Kaggle – Data mining, Forecasting and Bioinformatics Competitions

Kaggle - Featured on StartUpLift

An innovative solution for statistical/analytics outsourcing.
Post your data. Have it scrutinized by the world’s best data scientists!

Target Audience: Data-rich organizations (clients); Data scientists/analysts (competitors)

Kaggle is a platform for data prediction competitions that allows organizations to post their data and have it scrutinized by the world’s best data scientists.

Kaggle’s community of data scientists comprises thousands of PhDs from quantitative fields such as computer science, statistics, econometrics, maths and physics. They come from over 100 countries and 200 universities. In addition to the prize money and data, they use Kaggle to meet, network and collaborate with experts from related fields.

Competitors can enter free, while organizations with vast stores of historical data offer prize money to outsource their analysis to the world population of freelance experts.

Feedback sought:
  • Visit Kaggle.com. Spend ~30 seconds on the home page and click through a few links.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of our clients (organizations who need assistance analyzing their data). Is Kaggle compelling? Why / why not?
  • Now pretend you’re an analyst (one of our competitors). Is anything off-putting? Are you interested in signing-up?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.