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JotForm let’s you create beautiful web forms in minutes and receive submissions by email.

Target Audience: webmasters, bloggers, web designers, web developers
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Feedback sought:

  • What is your initial impression of the site?
  • Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About JotForm:

JotForm is a web based WYSIWYG web form builder. You can drag and drop fields into your form visually. Create your form, and use the widget code provided to post it in your web site. Create contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, event registration forms, jot application forms, facebook forms and file upload forms. JotForm is free upto 100 submissions per month. If you will receive a lot of submissions, a Premium version is available at an affordable price.

29 thoughts on “JotForm – Free Web Form Builder

  1. Feedback sought:

    What is your initial impression of the site?\

    I like the site.  I went to to actually participate in making a form.

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    I had never heard of this prior, but not only am I encouraged to use this from, I will use it.  I am in a manager at a child development center and pretty often need to recreate forms etc. and I will use this program in the future, I am also dabbling in opening up a store on EBay and again will be utilizing this program when the time comes.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I find it very user friendly.  The tools are very self explanatory, colorful, eye catching and simple.  I created a quick form and must say, I didn’t find anything bothersome. 

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    I created a form using most of the buttons.  The only area I would have to spend more time with, would be submitting a picture.  I just submitted a picture I had on my computer for the fun of it, but the picture came out huge.  I know if I spent a little time, I would figure out how to make it smaller and fit on the form how I would want it to, but if I were to say there was any part of the form that didn’t go smoothly, that was it.  Everything else flowed easily and quickly.  I actually had fun making the form.  I love the drop and drag technique. 

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    I love the site and the form builder but it would be more eye-catching to cut back on the gray on the site and get some brighter colors on the builder.

  2. What is your initial impression of the site?
    Simple, straightforward, easy to go from start to finish and have a few forms for a website.  Video was key as it was very clear, not too long and was one of the best I’ve seen for describing quickly and clearly what was required.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?
    Absolutely, in fact I was thinking “is it free?” – let me use it before they decide to charge for it!  Was also thinking about my brother who just got a patent and will need these forms for his website; I was thinking about helping him with it and I wouldn’t have had this ability if I hadn’t seen this.  Nice.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    Actually I didn’t find anything bothersome.  The only minor detraction I can think of is that the website backgrounds where the forms would be looked rather homespun, and presumably there are a number of small businesses that would like a little slicker look.  But it was very minor and may have contributed to my good impressions that it was easy to do.
    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    I did tool around with it and my brother can us my contacts form.  Exellent choice of fonts from my perspective.  I’m not a big one for my own downloads (no artistic or graphic ability) so if there was choices for that I might use (or might not).
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have
    Great tool for forms.  I liked the orange in the website…kind of different yet businesslike.

  3. What is your initial impression of the site?

    The site has a very impressive layout. The window to jot down a form pops open as soon as one logs onto the site. This makes the functioning of the site very simplistic. The website is designed neatly with an appropriate number of tools and widgets to help design a form for most purposes. It looks like a novel concept, one i would like to try for myself for sure.

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    Yes i am. I have never come across a site that lets you design forms. This seems exciting enough. I would definitely like to try this out myself.  It also seems a lot more user-friendly than the ms office softwares. The user guide, forum and blog also help resolve issues with the website.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    There is nothing particularly bothersome about the website. I would’ve wanted the instructional video to be on the homepage, but it didnt take that long to figure out how to use the app without it.
    I like the fact that one can use this site as a guest user. This encourages a lot of people to use this application as most people find registration cumbersome. 
    The user guide is very concise and informative. Good Work.

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    Creating a form is a breeze. This happens like magic. I love the tools provided and the ease and the speed with which one can make the perfect form for their site. I liked playing with the ‘captcha’. I made a smalll form that used most of the tools provided by the site. I created it in a matter of minutes. The flexibility with which i can use these tools is amazing. I would definitely recommend this website to as many people as i can.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    -The layout is sophisticated.
    -it has a user friendly interface.
    -No cumbersome registration process.
    – easy to use forums and faq
    -The pricing page is loud and clear and nicely color coded.

    All and all, a brilliant website to work with. Keep up the good work.

