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Successfully borrow money from and lend money to your friends and family.

Target Audience: US residents who would like a better way to lend/borrow money with family/friends.
Website URL: https://www.lendfriend.me/

Feedback sought:

  • Friends and family have used LendFriend’s services for a variety of reasons. The most common loan purposes are mentioned in the detailed description below.
  • We would like to know the most clever/useful/life-changing loan that you would propose & approve on LendFriend.

About LendFriend:

LendFriend assists during the loan’s creation, proposal, approval, and repayment. Writing checks and hand-delivering cash are outdated forms of payment, so LendFriend has integrated with PayPal to allow the loan to be repaid with a couple of mouse clicks.

LendFriend helps friends and family successfully borrow and lend money between themselves. Its users are creating and managing millions of dollars in loans with LendFriend. These loans fund their education, finance businesses, purchase homes, buy cars, and consolidate high interest debt.

LendFriend envisions a world where people look to their friends and family first to reach their financial goals.

We want to empower our users to invest in those they care about while – most importantly – ensuring they protect their relationship. We believe that proper communication, clearly defined legal structure, and simple software will increase the likelihood of a successful loan between friends and family.

Check LendFriend out and let us know your thoughts. You can draft & propose a loan in 5 minutes here.

Top 5 Submissions Awarded a Free Promissory Note and Digital Signature [$49.98 value]

Awardees can claim their awards by contacting LendFriend at www.lendfriend.me/home/contact with “StartUpLift Award” as subject. A coupon code will be emailed to you to redeem the award.

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  1. The website is really well designed and looks modern. It is a bit like a social network website and it really does look trendy like facebook and other Twitters.

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