Learndash Review

LearnDash Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

WordPress powers thousands of websites than any other site-building software. WordPress code provides the background for building a website, but plugins provide website customizing tools to meet its needs and goals.

The platform offers several inbuilt plugins has always been a one-stop shop for aspiring online entrepreneurs. One of these plugins is LearnDash – a learning management system to create, manage and market online WordPress courses.

LearnDash Review

LearnDash enhances the functionality of your content management system (CMS). If your website is about creating learning courses, then LearnDash is worth your investment. The LearnDash plugin doesn’t come with a free plan. So you must purchase one of the available plans to get started and then configure it with WordPress to add it as a plugin.

LearnDash brands itself as a learning management system of choice of established universities and large corporate companies. The giant LMS web building tool combines simplicity with power to create, sell, and monetize online courses. What’s more, you can add gamification to enhance your website with appealing content for your learners.

This article will critically look into LearnDash and what it offers s a world-renowned plugin.

LearnDash Features


1. Content Quality

LearnDash allows independence with course content creators. Instructors enjoy the autonomy to create quality content that empowers learners and makes a significant impact in their lives.

To this end, LearnDash does not screen the quality of content placed on their learning software. Users and members can countercheck the online courses on LearnDash with competitor sites to verify its content accuracy.

2. Layout

Layout and design are the heart of any serious website owner with intentions to monetize content. Make use of this plugin’s stunning active templates for your online course membership site. Your learners need to experience a visually persuasive design to motivate them to pay for their favorite online courses. Choose active templates on the WordPress theme between the LegacyDash 3.0 or Legacy design.

3. Course Navigation

Course creators have control over how learners navigate through their websites; you can navigate in free form or in linear form. Course navigation in Linear is set in default mode, making users strictly navigate the course outline to complete a lesson before moving to the next task. You can set quizzes for users to tackle to measure their learning progress. The Freeform has no limitations for course structure creation. It allows learners to take lessons in multiple formats.

4. Ease of Use

As a WordPress plugin, LearnDash is an inbuilt user-friendly tool. It fully integrates so you can concentrate on creating and selling your course content.  However, beginners may find it a little complicated. There are too many configurations to work through and equally numerous options that may confuse newbies. You need a crash course to be able to breeze through LearnDash on your own. So, for greenhorns, LearnDash is not spontaneous.

5. Video Quality

Evaluating video quality is critical. LearnDash offers a video progression embedding feature that allows content creators to effortlessly insert videos into their online courses. Unlike Udemy, where the platform has an inbuilt video hosting feature, LearnDash only allows externally hosted videos.

Set the video on auto play to keep all videos in motion to keep uses engaged and move to the next video when in-class session. You can hide the play feature as a trick to prevent users from skipping scheduled course videos.

6. Community Interaction

Online learning can be boring and tedious because it lacks human interaction. LearnDash LSM offers various platforms for community forums where students can engage and feel part of a learning community. These engagement tools are available to members who have subscribed to LearnDash. You can interact on the following levels:

  • Webinars
  • Tutorial sessions
  • General forums 
  • Coaching calls
  • Gamification in quizzes 

7. Support and Resources

LearnDash offers reliable support for all its users. New users can easily access an integrated handy tool in the dashboard to guide them through online course building fundamentals. You also receive prompt after-purchase support on how to navigate through the plugin.

If you have specific inquiries about the plugin, go to the faqs section, where you’ll find an extensive database of resources such as tutorials, tips on content creation, and monetization of complete courses. You can also send a ticket for personalized questions through the web contact page. 

LearnDash does not offer live chat or phone support.

8. Accreditation

LearnDash allows users to generate certificates of completion to members or students with this LMS. However, LearnDash does not provide custom-made credentials. You can import your samples from third-party designers like Canva to customize the preferred date in the certificates. These certificates signify successful completion of your e-learning course. You cannot earn professional credits with any accreditation agency or any other formal institution.  

LearnDash Pros and Cons 


  • High customization
  • A wealth of student engagement tools
  • Trusted by major universities
  • Drip-feed options allow spaced out courses 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No free plan
  • It doesn’t offer detailed tutorials for new users
  • Expensive packages
  • No live chat or phone support
  • Only works with WordPress

LearnDash Pricing

LearnDash Pricing

LearnDash has three main subscription options:

LearnDash Basic Plan

Priced at $199, the basic package allows users to create limitless course resources for unlimited members. The course content is secure, with members-only access to the learning materials. Other features include quiz templates, email notifications, certificates, and badges, etc.

LearnDash Plus Plan

The “Plus” package goes for $229. It includes mentioned features in the basic plan and LearnDash support for members up to 10 websites. Users also receive ProPanel, to monitor live student course activity, manage all assignments and progress results.

LearnDash Pro Plan

Finally, the “Pro” package goes for $369. It is similar to the Plus package but allows for up to 25 site licenses LearnDash support for members.  The prices don’t come cheap compared to competitor LMS plugins. However, LearnDash compensates for the steep costs with incredible flexibility, such as coupon discounts and room for customization with your course content.

LearnDash  does not provide free trials. But they do offer a 30-day guaranteed refund when you purchase a plan.


LearnDash  is a reliable LMS plugin for instructors looking to build a robust site that could help their e-learning business. The LearnDash  drag-and-drop creator feature allows users to visualize the course layout as they develop it. Another great feature we like is the video progression tool, which allows users to insert automatic videos running on auto play onto their courses.

Finally, the drip-feed feature allows students to take breaks in between lessons to avoid binge learning all day long. User can spread out their curriculum throughout the week and set manageable learning schedules. LearnDash  also automates engagement triggers for specific functions; when students complete their tasks such as complete set lessons, quizzes, uploads an assignment, you can automatically set these events to trigger the next process.