  4. What is your initial impression of the site?
    My first impressionan was that I thought I typed in something wrong because the way the site looked. I didn’t realize off hand that it was a video because my eyes went straight to create your first form then I saw that it was a video. I also thought that the colors were really jazzy, the orange just had a little pop of fresh color. I was also wondering if I clicked on the X would I be able to see the video later? Being that I am not familiar with the site I would have just watched the video.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?
    I must say that from the oneset of looking at the site I was not to drawn into it. But… if I was a person who needs forms to made than I probably wouldn’t hesitate in giving your site a look over to see what it has to offer.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    This is the first site that I have seen in such a while that took no time to really introduce itself. I almost felt like I was pushed into watching the video to get a full grasp of your site. I would much rather seen a nice homepage with the basics on it: about info, contact info, faqs page, testimonials, samples. I understand that companies want to keep things simple but this was a little to vague of a site for me. On the otherhand the video was really great, fun and interactive. The voice over was pleasant, the speed was great and you showed some nice samples of your service. For the first time I was able to see what someone could get a feel of what you do. Because your site is so detailed in what it does I would like to be led into seeing all of the features your site has. The video, as nice as it was, should not have been the only showing of your site. Many of the features on your site it seems I felt like I would have to discover how to use them on my own. I did not quit understand the music at the end of the video. The modertor was still talking and it was quit distracting drawing my attention away from what she was saying about your site. I would highly reccommend taking that out. I also noticed that there where spot in the video that just a touch to much dead space where there was nothing being said. When it comes to video’s I think there needs to be an even spacing of speech to visual presentation.

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    I was a little overwhelmed just looking at the page being that I only briefly saw how it worked. I seem to have to force myself to remember all that I saw from the video. That may be turn off to some who are not so technically and web user savvy. I like that I could easy change the color of the background and that it gave a code for each color. Perchance I liked serveral I could write them down and type them in at a future date. I would like to have been able to change the font on separate section instead of just the whole form. It was really easy to drag different tools to  create a different look. I found this very hard to do when until I figured out what type of form that I wanted to create, now I find it quit plesant to do. The image wizard easy to use as I uploaded as I tried to upload a picture from my desktop. I found it a little frustrating adjusting the height and width numercially. I would like to have the option of dragging the image horzontally and vertically to crop the picture.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    After some of my intinial comments I saw various feature that I missed seeing from the onset of  looking at the site. The faqs page was jam packed with pertinent information that I think should have been seperated within various tabs or on a homepage. I think the what and who of jotform should have been on a homepage features your great color choice for a site. Also, the kinds of forms, the tutorial and jot form 3.0 would have worrked great together on a different page. Some of the infomation from why should I choose jot form would have been nice to see on the homepage, clearly setting the points as why I should this site over others.  I didn’t realize that what I was using was the basic package and that you had a premium and professional package. I answered my own question my seeing that I could watch the video again if need be. Okay…where was the user guice when I first started trying to build a form and I like that  you add additional browsing articles on the side. I now see that it was there all along but I was in such a fury to get started I paid no mind to the user friendly tabs at the top of the page. I would like to have seen a better use of color throughout the site within the context of the information you provided. Nice forum page and it wonderful that you intergrated a search box. The my forms page was easy to see and follow. It was nice to see that even when I made a mistake and navigated off my form building page that your site saved it for me and I could easily go back to it. You have a wonderful site with loads of info I would just like it to be laid out differently as to get a complete feel of what your site has to offer.

  5. What is your initial impression of the site?
    In my view it is clear that what all it is about except the pop up window. Everything is clear and colors are cool. Layout is good and the idea what it does is targeted in a single frame.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not Why?
    Definitely it is encouraged because now a days each and everyone will come across to do such things and moreover it is very easy and simple to use. It is user friendliness.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    There is nothing to find bothersome. It is so simple that one can make a form easily which he never come across any when compared. Making a form in two minutes is really great. With this website one can make his own form though he doesn’t have much knowledge. Actually we are planning a get together with our old friends, for that I thought of going with some other modes but now form builder makes our event to plan with proper planning.
    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    Yes, I created a form regarding our event but I need to do some changes before sending. It is very interesting and clear what we are doing with this form builder we can make others impressive whom are targeting.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    Please provide video in other window instead of pop up, so that they watch video thoroughly and can do the work. Everything is good and each and every link is working which are providing. Really it is helpful and easy.

