iVoted – Easy Live Polling

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Make polls in no time.
Get answers in real time.

Target Audience: Teachers, Event managers, Polling companies, Market researchers

iVoted is a simple online approach to Audience Response Systems(ARS). In other words, it is a simple text message voting application designed for live audience. People vote by sending text messages, email messages, twitter or other options defined by poll managers. The poll results are presented in real time.

Check out iVoted.com – create a poll, vote over twitter, sms, email and web, customize graph charts, etc. and let us know your thoughts on the site.

6 thoughts on “iVoted – Easy Live Polling

  1. I posted a mock poll to see what would happen, I completed the setup and clicked submit but I came away having no idea how people are suppose to vote on it or how I am suppose to get the results. You might want to make that part more idiot proof . 🙂

  2. Letting users edit poll text after collecting votes is bad because it lets people collect responses on one topic then change the topic (edit question, choice text) to FALSIFY the results. Edits should be blocked once votes are collected. Allowing save-as and resetting results would fix this issue. Otherwise, nice UI and app. Tough category to make money in though.

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