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Improvely is a web analytics platform custom-built for online marketers.

Target Audience: E-commerce sites, startups and small online marketing agencies
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One thought on “Improvely – Marketing Analytics & Click Fraud Detection

  1. 1. From looking at your homepage, I can clearly state that the website is about SEO Online Marketing and enhancements. I thoroughly enjoyed how simple the statements are when you first click on the website homepage. Having a clear visual aid also assisted me in determining what products you are offering. The slide at the top of the webpage also gives you insight on how each of your site pages may look once you sign up for the services.
    2. As far as the pricing page goes, I am not particularly familiar with online marketing so the detail on each service, such as, ‘built-in split testing,’ and ‘fully white label,’ that is provided under each plan does not give me an expanded detail of what exactly they are. For me personally, I would have to Google half the included services in order to know what each stand for.
    Other than not having the knowledge of online marketing myself, the pricing page is conveniently located, easily found and pretty simple, cut and dry. The pricing plans are also not too bad for the services that are included in each. 
    3.Yes, I did find the demo but was a little concerned as to the placement of where it was. Instead of the demo being under the “Features” tab, I would have figured it would be easier to locate on the homepage. Also, when you pull up the live demo I’m not exactly sure what to do with it. If I were more business inclined, I would probably know how to navigate it much better but without the working knowledge of how online marketing and the demos go, I’m not sure what to do next or if it is a good fit for my company or not.
    4. Yes, the website does make it clear that you have to cancel before the 14 day trial ends. I located the information on the “Pricing” page under “Frequently Asked Questions” and also the homepage does give you a short description of having to cancel before the time is up.
    5. The website in general looks very nice and easy to manage. I was not able to get back to the homepage though. The other pages were easy to locate with the tabs at the top of the website but did not have a homepage tab. With all the information that you have on your website, it was very clear as to what your company is offering and the pricing is reasonable enough for any sized company to afford. All-in-all, I would definitely recommend your company to a friend, family or local business.

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