  6. What is your initial impression of the site?
    My very first impression is that I’m not really liking the pop-up window that pushes me to either watch a tutorial or start creating a form. I definitely want to watch a tutorial at some point, and I hope that I’ll want to create a form after I have a chance to check out the site, but right now I feel like the site is prematurely shoving this stuff in my face. So I closed the pop-up window. Once I closed the pop-up, I realized that you don’t really have a home page; your home page is your application. Again, I don’t really like that. I feel like I’m just getting thrown into this, and it’s disorienting. At the bottom of your home page, you have “How It Works” and “Why JotForm?” sections as well as a sign-up/log-in. These are the kinds of things I’d expect to see on a home page, not the app itself.
    Since I know what you really want me to do is start by watching the tutorial, I reloaded the page so that I could view it. However, when I reloaded, I no longer got your preliminary pop-up window with the tutorial. Under “How It Works,” I saw “Watch Movie,” and I assumed this was the tutorial, so I watched it. My suggestion here would be to make the video window larger because I found that I couldn’t see what was happening on the screen that clearly, and I didn’t see any option to maximize the window. However, the process made sense to me even though I couldn’t see that well, and the voiceover narration was very professional. I thought it was a little strange that the music only came in at the very end of the video as an outro, but that’s a minor criticism. I have to say that the video was the only part of the home page that really explained what your service does. If it hadn’t been for the video, I wouldn’t have known what I could do with JotForm.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?
    I could see myself using something like this on occasion. I wish there were some preexisting form templates, but that’s okay. I think it’s still useful and doesn’t look too difficult for someone new to this app.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    I’m not sure if this question is in regard to the web site or the tool itself. I’ll assume you’re asking about the web site.
    What I find bothersome first and foremost is the introductory pop-up video. Again, I feel like it’s being shoved down my throat. And then if I don’t choose to watch it immediately, I have to search it out later under the tiny “How It Works” section at the bottom, where it’s almost invisible. The second most bothersome element is the lack of a true home page. You already have the foundation for a real home page, so it wouldn’t be difficult to flesh it out. You could keep your logo, slogan, and navbar but embed the intro video into the home page so that visitors can choose when to watch it. You could also move the selling points under “Why JotForm?” up close to the fold and enlarge them so that visitors can immediately see why they’d want to use your site. You could also stand to move your sign-up/log-in box someplace more visible such as the upper right corner. Conversely, you could get rid of that little “How It Works” section. That would be more appropriate for your User Guide page. Basically, I just think the purpose of a home page is to sell a product or service. Right now, yours really doesn’t sell. You want people to just jump right in. While I certainly think you should give them that option, lots of folks will want to look around and let you convince them first. You might lose those people if you don’t create a real home page.
    Another thing I’m not really loving is your User Guide. Although the initial User Guide page itself looks great (very clear, understandable layout), once I clicked on a few of the help sections, I didn’t really like the layout. Right now, your various how-to steps have spacing problems. I see that you’re probably trying to save space, but you should really lay out the steps in a vertical arrangement, like so:
    Otherwise, it’s hard on the eyes. Also, this is a small point, but the headers for each how-to section aren’t grammatically uniform. That is, if you’re going to call a section “How to Send an Email,” then call every section “How to _____.” On the other hand, if you’re going to call a section “How do I send an email?” then you should call every section “How do I____?”
    Your Forum page is okay. I would prefer to see it divided into topical sections, but at least there’s a search form.
    Your Blog page looks okay, too, though I’m not sure why you’re blogging about President Obama. I like that it’s integrated into your site rather than hosted elsewhere. It looks more professional this way.
    So what do I like? The FAQ page and the Pricing page. The FAQ is very well written and seems to address most questions I’d have for you. The Pricing page with its comparison chart is very nicely laid out, and your copy on this page is well written too. I was kind of shocked by the vast difference between the cost of your Premium and Professional plans, but that has nothing to do with the page itself. My only complaint here is that you mentioned you provide support by email, but where is it? Do you consider the Forum to be email support? Because I wouldn’t. If I’m going to pay for something, I want a direct email contact and preferably a phone number, mailing address, and possibly even a live chat option.
    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I found that the form building experience looked a lot easier in the tutorial than it actually was. I think I would have to spend some time on the User Guide page to really get the hang of it.
    My first attempt was an invitation with text and reply checkboxes. Right away, I noticed that I couldn’t center the heading, which bothered me. After I filled in the heading, I tried to drag a text box but was confused by the “Submit Form” button in the way. It took me a minute to figure out that you include that on the canvas by default. That was confusing to me because I thought I was supposed to submit the form somewhere for a minute or two. Also, I had to close out the “Submit Form” button just to add the other elements. The next thing that had me stumped was that when I dragged and dropped a text box, it had two fields–one in which I was instructed to “Click to edit,” which I did, and one that was blank. I wasn’t sure what to do with that blank field. To make matters even more frustrating, it appeared that I could only add one line of text per text box. When I hit return to start a new paragraph, nothing happened. So I tried to drag and drop another text box underneath the first one. No dice. I could drag it, but it wouldn’t drop. Finally, I realized that I had to drop the box exactly underneath the one above it, with the borders touching. Who woulda thunk? Once I got this straightened out, I tried to add some text and was surprised that the default font was in italics. Next, I tried to add some check boxes, but again I was confused because there seemed to be no way to modify the options to make them read something other than “Option 1,” “Option 2,” etc. For instance, what if I wanted the options to read “With a guest” and “Alone”? How would I change that text? By this time, I was getting pretty discouraged, so I decided to try something else.
    My “something else” was a poll with star ratings. This was a much more successful venture. The only problem I had here was that I found the drag-and-drop feature to be rather temperamental; it was far too easy to end up dropping an element above the last one when I intended to drop it below. I had to be very, very careful to position it exactly where I wanted it, and I found myself having to play with the elements quite a bit to get them in the correct order. Another little annoyance I discovered was that I didn’t see a way to universally modify the survey elements. For instance, if I wanted to use hearts instead of the default stars for ratings, I had to modify each survey item separately; there was no option to change all the ratings to hearts at once. When I was done with the poll, I saved it but wasn’t quite sure what to do next. I thought your tutorial said I should “click on the save button to receive submissions via email.” How am I going to receive submissions via email when you don’t have my address? I see no place to enter it.
    Despite my confusion with various aspects of your site, you do have an impressive range of free tools and the capacity to generate a wide array of forms. I was particularly impressed that you allow users to add captchas, password boxes, and other security features as well as payment options. Wow! I love that I could potentially add PayPal or Google Checkout payment options to a form! I also appreciate all the ways you can jazz up a survey with so many different rating options (i.e., stars, scales, grading, sliders, etc.). The toolbar has some cool features too (.e.g, hover text, the “required” star, etc.). I also like that you can embed this in so many different web platforms (although I’d like to see the option to email the forms and print them out, as well).
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    It looks to me like JotForm could be a very valuable service for employers, web writers and bloggers, event planners, and anyone else who needs to use forms regularly or even occasionally. However, I think the learning curve may be steeper than it appears to be in the video. I can’t imagine just jumping into this without seriously studying the user guide first; the tutorial video is not enough to make full use of your app by any means. I found myself wishing that you had some form templates so I could create a basic RSVP form or a basic survey or whatever without having to think it through and fiddle around with everything.
    In terms of your presentation, I think I already said enough about that. You seem to have a really good app here, but I don’t think you sell it. By creating a true home page, you could potentially grab a lot of users who would otherwise get turned off by an unfamiliar application staring them in the face.

