Later, Dog! Dog lovers, Find Dog Sitters

LaterDog - Featured on StartUpLift

Find, review and connect with the perfect dog sitter.

Target Audience: Pet owners.

Later, Dog provides an online platform where dog lovers can find dog sitters. The site allows you to sort listings by ratings and view certifications like “Bonded & Insured,” “NAPPS Certified” and “First Aid Pets Course.” Read reviews and contact references to see what other dog lovers have to say about a sitter.

Later, Dog is currently active in the Austin & Chicago metro areas. Phoenix will be launching very soon.

Check out Later, Dog and let us know how you find the pawesome service it is providing!

2 thoughts on “Later, Dog! Dog lovers, Find Dog Sitters

  1. Maybe a ‘browse’ feature in addition to the search. For example, if I was a newcomer, didn’t know which cities were being serviced, I might search my zip code and get 0 results. A browse feature would let me see which cities ARE being serviced without having to know ahead of time which zip codes I would need to search. Don’t know how it would work, but just an idea. 🙂

  2. First off, love the site design! Also, some really nice microcopy bits, like ‘pawesome’.

    Though it did take quite a while for all elements to load.

    You mention that you’re currently only active in Michigan and Phoneix. Perhaps you should make that clearer by putting it by the ‘enter zipcode’ section on the homepage?

    I’m struggling for points here! Only last thing I can think off is you need a nice background for your Twitter page, it’s still the standard one.

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