Kajabi: How to Grow Your Knowledge Commerce Business

Kajabi Review: How to Use Kajabi to Grow Your Knowledge Commerce Business

Kajabi is a popular software program where professionals can develop, market, and sell their online courses and digital products. It is an all-encompassing platform where trainers can consolidate all their course outlines, including website creation, email communication, sales, and marketing funnel, all under one platform.                            

Most online course developers want a one-stop-shop for all their online course operations. Kajabi is the solution, unlike other platforms where you need separate software such as WordPress for your site, ClickFunnels to build funnels and landing pages, and ConvertKit for your email marketing needs.

So, Kajabi ideally lets you create and manage your commercial online course from a single platform. You don’t need tons of plugins to run your online training programs.

In summary, Kajabi offers: 

  • Engaging course content that includes videos, pdfs files and quizzes.
  • Native course player for professional content delivery 
  • An interactive community forum for course instructors and the registered students
  • A professional website plus a blog for your product
  • Affiliate Programs as a marketing tool

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed review of Kajabi, including the pros and cons and what to expect; if you’re looking for the perfect platform to host your online services and communicate with your students.

So here we go.


Kajabi comes with a 14-day trial, once you sing up for the course content platform. They don’t offer a free plan, so you have to be prepared to cough up some cash to use the forum. But the pricing options have a considerable cost and value ratio.

Kajabi offers three main payment plans namely:

The Basic plan has three main products and three pipelines, the growth plan has 15 products and 15 pipelines while the Pro plan offers 100 products and 100 pipelines. Kajabi offers a discounted price (20% off the monthly list) if you go for the annual billing option.

Website Design and Customization

A professional website is vital for your online business success and with Kajabi, you get to develop a branded website. Therefore, your site will include a branded address linked to a Kajabi domain, with your custom name on it (pioneertraining.mykajabi.com). Alternatively, you can use a custom domain; (pioneertraining.com).

Kajabi also offers a free website SSL certificate, which is default-enabled on all your web pages, so you don’t have to spend long hours with your setup process.

The technical team takes care of all site maintenance, including updates on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to worry about the technical bit as you prep your course outlines. Plus, you’re allowed to white-label your website and own all rights to it.

Site Themes

Kajabi has a selection of themes to choose from, so you don’t have to buy pricey ones unless your choice of style doesn’t go with the pre-designed themes offered on the platform.

Kajabi recently redefined their themes and also offer what they call “Layout Presets” available in the themes library, all of which are developed on the “Premier Framework.” However, you can still use the old themes, but those won’t have any future updates – but are still available in the Legacy Themes archive. 

Kajabi Page Builder

To customize your website, use the Kajabi Page Builder, which is a great visual editor, with a drag-and-drop corrector to alter your web pages with a suitable professional look.

The interface has a crisp well-designed page builder with main sections listed on the right and the left side, where there’s a clear live page preview.

User Experience 

All features are laid out on the dashboard, making it easier for users to find pages easily while navigating through the interface. To edit old courses and post new modules, click on the requisite tab.

The dashboard has a Kajabi Assistant to help users navigate pages by keyword. The site also offers helpful navigation guide videos to help beginners get acquainted with the site’s features.

Due to its integrated design, Kajabi is easy to use. Everything works harmoniously from the same platform, although some tools are complex to use for new beginners trying to find their way through the site. 

Kajabi Review


  • In-built website 
  • In-built Site Editor
  • Simple Course Creator
  • A host of Marketing Tools, including affiliate marketing options
  • Sales Funnel Editor
  • Email marketing features for automated marketing categorizations 
  • Large Catalog of Integrations
  • A powerful visual layout for stress-free marketing funnels set up
  • Customizable Site Templates
  • Built-In Payment Processing
  • Various international payment plan options such as PayPal
  • Membership Site Capabilities
  • Comes with ten native integrations 
  • Hero Rewards Program
  • Catalog of Education Resources
  • Access to thousands of learning resources through Kajabi University


  • High product cost compared to competitors.
  • Lack of sufficient student engagement tools
  • No Certificates
  • Lack of advanced quiz elements such as questions banks
  • Rigid Blogging functionality
  • Lack of tax on sales 

Sales & Marketing

Sales & marketing is one of the best features that make Kajabi a preferred online course over its competitors. Each plan has unique email marketing tools, which you can either use the local interface or use an external email carrier like MailChimp.

Both options offer a comprehensive email managing list with cool automations. The email structure tool is customizable and able to generate multi-layered commands for robotic email campaigns. You can automate introductory course outlines for new signups, for instance, or upsell complementary courses to slow learning students on some units. The automation possibilities offer a limitless choice of functions, which is a huge advantage over the other competitors.

Course Creation & Engagement

New course creation is pretty straightforward on Kajabi. You can use a custom listing or select one of the three blueprints on the product tab; Name your product, then upload and edit your content accordingly. You can insert any type of external files including videos, PDF files, audio clips, or plain text documents.

Organize your courses into modules, then tag and categorize them to make it easy for students to search for their courses on your programs more efficiently. Add lessons, assessments, and quizzes and set it up so that students must pass an examination to move on to the subsequent module. 

Customer Support & Training

The customer support is super awesome since it includes a training and onboarding process. The basic plan offers online chat support for a few hours during the day, but the Pro Plan offers live chat and phone calls on 24/7 customer support. The support staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and friendly. They also give a timely response to queries, and you don’t have to stay in line for a long time as you wait for the next available rep to attend to you.

Kajabi offers numerous training resources in beginner-oriented videos and multiple reading resources available in the “Kajabi University.”

Kajabi is definitely one of the best training platforms with a huge online library for online courses.


Kajabi is an integrated platform that offers practical and competent business solutions for folks interested in selling online courses. It offers great course listings, an intuitive web-builder, customizable templates, and multiple sales & marketing funnel tools.

Pricing is up there, but all worth the extra perks that come with the entire Kajabi premium package. This is a reliable platform to sell all your digital solutions for the long term.