    (FYI, my star rating below is based on your web site as a whole, not on your form building app.)

  7. What is your initial impression of the site?

    Initial impression is good.Helpfull. But no description on the home page about what this site is about.(Though there is a video)

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    Yes. The features are really helpful.Especialy for people work in this field.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    These are clearly given at the end,in additional feedback. Then the things i like are

    1)Nice interface

    2)User friendly

    3)Drag and drop is really good.

    4)Pricing page is realy appreciable,looks cool, affordable price.

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    I just made a form by dragging all things, that was not a particular type of form.But I find that good, additional things that I found is shared in the next section.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    1) When I saved the form, i was not sure where it was saved, nor it din askd me any name or anything.

    2)Instead of the arrow headed cross, you may use the hand icon, which is more easy for the user, it gives a feel of touching.

    3)In first look its not clear, where to click to edit.I mean, in checkbox, etc where we can provide our option.

    4)In the address form tool, there is a drop down for country, like wise you may add state also , according to counrty.

    5)Include more captcha, the captcha is not that good.

    6)No option for credit card in payment systems.

    7)What is that ‘watch movie’ under ‘how it works?’ is that a movie about how it works?

    8)What is WYSIWYG ?

    9)In FAQ , you had given ,What kind of forms can I create with JotForm? , It may be better if you can provide some example froms too.

    10)The is no home page button, once you are in FAQ or somrhting, you cannot know how to go back to the form creation page.

    11)Apart from the video, you may use some description about what is site about, in the home page.

    12)It may be better to place the ‘create account’ tab at the top of the page and also the sign in.

  8. Feedback sought:

    What is your initial impression of the site? i was like wow!, this is a total beginner friendly web making site.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?i am totally encouraged to use it, because every thing is clear, its like some self tutorial thing, and definitely you can always create the layout of your choice which is good.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like? nothing really, in fact every thing was great  that is the simplicity of it was great i was able to picture out the design of my choice and actual y work it, its nice

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience. i was having trouble with the form, i found it a little bit complicated, i would prefer if i had the theme style automatically appear on the page so that i can clearly decide what i want to add or change.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have. this site is great but i would prefer to have the create account thing and the home page.

