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Build web and mobile sites at an affordable price.

Target Audience: Small Business Owners
Website URL: https://easysite.localbookmark.it

Feedback sought:

  • If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?
  • What is your favorite part of the website?
  • What is your least favorite part of the website?
  • Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?
  • Was the video useful in explaining the service?
  • Would you recommend this service to others?

About Easy Website Creator :

The Easy Website Creator service enables small businesses to build web and mobile sites on an automated basis.

Due to the high costs and unpredictability of the iPhone acceptance policy, the Easy Site Creator service allows local businesses an alternative, allowing them to build smartphone friendly websites that have features such as:

• Click to Call Phone number
• Mobile Video
• Hours of operation
• Map & GPS directions
• Photo galleries
• Coupons & Special offers
• Products, services, menus, etc.

If a mobile user visits a site that has been created with Easy Site Creator’s website builder, they will be automatically shown a smartphone-friendly version of the company’s site, making it much easier and convenient to navigate compared to the typical ‘desktop-only’ website that 99.9% of businesses have today.

13 thoughts on “LocalBookmark.it – Easy Website Creator

  1. If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?

    Maybe. I currently am trying to figure out how it works. (Watching video) but I don’t see it presented clearly.

    What is your favorite part of the website? See below.
    What is your least favorite part of the website?
    See actionable suggestions below.

    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand? No.
    Was the video useful in explaining the service? Perhaps, but video started too soon. It is annoying to have to back up and rewind. User should be given ability to choose when ready to start it.
    Would you recommend this service to others?

    Actionable suggestions:
    1. Would recommend larger font for navigation bar (links)
    2. Fix “How To” video on homepage to not start playing on landing. This is because people multi-task and if they are opening your website while finishing up another task, they will miss out on the first of your video. Why not let people push play when they are ready?
    3. I wish your brand had more personality. Your video does not give me what your brand looks like. I would like to see a real person or tangible icon (other than your bookmark logo) that identifies you.
    4. Although I am watching your video, I don’t think it is clear enough. I think you need to clearly and concisely state right away what you do and how you help. All I can remember are your colorful pop up people and local something or other. I think you need to state this on your homepage, so it will be reinforced with the video.  Right now I see “Easy Website Creator” by logo, but then you throw in the word local and its starting to get confusing. Are you helping the client create a website or simply a homepage to start on with local bookmarks saved on it? I think you need to solve this confusion.
    5. I don’t particularly like how the 1,2,3 “get started” box continues to slide and change the images. If I am trying to figure your site out, that only adds to the chaos.  Because your video is playing, slide show is moving and I am getting way too much at once. Make this slide bar only change when someone clicks on it.
    6. The print below your fold is way too small. Don’t like how the blog preview is in lower right in fine print.
    7. Really don’t understand fine print in lower left hand corner “Opportunity, The Solution, The Price”. If these are your selling points, they need to be above the fold, and not in fine print. You should scream your selling points, meaning they need to be easily found and read, and not in paragraph form. One sentence for each at the max.
    8. Why is it you have the slider and the big Get started button in the middle of page and then a column with “The process” and another get started button right below it? Very redundant. No need for two of the same item right beside each other.
    9. Seems like “Features” and “Pricing” tab are the same. Why need two if the features tab explains it all?
    10. Font on all pages in general is too small. For example, on FAQ page, when you talk about a money back guarantee. you say: …no risk at all! The font is so small I can barely make out that is an exclamation point.
    11. Testimonials section is great.

  2. After viewing your website I was able to come up with some things I liked about it and things I didn’t.  First of all I did like the fact that this is website that takes all the guess work out of making a website.  I know some people who have created websites and its taken them days even weeks to finish it.  As for things I didn’t like, some of the font wasn’t a good size to see some vital details, for example the price per month, this is important and something a potential customer will want to know.  Now on to the questions you ask me above.

    If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?  As I said this website does help in creating your business website, plus if you are a business owner the price per month is pretty economical.  However, once again this needs to be made more clear to the customer

    What is your favorite part of the website?  I think the way you make it so clear that the process of creating a website can be simple using your tools, also the graphics were very nice to look at.

    What is your least favorite part of the website?  As I said above some of the fonts weren’t larger enough, and in a color that made it hard to read.  Also, wasn’t able to view the video information, this is probably more fault with my system then your website, since I haven’t been able to download Adobe Flash since switching over to Mozilla.  However, this is something that you will need to take into consideration, since I may not be the only person who has this problem with Adobe Flash.

