Livestorm Review Pricing Plans Features Pros And Cons

Livestorm Review: Pricing Plans, Features, Pros, and Cons

What is Livestorm?

Livestorm is a professional webinar integrated with a video conferencing platform; Livestorm is designed to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to create powerful video conferencing solutions. Using this platform, you can easily create and manage different online events, such as product demos, online customer training, webinars, and online interviews. 

This web-conferencing platform is 100 %  cloud-based. You don’t have to install any application to use it; you simply click a link to join any live sessions. This tends to increase the overall attendance rate for any created event. 

Additionally, you can use livestorm on multiple devices without affecting your brand design. The targeted audience can comfortably access your webinars using a mobile or a desktop without considering browser limitations. Livestorm can also be integrated with many marketing software and also linked to 1000+ different mobile-based apps to suit any team or company.

Livestorm Features

Livestorm has a wide range of tools and features designed to help you and better your webinar experience. 

They include:

1. Automated Emailing Feature 

One cool thing about Livestorm is its Emailing features. The user interface is easy to use and can be customized and branded with your business colors within minutes. Once you have your desired setup, this feature lets you import contacts from other platforms like Outlook and Gmail. While crafting an email, you can easily personalize your emails and preview how they will look once your attendees have received them.

Automated Emailing Feature

You can also increase your audience participation rate by sending reminders and follow up emails automatically. Lastly, this real-time feature information on the delivery of all your emails.

2. Real-time Interaction with your Audience 

With this feature, you can Interact with your webinar attendees easily. You can chat with your attendees using the “good old chatting tool.” You and your audience can have a real-time question and answer session using the Q&A Tab.

Real-time Interaction with your Audience

You can also run real-time polls, surveys, tests, and call to action to help you understand your audience better or, better yet, make a sale. 

As a host, you can also add up to 6 guest presenters to your webinar to help you with your presentations.

3. Data Integration

Using the Zapier Integration tool, you can integrate Livestorm to over 1000+ applications. A good example is when Livestorm sends you a notification on Slack anytime someone registers on your webinars.

Data Integration

With a simple click, you can download or export all your data to any social media platform, CRM platform, and email marketing applications, among others. 

4. Browser-based Webinars

Browser-based Webinars

This hustle free future allows you to join any webinar by simply clicking on an invitation link. No downloads required here, so don’t worry about app installations or anything like that. You’re also not required to open an account with the live storm to access the webinar.

5. Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

Another exciting feature is the automatic webinar recording feature. Your webinar is automatically recorded as you continue with your presentations. There is no storage limit. People who were unable to access the webinar can replay the webinar later.

6. Analytics & Reports Dashboard

Analytics & Reports Dashboard

This analytical feature gives you the most insightful actionable-data about your webinar-you can know precisely how your many registered people came to your live webinar. You can also track and analyze your email campaigns; see where you need to improve. 

Customer Support

Livestorm platform has an excellent customer support system. On their website, they have a simple ticketing system where a user asks a question, and the support team will get back to you. They also have a live chatting tool where you can interact with any member of the support staff.  Sending an email to them is also another option.

Their website also offers live training sessions to their customers on how to use the platform. Lastly, the platform is accessible in several languages.

Livestorm Prices and plans 

The platform has several packages to you can choose from. Here’s a detailed view of the available price plans.

  1. We have the WEBINAR AND MEET BASIC PACKAGE –  to begin with; this package is free. Even though you can have as many webinars as you wish, you are limited to 20 minutes per webinar session. Again, this package also limits you to 10 attendees per webinar. It may be a good start for webinar beginners but it can’t do much for experienced entrepreneurs. This package is just for testing out the platform and you can decide to work with it for a short term or go for the paid plans which offer better packages and more freebies.
  1. WEBINAR PREMIUM PACKAGE –  this package allows you to have up to 100 attendees per session. You can also invite unlimited arbitrators to assist you out during the webinar. Another advantage is that you can host as many on-request webinars as you want. Lastly, you have a maximum of 4 hours per webinar.

This package costs € 89 per month, and it’s billed annually. If you want to increase the number of people attending your webinars, you will have to part with more money. For 250 attendees € 178 per month and for 1000 attendees it’s € 268 per month

  1. WEBINAR ENTERPRISE PACKAGE – this is a custom-made package, and you will have to get in touch with the sales staff for a customized quote.

Pros and Cons


  • The platform is pretty easy to use
  • Excellent customer support on every plan
  • Integrates with over 1,000 mobile-based apps
  • Live and Automated Webinars
  • Intuitive landing pages
  • You can have multiple sessions in one webinar.
  • Perfect tool when handling interviews and testing candidates


  • Webinar replay quality is a bit low.
  • It does not have a slideshows upload feature in the webinar.
  • You have to be connected to the internet to use the platform.


You can use this browser-based platform to set up automated webinars, host online meetings, and conduct online classes without downloading any application.   Big companies like Bosch and intercom use Livestorm to showcase their products, train customers, and interview training employees.

Livestorm is a one-stop-shop when it comes to webinars and video conferencing.