  9. Me again – whoops, missed the “pricing”.  Makes sense that it would not be cost free as it is a useful tool.  Unfortunately so much on the internet is free, it was my assumption.

  10. What is your initial impression of the site?

    When i visit, it has a popup which ask for watching a video or start using it. After i watch the video, i feel that the service and feature you provide is very helpful and is a very good feature. The video is 2mins long which i usually dont really have patient in watching 2mins video, but when i watch your video, i dont feel it’s 2mins video. For me it’s like 1mins video as it is interesting for me and the sound is very clear. But the image in the video is not clear. You can make it more clearer for people easily to see which to click. I would suggest you build a home page explaining what your site is about and also place the video in the home page then creating the register and login button in the homepage. You also can add the listing of how it works and also why use JotForm at the homepage instead of you directly showing people the feature which people dont know what to do with it if they choose not to watch the video at first.   

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    Yes, after i watch the video, i would like to try it. As i sometimes have project to which have to build a form and also when i designing a website, i need a form as well. i like that you provide the email service which it can send the information that the user give by filling the form and it send to my email address. With the service of your site, i dont have to manually create a form and manually find another service which can link the email to my mailbox. You can list all this benefits in your homepage. A homepage is the main page to attract more members as it will provide a very good impression to the visitor. 

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I like your FAQ session which it explain very clear and i can ask any question about it. I also like your user guide which is very detailed and helpful for beginner. I like your page layout which is simple and comfort to view and the navigation is clear.The main problem is the homepage which direct displaying the feature without any explanation if people did not watch the video. 

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    I have tried it. I really like it and it impressed me with the feature. There is a very complete tools for all the tools in creating a form. What i like the most is that i even can insert he paypal and other payment service provider feature which i can directly initialize it in the feature you provide. i can directly insert my paypal email to receive the payment from user. This is really great.  

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have

    i think i have mentioned most of it above. i really like your site feature which i will definitely use it when i need to create a form. For the how it works , why JotForm and the sign in or sign up for free at the bottom should place on top or at your new homepage so that people can see it and understand it before using the feature.

  11. What is your initial impression of the site?

    Initial impression was that I have to watch a video before actually seeing the homepage. Kind of annoyed.
    The Letters “Jot Form” and “Easiest Form Builder” on the video look pixelated and the letters do not look smooth at the resolution that the video is sized in. This reminds me of Nintendo video games (the original system) but does not appear to be contemporary (keeping up with the times).

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    If I needed a form, I actually would try your service.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I find it bothersome that you do not have a homepage for selling your product with selling points. I am not fond of getting right to the application, software, or service without first choosing whether I want to use it or not. I do not like being thrown straight to it. Having a professional homepage is sort of like an art form. A good one will sell your brand, and a bad one, or choosing not to have one may discredit your brand.

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    I did. Seems basic enough.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    The description text at the bottom of the page describing how it works and Why JotForm is too small. This is why I believe you need a true homepage to really emphasize your important points and then if the user wants to use JotForm, then can “Get Started” with a button.

  12. What is your initial impression of the site?
    Wow! This is really cool. I can really use this webpage. The site itself is very intuitive and easy to use.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?
    Yes I am encouraged to use the site. The video that played as soon as I arrived on the site was very helpful and explained everything quite well. I feel ready to make a form.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    Sometimes when I clicked on a tab at the top of the form area it would open a different option. Such as when choosing the Font tab it would bring up the item next to it that made the form item required. this occurred a few times to me. Other than that I found the site very manageable and enjoyable to use.
    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    I made a quick form for on my site and all went well. Just the little problem with selecting was all I ran into. It was a simple form with only a few elements but just as well I am happy with it.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    I really don’t have any additional comments. Thank you for your site I will be using it in the future again.

  13. What is your initial impression of the site?
    My initial impression was that the site seemed very user friendly for persons who are not familiar with web forms or how to create them. You are able to design a form from the home page. The fact that a free membership and free usage of the site is offered is a good incentive to drive users to the site and build user loyalty
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?
    I would use this site for the fact that it offers free usage, its ease of use and the ability to integrate the created forms into your own website.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    I don’t find anything bothersome in particular. I like the payment tool options that can be added to the form, the built in security options as well as the moderate pricing if you chose to upgrade to a paid subscription. I also like that the creators of JotForm took into consideration various potential uses for the forms when creating the site. It is also to the sites advantage that it appears all features are available for all levels of subscription.
    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    I clicked through the various options and pulled variables from each category. The items were easy to add and move around within the form itself.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    I feel this is a great concept. Although the site was initially targeted for webmasters I think it would be adventageous to place more effort in targeting the less technically savy individual who may would have use for the site (e.g. small business owner who may incorporate this into their site for order placement, time reporting, feedback, etc.)