    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?  From what I was able to view (as I said I was unable to view the video) I believe that you did outline the building of a website well.  However, once again a different font size and color may help to convey all the information on the website better.

    Was the video useful in explaining the service?  As I stated before I was unable to view the video so I can’t judge this factor.  To be honest because of the issue I had and an issue others could have with this video I don’t know if its a good idea to use video content to give people informative information on a website, especially if you are trying to draw in customers.

    Would you recommend this service to others?  Given the fact that I have known people who have built websites and have literally pulled their hair out doing so, I would definitely consider recommending your service if I believed it would be beneficial for them.

  3. If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?
    The idea is appealing, yes. If I had a business and wasn’t web savvy, the thought that I could hire someone else to put a site together and maintain it relatively cheaply would be a big draw. However, right now I wouldn’t purchase because you don’t show any examples of successful sites that use your service. I’d want to know what kind of results I can expect before ordering. Web sites can differ widely in their quality and presentation. How would I know that your web sites would look professional? Also, you claim that your web sites are search engine optimized. That’s kind of a big claim considering that SEO takes a lot of work which goes far beyond just adding tags and things. Copy needs to be written in a pretty specific format to get the attention of Google. So if you’re making the claim that you include this as part of the service I’m paying for, I would need to see that your sites are ranking well at the engines.
    Another issue: I feel like I’m being misled a bit with the suggestion that I can get a web site for as little as $9.95 a month. The basic package indeed would not give me my own web site, only a subdomain. In addition, it looks like the basic package wouldn’t even give me one email address to use. Anyone with a modicum of sense knows they have to have at least one email address to operate a web site. So, basically, I feel like the $9.95 a month package isn’t really viable, and that makes me feel a little bit misled.
    On the other hand, one thing I really do like that sets you apart from other similar services is that you offer sites adapted for mobile use. That’s the first time I’ve seen that, and I think that’s a great idea.
    Another nice advantage is that you supply a lot of free stock images. That’s terrific!
    What is your favorite part of the website?
    The introductory video is very well done. The graphics, the voiceover narration, everything has a very professional look and feel. What I take away from it is that your service will allow me to set up my own web site even if I’m not too web savvy and that it won’t cost me much either.
    Your copy is really well done. I want to point that out because a lot of the sites I see here have very poor copy with lots of English language errors. Yours, on the other hand, looks quite professional, which helps to make a good impression.
    In terms of your pages, the FAQ looks good and answers quite a few of my questions.
    The blog looks like it’s a completely different web site, and there’s no apparent link back to the home page. However, I really like your content here, all focused on how-to’s for web site owners. Wish there was a way to search these articles in an archive, though. That would be helpful for newbies.
    I clicked on your Chat tab just to see what it was. Live support is a great feature, but you should be aware that I couldn’t close the chat window once it was open!
    What is your least favorite part of the website?
    I don’t like that the intro video loads automatically, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to stop it. Every time I reloaded the home page, it started up again. It was also kind of jerky, stopping and starting a lot. But, then, I’m currently using a laptop without a lot of juice, so it may be my computer’s fault.
    I don’t really like that Features and Pricing convey the same information with the exception that Pricing conveys less of it, which is strange. That is to say, the page you call Pricing looks like an abbreviated form of the Features page. What’s the point in having it? I also notice that you don’t have tabs on top of your Pricing page, which means I have to navigate back to the home page to get anywhere else from there.
    I’m also confused about the Testimonials page. If you have all these satisfied customers, why can’t we actually look at their web sites?
    Also, why don’t you have an About page? If I’m going to be hiring you to help design my site, I’d kind of like to know who I’m working with here. Who are you, and what credentials does your team have?

    Another missing page is some kind of help page. I’m going to assume step-by-step instruction becomes available after purchase. If not, it really needs to be here!
    One more thing: I’m not that crazy about the name LocalBookmark.it because it makes me think you’re a social bookmarking site.

