LearnWorlds Review_ Create and Sell Online Courses

LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

LearnWorlds is an online learning software used by trainers to create market and sell online courses. It was founded in 2014 as a small platform but has steadily grown over the years. The software provides an interactive and robust training solution for employees, customers, and other associates.

LearnWorlds is ideal for corporate training, e-learning companies, and entrepreneurs. The software offers extensive analytics, robust sales engines, and other marketing tools. It is unique and outstanding compared to its competitors because the developers have built unparalleled capacity courses for competitive engagement and interaction.

Who is LearnWorlds for?

LearnWorlds is ideal for training entrepreneurs targeting a larger audience to sell their courses. The platform is mostly used by trainers, instructors, internet marketers, professionals, and businesses. The best part of this platform is that it allows you to engage and interact with your clients and students. If you’d like to establish a powerful learning experience, this is the best software for you.

Who is learnworlds for? -  LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses


LearnWorlds has impressive and unmatched functional features compared to other platforms. The following are some of the best functioning Learn Worlds features:

1. Unlimited Courses

LearnWorlds does not limit you on how many courses to offer. As a course content creator you can develop as many courses as you can and sell them to interested students using the Learnworlds platform.

Unlimited courses - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

2. Landing Sales Pages

The platform allows you to design sales and landing pages and publish them. The sales pages are super responsive regardless of your device. Whether on iOS or Android, it works superbly. This is a significant advantage for new users.

Landing sales pages - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

3. Free Layout Templates

There is nothing more compelling than an eye-catching web page. The software has over 400 stunning templates to choose from. The beautiful and endless layout makes a huge impact for beginners trying to build a new brand for continuous sales. The extensive template library has multiple colors to choose from, so you can customize your pages with your preferred brand colors for a complete branded website.

Free layout templates - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

4. Interactive Videos

The platform allows teachers and instructors to produce interactive videos that keep students engaged and interested in learning. These interactive videos have additional features like pop-ups, inquires, navigation buttons, and other tools to project captivating video content as a whole. With all these tools, you will engage your students via phone calls, in video mode, or through live chat.

Interactive videos - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

5. Integrated Social Media Platform

The software allows building learning groups and community networking through available social networks. Social networks provide speedy communication and interaction among students – converting them into buyers almost instantly since students are so much into social media. That’s where they live, breathe, and thrive for any content.

Integrated social media platform - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

6. Personalized Program Player

This is one of the unique features of LearnWorlds. PPP enables you to design templates and develop solid courses for your learners. Some of the features include; tabs, buttons, section numbers, and development bars. The software also has personalized CSS to help you cater to your various needs and make sure every program has your brand marked.

Personalized program player - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

7. Video Library

Video Library is mainly for uploading videos from your personalized library. It helps to relay undistorted information that you want to convey to your clients or students.

Video library - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

8. Multiple Instructors

LearnWorlds allows you to welcome other online trainers and entrepreneurs and collaborate with them. That way, you can interact, share ideas, and cross-sell your products through your newly created peer course community. This allows you to make more revenue amongst fellow course developers.

Multiple instructors - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

9. Magic Authoring

This is one of the essential features since it can make edits wherever you need to auto write your course material if you’ve made a mistake.  All you need to do is click the magic wand and edit your work to perfection.

Magic authoring - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

10. Advanced Analytics

The software has inbuilt integration with Mixpanel and Google Analytics. These two apps help you develop special features to maximize your sales funnel. For example, you can tailor-make a client list from your regular students, their interests, and their physical location. This data will greatly assist in enhancing your marketing techniques.

Advanced analytics - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

Benefits of using LearnWorlds

Some of the common benefits of LearnWorlds include the following:

  • It is easy-to-use. The software enables you to develop and design numerous web pages without your training sessions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tech geek or have little to no programming skills or web design experience. It is easy to navigate with the help of on-call customer service support.
  • Registering your training business is easy. All you need to do is provide your basic info, then pick your preferred template, then go ahead and custom-make your homepage to suit your brand.
  • The platform provides promotions with discount coupons, increasing your course sales and reaching a larger audience through the enabled marketing campaign.

LearnWorlds Plans and Pricing

The platform has four plans to choose from mainly:

Plans and pricing - LearnWorlds Review: Create and Sell Online Courses

1. Starter Plan

Charges $24 every month, plus $5 per course sale. Once you have achieved your initial sales target, it’s advisable to transition to the next payment plan for better features to further increase your sales.

2. Pro Trainer Plan

Goes for $79 per month. It does not charge any fee on course sales like the starter plan. The plan allows up to five instructor accounts, consenting other people to assist you in your content delivery.

3. Learning Center Plan

The Plan allows you to develop your online school and charges $249 every month. It gives you up to 20 instructors or admins and access to advanced affiliate management features.

4. High Volume and Corporate Plan

This plan is meant for large corporate customers and online course sellers. This plan doesn’t include any quantified monthly amounts. You need to contact customer care and book a demo. This plan will give you a branded corporate academy, custom bulk enrolments, and custom services and reports.

Learn Worlds Pros

  • It is easy to use
  • Provides unlimited courses
  • It allows conversion tracking
  • Robust student engagement tools
  • Interactive e-books
  • You get 24/7 support
  • It has over 400 ready-made templates
  • Theme editor and branding
  • It has four payment methods
  • Video library


  • It has no mobile app
  • It does not provide a bulk upload feature
  • A bit complex for starters


Learn Worlds is one of the most preferred online course platforms to develop and sell your educational courses.  It is easy to navigate and has great templates to incorporate with your branded webpages. With Learnworlds, you can market and sell your training courses with the help of the available features on the platform.  It is mainly used by training organizations and provides a robust enterprise solution.