  14. What is your initial impression of the site?

    When I went to the website,, I was greeted with a popup offering a tutorial.  The tutorial was quite informative and helpful, pointing out the benefits of jotform.  It also gave clear instructions on how to create forms using jotform.  I felt ready to dive right in and start creating my form.  When I closed the tutorial and began trying to creat a form, it still felt a little overwhelming.  I was not sure where to start in the process of creating my form.  It would be helpful if there were step by step suggestions during the form-creation process.  This difficulty, however, was quickly overcome as I became more and more familiar with the form-creation process. 

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    I am very encouraged to use jotform to create forms because there are so many features and options which are free to use.  The website is attractive in appearance and free to use.     

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

      It is really great that Jotform offers so many options that assist in developing professional forms.  I really like that.  However, with so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming.  In addition to the 2-minute tutorial (which is very helpful), a step by step interactive guide, giving possible suggestions to the user, would greatly increase the useablitiy of Jotform.  I also like the fact that there are numerous templates of different types of forms to be created.  Surveys, job applications, merchant forms, and many other types of forms can be easily created.   

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    I created a form to sell products using Jotform.  Overall, it was a great experience.  There were so many options to choose from, and the form was attractive as well as highly useful.  I liked the fact that there were options to set up an online store with a functional payment button.  

    I also enjoyed the Quick Tools options.  Using “Quick Tools”, I was able to easily create a contact form asking for the name, address, email, phone, and birth date of interested visitors. 

    I also thought it was great that there were a variety of payment methods I could choose to accept and easily set up using Jotform.  Some payment methods included Paypal, Clickbank, and Worldpay.  I was also able to choose between different currency types I was willing to accept, including the US Dollar or one of numerous other currencies from around the world. 

    Overall, the form that I was able to create was high-quality, professional, visually attractive, and useable.     

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    Jotform is an amazing form-creation service and the fact that it is free to create a professional form makes Jotform even more amazing.  The only thing I would suggest is a more instructive and interactive format.  For example, when someone is in the middle of creating a form, it might me helpful to give tips of what to do first, what to do next, and so forth. 

  15. Pricing appears to be more related to storage for websites using forms?  Interesting.

  16. What is your initial impression of the site?
    My initial impression upon arrival at was a video forced in my face with a low quality graphic of the company logo, a woman with an overly ecstatic voice (and she made a lot of odd pauses to boot), and a dark theme overall. To be quite honest, it wasn’t the best first impression, since the site already appeared intrusive as soon as I arrived. However, after watching through the video which gave clear basic instructions and information about the site, the web form creation seemed really intuitive – enough so that I HAD to give it a try.

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not, why?
    I was encouraged to use the site because I had recently been trying to make web forms for a site without much luck (especially since I don’t have much knowledge with PHP, CSS, HTML, etc.) This site seemed like a very easy way to create a form with the simplest function. Everything is well laid out and the simple drag and drop scheme makes it something that’s hard to resist.

    What do you find bothersome?
    I just honestly don’t like the color scheme. This is, of course, a personal preference. To me, dark gray and orange do not represent the simplicity that you are trying to present.

    I wish the web app could expand based on your screen size (I don’t know if this is possible though). I have giant sidebars on the side taking up space, but the fullscreen app seemed to white and daunting.

    The forced video, as I mentioned, was a bit necessary. Your product is intuitive. Let the user explore, but have a more visible “How to Make a Form” button on the front page. This needs to be a video they can reference IF they need it. Also, the button is currently labeled as “Watch Movie”. If I’m a skimmer, I’m less likely to click that button because I have no idea what movie I’ll be watching.

    This brings me to the issue of the bottom of the page. It’s too much information in too tiny of font. You’re going for simplicity! Don’t shovel information at the bottom. Blurbs such as “We now serve XX customers” or “100 Submissions/month – completely free!” could easily be in a box at the top that rotates these sayings without being intrusive.

    I really didn’t like the blur effect on hover for text for the links at the top of the page (and apparently for any link in the user guide). If I’m going to click to get more information, I don’t see why I would want the title of that information blurred…. It just seemed out of place. 

    What do you like?
    The rounded corners of the website really make it feel simplistic. This is a small, but nice touch.

