JusUnFollow – Unfollow Non Followers On Twitter

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Simplest way to manage your twitter friends and followers.

Target Audience: Twitter Users.
Website URL: https://www.justunfollow.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Please share your thoughts on JustUnFollow. Would you use it? Why or why not?

About JustUnFollow:

JustUnfollow let’s twitter users find non-followers on twitter. You can easily unfollow users who don’t follow you. JustUnfollow also let’s you find followers who are not being followed by you so that you can follow them back.

To prevent spamming, it does not allow a bulk unfollow. Once logged in to JustUnfollow, you will have to manually choose the users to unfollow. You can see all the non-followers but you are limited to unfollow only 50 users a day.

4 thoughts on “JusUnFollow – Unfollow Non Followers On Twitter

  1. Yeah I would use it BUT… as mentioned before I too dont like the unfollow limit. Commendable effort though.

  2. It is pity that there is no information on yout web site about how your system works. I wopudl liekm to know before I submit what exactly will happen.

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