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Finally get paid for your ideas.

Target Audience: Innovators, small businesses, B2B, entrepreneurs,
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Feedback sought:

  • Do you find the site easy to navigate?
  • Do you visit the blog? Any thoughts?
  • Try sharing some ideas. How was the process? How many ideas did you share?
  • Try posting a project and share your experience.
  • Additional feedback please.

About IdeaOffer:
IdeaOffer is a new concept in crowd sourcing which encapsulates and systematizes those principles into an easy to use and flexible idea initiation and interaction management product. We are happy to invite you to join a wave of businesses using our full featured system to engage with their customers and tap into a powerful collection of creative and inventive individuals.

Idea Offer provides businesses with cost effective innovation and efficiency. Every line of business requires a re-vamping every once and a while. Whether it is looking for a new slogan, or repositioning an entire product line, businesses seek ideas. IdeaOffer eliminates the problem of big budgets for bright ideas by providing a place for businesses and innovators to interact in a discussion and receive mutual benefits.

IdeaOffer can be customized to your every need. Businesses can choose to follow up with project responders, save templates, and embed list of projects in your company website. Ideas can be public to spark discussion or kept private and can be integrated with Facebook.

2 thoughts on “IdeaOffer – Where Ideas Equal Money

  1. I’ve visited the IdeaOffer site and found it to be extraordinary, there is multiple ways for you to give your opinions and ideas, plus make a little earning from it also. It’s fun and very exciting and easy to do.

  2. Do you find the site easy to navigate? The site is very easy to navigate.    When I clicked on a tab for Recent Projects, Largest, etc.  I saw a brief flash of the Categories before my entire page loaded.  Not sure if that is a flaw, or it is supposed to be that way.
    Do you visit the blog? Any thoughts? I did not see a place for me to go to visit the blog.  Not sure if I am overlooking that part of what.
    Try sharing some ideas. How was the process? How many ideas did you share? Upon registering, I had a slight problem with where to actually sign in at.  Once I figured that out, I was immediately surprised by the pop up on the right hand side of the screen with all my essential information.  Great idea!   I haven’t submitted any ideas yet, but intend to.  I was too busy reading through the projects!
    Try posting a project and share your experience. I looked through the process, but have not actually posted anything yet.  I don’t want to submit something unless I intend to follow through with it.
    Additional feedback please. This seems like a lot of fun and a great experience.  I cannot wait to try it out.  I will recommend it to my friends.   The only thing I can see right now is the fact that I cannot seem to locate the blog and the fact of the page loading as mentioned above.

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