    The form is extremely easy to layout. Don’t get me wrong by all the “flaws” I’ll point out above and below. This site is MUCH better than many I have tried so far, and with a few fixes, I think it could be even better. 

    My Form Experience:
    The default selection of tools on the side seems like a no-brainer to use. I started setting up a simple contact form using these tools. When I felt satisfied with my form, I clicked through the other tools to see what was available. Low and behold, some of the most commonly used tools (Name, Email, Phone Number) were already pre-set. Since most forms use these tools, it would be nice if they were instead under the default tool tab or easily viewable.

    The next issue I had involves the default layout of these “quick tools”. There’s no way to customize a format that you may want on the phone number. There are many ways to input phone numbers, but there’s no choice of how you want to make someone else fill their phone number out. You’re stuck with the default 800-9991010. The other possibilities are 800.999.1010, 800-999-1010, (800) 999-1010, and 8009991010. Not to mention that the phone form doesn’t allow for the use of country codes.

    When scrolling the page up and down, I noticed the frame of the web app liked to scroll with me, but the body of the web app stayed stationary. I’m not sure if this is on purpose (for larger forms), but it would be nice if it stay stationary until the form reached a certain size.

    The poof cloud (when deleting an item) seemed to go in slow motion, almost as if it was slowing down my computer and making it lag as the rest of the form body scrolled upwards. This was detracting from the overall aesthetic of site.

    When I clicked on my forms, I found something that I thought was odd. When I clicked on one of my forms, it opened some options to the side (Edit, Preview, Delete). However, when you click the same form, it makes these options disappear. My thought process was that clicking it twice, as with any application on windows, would make it open up. It would be nice if the options popped up upon hovering, but clicking the form brought up the Form Editor.

    I wanted to make a drop-down menu that said “How did you hear about us?”, where when the user clicks Other, it would then reveal another box asking them to specify. (Many websites do this already). However, I could not find anywhere in the options a way to make another box required if a prior box contained a certain answer. This would be a nice added feature.

    I entitled my form “B&B Printing Contact Form”, and in the bottom right hand corner, where the name of the form you are working on is displayed, it said “B&B Printing Contact Form”. I’m not sure why this is…

    The info icon next to every single tool displayed nothing for me. I’m not sure why this is, (it may have something to do with me having an adblocker), but it was definitely detractable, as I had no idea what some of the tools did until I put them into my form.

    Also, when I went to go shrink certain tools in the contact form, I wasn’t really aware how the shrink function was working. For example, I had only a Name tool and a Submit tool. When I shrank the submit tool, it moved to the right hand side of the Name tool. I could snap it underneath the Name tool as well, but these were my only two choices. It feels like you should be able to freely move the tools around, as long as they don’t overlap.

    I think it would be a good idea to have a “Theme Creator” so people can make something that matches their own website flawlessly.
    Final Comments:
    You guys have obviously put a lot of time and thought into making this site a reality. It shines through, but can get bogged down by the tiniest of details. I will definitely be using this site very soon!

  17. What is your initial impression of the site?

    My initial impression was that I missed the homepage and was thrown into the form building tool straightaway. I thought the form building tool itself looked professional and easy to use, not overwhelming and complicated.

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    Yes definitely encouraged to use the site and the tool. I have a couple of websites I run and Jot Form looks far more effective for building forms than any other programs I have used. What makes it appealing to me is that there is no upfront fee and you can use it for free. Also the fact that the tool to build the forms is straightforward and easy to use instead of overwhelming and complicated is a huge plus.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    1. It feels like there is no real home page and I find it bothersome that I’m thrown straight into the form tool building area. I would have liked to have seen a home page with the video nicely displayed, a larger logo, more visible how it works section and some testimonials. Then a link from there to the current home page.
    2. I think the “watch movie” button should be larger and more visible. Because if you don’t watch it in the pop up window and just close it then it’s not that easy to find again and easily missed down the bottom of the site.
    3. I think the language drop down menu should be displayed in the top right hand corner of your site instead of at the bottom left hand corner. Most sites have language options displayed there and that’s usually the first place I look to see if the site is able to be viewed in another language. I never look at the bottom of a page to change the language.
    4. I don’t like that the sign in is at the bottom of the page either. I would rather see this at the top of the page.
    5. It would be nice to see a larger logo and slogan. I can make out that the orange image next to the name is supposed to be a pencil but only because the name Jot Form gives a hint. It’s very small and hard to tell what it actually is otherwise. Also your slogan “Easiest Form Builder” is great and clearly explains what Jot Form is all about but unfortunately it’s so small it’s hardly readable and is easily glanced over but not actually read.
    6. I would have liked to have seen more options under “themes”. Even just a choice of more plain colors.
    1. I really like the video. I think it’s easy to understand, short and very professional. It simple and effectively demonstrates how Jot Form works.
    2. I like that the site is available in an array of languages.
    3. I like the concept and idea of Jot Form.
    4. I like the pricing page it’s bright and very easy to understand the pricing options.