    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?
    I think it’s easy to understand, yes. I’m not sure it’s entirely thorough enough, though. It’s a good intro, but I still don’t get a sense of what I can expect the site to look like, what the capabilities are. You mention choosing a URL and template and adding copy, but you don’t make it clear that users can add videos, slideshows, and many other features. I think you might want to work some of these options into the video for people who don’t make it to the Features page!
    Was the video useful in explaining the service?
    As I said, yes, it was very useful. However, there are a few small things I would change. For one, you start presenting an “opportunity” and a “solution.”  I would change the word “opportunity” to “problem.” People don’t need solutions to opportunities; they need solutions to problems. The problem you’re presenting is that business owners who aren’t web savvy currently have no easy, inexpensive way of building a web site. The solution you’re providing is a service that allows them to build that web site quickly, easily, and affordably.
    The second thing I would change is that, as it is now, I don’t understand from the video that you have three levels of service and that only the last would include help with design. Right now, it looks kind of like you’re going to design it for me at every level. So, I think you should present those three levels of service so that novice users understand that they’re only getting direct design help with the premium package–which, by the way, is still very affordable compared to hiring a professional programmer, so I don’t think people will be frightened away by this.
    Would you recommend this service to others?
    Well, I only recommend things that I have personal experience with, so as of now, no, I wouldn’t. If I used it and liked it (or if someone I knew used it and liked it), then I probably would.

  4. I enjoyed going over the website. One of the few things I would change, is the start of the video. Allow the client to start the video themselves. I know personally when I go to a new site, I wander around first.

    Feedback sought:

    If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you? I enjoyed looking over the site and for those small business owners who barely know how to work a computer let alone design a website, this is quick, easy, and stress-free.

    What is your favorite part of the website?I liked how the pricing information was laid out and not hidden like it seems some websites do.

    What is your least favorite part of the website? I know that it is necessary but the lists/ description page, figure out how to get the info into a smaller area, people don’t like to scroll all that.

    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand? Absolutely! I thought it was very easy to understand.

    Was the video useful in explaining the service? i thought the video did a great job, but in some areas it almost sounds condescending.
    Would you recommend this service to others? If I had someone needing a website built, I would suggest this site.


  5. If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?
    I am a small business owner and this is a service that appeals to me. When I started the business I looked at getting a website made and found it was too expensive, so I made one myself with no prior experience. It took a long time and was frustrating so this definitely would appeal to me. However, I would like to see examples of real websites that run smoothly and look professional that are created using your tools and services. Maybe on the testimonial page you can have links to the people’s websites if they don’t mind.
    What is your favorite part of the website?
    1. I like the local Bookmark.it logo.
    2. I also like the fact that you have a video that clearly explains what this site is about. I like that the video is clearly visible and I don’t have to go searching round the site searching for it.
    3. I like that the websites created using your service automatically convert to a mobile friendly site.
    What is your least favorite part of the website?
    Your website design needs to impress me as you are trying to sell websites so the small details on your own website are crucial. At the moment your website doesn’t look fully professional.
    1. I don’t like the navigation bars. First of all the text is very small and it doesn’t tie in with your brand at all. Each navigation buttons could be in the same shape as your logo or something to tie in with your brand.
    2. There is a lack of creativity, apart from your companies logo.
    3. The navigation of the site could be improved. For example when I go to the “pricing” page the navigation bar is no longer available. I have to either use the back button on my browser or click on your logo. By clicking your logo this takes me back to the home page, but I only discovered this by hovering my mouse over the logo and discovering this was actually a button. It doesn’t clearly show it is a “home” button.
    4. When I go to the “blog” there is no navigation back to the home page.
    5. I would like to see real examples of websites made using your service and tools.
    6. I think some of the pages look messy, like the pricing page. I think this could be tidied up and look a lot smarter and more professional.
    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?
    I think the video clearly explains the building process for beginners or people unfamiliar with building a website. But I think you need a page that goes into more detail. For example can I add slide shows, videos, polls, online shop, pictures etc. This information needs to be available without me having to email your or use the chat service, which I tried and was currently offline.
    Was the video useful in explaining the service?
    Yes I think the video was useful and easy to follow. It simply explained what you offer and wasn’t too long and boring. I didn’t like the fact that it started automatically each time I went back to the home page though, it was annoying. I also think some of the headings were too light in color and blended in with the background color, so they didn’t stand out.
    Would you recommend this service to others?
    Probably not just yet. I usually recommend services or products that I have tried first. If I was able to view websites created using your services and tools then I would be much more likely to recommend your service. At the moment I’m not able to see what a finished result actually looks like, which I think makes people feel skeptical.
    I think this is a great idea that could work well and be successful with a few minor changes made. I definitely think you need examples of what sites can look like using your service. I also think you need to spruce up your home page and make it look professional, smart and appealing.

  6. If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?

    I am a small business owner, and it absolutely is. Though your site is now one of many (easysitebuild, weebly, etc.) that offer similar services, that wasn’t always the case and I remember the day when people without technical skills would pay thousands to designers to patch a site together.  It’s still a great service for those unable to create a site from scratch – or can’t afford a custom solution.

    What is your favorite part of the website?

