KeptStyle – A Social Networking Site for Rating Your Style

KeptStyle Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Allows users to determine if they should keep or toss their style.

Target Audience: Stylists, Hair Stylists, Fashion designers, Fashinistas, Fashion editors, Fashion bloggers
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit and Spend no more than 5-10 seconds on the home page. What do you think the site is about?
  • Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • What do you think of the sign up process?
  • How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors like
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Kept Style:

Kept Style is a social networking site for rating your style. Join for free, upload your photos, rate others, and have others rate you! The more you rate will ensure a top priority for your photos to be rated. Members are able to post status messages, follow others, receive follow backs, and invite their Facebook friends to connect. The Activities Feed shows the latest statuses of our members while the Leaderboard reflects the weekly highest rated photos and determines users to be Kept Style Stars.