that your experts can help me any more than you?

    Right now, the site does not push me over the edge of doubt, to make the decision to buy in.


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