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    The first thing I done was choose a theme. I would have liked to have seen more choices under this option and more color options. I then choose a font and again would have liked more options. I started using the form tools to create a heading and text box areas for my registration form. This was very easy and straightforward to use. I like the quick tools for things like name, birthday and address etc, great idea. Overall I found the process very easy and couldn’t find anything missing that I necessarily needed on my form just some more color and font options would have been nice.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    It would be nice to be able to create your own theme. Where you can choose the color and layout separately and piece it all together yourself. This way users would be able to tie the form in seamlessly with their own site and it wouldn’t look out of place. I think the concept is fantastic and I will defiantly use it next time I have to create a form.

  18. What is your initial impression of the site?

    I like the fact that when you first go over to the website Jotform, that there is automatically a tutorial that you can watch to tell you step by step how to go about creating a webpage through its tools.  I also like that is seem pretty basic to use, put me in the mind of the now obsolete Netscape composer, which was a great website creating tool that no longer exist.

    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    If I were to create a website, I would definitely consider using Jotform.  It seem very user friendly to use, and I would want something that would make the process of creating a website as simple as possible with no headaches.  Jotform appears to me to be just such as website.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I wish I could tell you something that you need to improve upon with Jotform, but for me its a pretty well done website that is pretty clear with what its about and how to use it.  I think when anyone goes out to create a website they need to think in terms of the fairytale the three bears, where it was this is too hot, this is too cold, this is just right.  With websites it should be this is too much (a busy website can turn off the average person), this is too little (very simple basic websites can also confuse the average person into not knowing what the website is actually for and not wanting to find out) and this is just right (not too much content not too little content) Jotform falls into the just right category in my opinon.

    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.

    I did find it a little difficult to do, but I don’t think this had anything to do with Jotform as much as it did with me.  I have never created a website and therefore don’t know much about using a composer to create one.  The best course of action for me, if I had actually wanted to use your tools would have been to of course watch your tutorial about how to go about using your composer before actually doing so.  This wasn’t any fault of your website, but the fact that I just didn’t seem to be able to grasp what needed to be done, so in the case of someone like myself, its always a good idea to watch the tutorial first.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have

    I think you have a great website composer, now the key is to get it out there to the masses who want to create a website.  Remember you will be competing with other more established composers out there, some of which aren’t as simple to understand as yours from what I have heard from those who have actually created websites in the past.  You need to come up with a good marketing strategy if you don’t already have one.  I think Jotform has great potential to be the tool that many will go to in order to create their own personal website, the trick is to get this information out to the masses.


    What is your initial impression of the site?

    My initial impression is that you’re providing a convenient and easy to use service on your site as the starting page has a blank form ready for you to create. It looks like a no-nonsense sort of thing.
    Are you encouraged to use the site? If not why?

    Yes, definitely! I like how everything is laid out for you immediately instead of making you go looking for it. The colours are quite visually appealing, especially with the contrast between the black background and the white form which makes it stand out more.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    As stated above I do really like the colour combinations and the simple layout. I like how you can drag and drop the form elements you want to use which is quite different from other form-building sites I have seen.  Also, the other parts of the site like the FAQ and the User Guide are easily visible at the top bar of your page – I usually find sites “hiding” these pages as one of the biggest problems they could have.

    On the other hand, I don’t like how there’s a bunch of information condensed into the bottom of the page. It would be a lot better if you put all that information on the landing/home page and then had a big “Start Now” button or something similar so that people will still be automatically presented with the form and tools when they are ready to go.
    Try creating a form you might want to use. Add various elements. Please share your experience.
    I’m very happy with how my form has turned out. It was pretty easy to build although for some reason putting text into the headers was a bit clunky, sometimes the text didn’t work. I wish there were more themes, as well, but it’s a really good start. I like the colour picker option so I can choose specific colours that I want to use in my form.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    It would also be really great if you temporarily hosted the forms (maybe 3-7 days) for people who do not have a website to add the HTML into like me. That way your page would also have more backlinks leading to your site if people posted the URL on, say Facebook or Twitter, which would rank your websites higher in search indexes.

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