Konkuri – The Simplest Way To Manage Your League And Share The Results Online


Imagine a soccer or a volleyball tournament. How do you create the schedule and share results (with the participants)? Konkuri is a very simple tool to do so.

Target Audience: sport organizations, sports and games centers, videogamers and group of friends.
Website URL: https://www.konkuri.com

Feedback sought:

  • Visit https://konkuri.com. What is your first impression? Is it clear what the product does?
  • Is it simple to use the main features of the application?
  • What did stop you while surfing the site?
  • Vist the sign-up page (https://www.konkuri.com/accounts/register). Possibly Sign-up for a free account (takes a few seconds).
  • Any further suggestions are welcome

About Konkuri:

Konkuri is a web application that lets you manage your tournament and publish the results online. Our main customers are sport organizations, tennis club and videogamers. For each tournament they organize, they need to create and publish the schedule, share the results, communicate with participants and fans.

Konkuri is very simple to use: choose the sport or videogame you want, the tournament system (round robin, knock out or groups + playoffs) and create the tournament website with just one click. Then, you’ll be able to refine the schedule, publish live results, connect with players and teams, provide a stream of updates on the competition. Konkuri makes your tournament easy to manage, more exciting and visible.