    Your pricing page, I believe, has the nicest design.  The site template selector was also nice, with the exception of one element, which I mentioned in this review.

    I think the only thing that really detracted from that experience was the static “steps” bar at the bottom of the page.  I like the idea of it, but it’s way too big, hogs screen space, and gets in the way of what I’m trying to do.  It feels like I’m stuck in frames (90’s flashback).

    What is your least favorite part of the website?

    After I click “Pricing” the top navigation disappears and there’s no way to get “home” without hitting back on my browser.  I feel, and I think users expect, that when there’s a top horizontal nav, it should remain intact for every page it contains a link to – in your case features, pricing, contact, chat, blog, FAQs, testimonials and customer login.

    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?

    Yes, overall I was able to understand the process.  But I am familiar with other sites like this.

    Was the video useful in explaining the service?

    I looked and looked, but could not find a video.  I’m assuming you mean the content slider on the home page.  On second look, I see that what I thought were images is actually a video.  I think that you have so much going on in this content slider that the video was easily ignored – it’s just too busy, so I only paid attention to the text.  You’ve got four different sections that are constantly changing.

    I think your video would be better elsewhere (or have static content around it, instead of all that stuff moving around).  For example , you could keep the video, and just have a bulleted list to the right with step 1, 2, 3, etc.  Then have links to “More info” and your “get started” link.

    Would you recommend this service to others?

    I really don’t know.  It seems simple to start, but I can’t fully review the site since CC details are required to gain full access.

    I would also like to add:

    1. On the features page, the images for basic/professional/premium don’t really flow well with the rest of the site.  Plus, instead of repeating each feature, I would expect a sort of grid.  See an example here: https://www.highwire.com/pricing/

    2. Your contact page is very empty.  How about a photo of your development team, home office or a short quote from one of your founders?  Something should take up all that white space.

    3. Your live chat links are very redundant.  We’ve got one on the left, one on the right and one in the nav bar!  One will suffice. I personally like the one on the top-right.

    4.  Your blog looks like its on a completely different website, plus the design isn’t as high-quality as your main site.  It’s important to maintain consistent branding throughout.  There are many tutorials out there on how to integrate your WordPress blog into your main site – a simple step that shouldn’t be overlooked.  You’ll come across much more professional and trustworthy.

    5.  Your FAQ should have links/anchors.  Rather than browsing through the entire page, I want to see the most relevant questions right at the top, then be able to click on them for more info.  The alternative would be to have an expand/collapse element for each question – still more organized and user-friendly than a huge unsorted list of questions/answers.

    6. Testimonials could be spriced up, how about floating each pic/comment in an unordered list – three across the page?  You could use some styling elements on the text, like the testimonial content in your footer.

    7. Your logo doesn’t always take me back to the main page, though I expect it to do so.

    8.  Your footer is way, way too busy.  There’s too much text – no one is going to take the time to read it.  Instead of “The opportunity, the solution, etc”, Why not have that section called “Why Choose EasySite…”  Then have a button with a link to a page that explains why.  If people want to know more about it, they’ll be taken to a page where the text is large enough to read comfortably.

    “The Process” section is okay.  But the title should be capitalized.  Plus, you need to enable a margin above choose your URL (to center the content vertically), plus increase the line-height to make this more aesthetic.  Testimonial is okay too.

    I don’t know about the blog info.  I would rather see a “latest news” header, with short description, then button to go to your blog.  Less text on the homepage is better.

    9. When choosing the design/layout, I just clicked on the template, then next, expecting it to be selected.  The page reloaded, and I thought it was a bug.  I then realized I had to click ‘choose’, which pops up on top of the template.  It would be easier if I could just click on the template.

    I had to re-fill-out the name/address details page three times – first because I formatted the first phone # incorrectly, then again for the second number and the third time for a captcha mistake.  The numbers should auto-format for user convenience.

    I didn’t make it farther than that because completing the site required credit card details.  I really don’t like that sites still do this, given the number of free trials now available without the need for a credit card.

    Examples of similar sites with a no-CC free trial:


    It’s a huge selling point, because it’s often the people that are already using your product that will become your customers.  Requiring CC info is like putting up a big blockade; many users don’t like to give that info out freely, or will be loathe to have to call and cancel (I don’t know if this is the case with your site, but it is with most).

  7. If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?
    Two thumbs up yes! Creating a simple site that can be easily changed would really give a small business a big company feel without breaking the wallet. With plans starting out as low as 9.99 who couldn’t resist building a simple website.
    What is your favorite part of the website?
    I would have to say that I really enjoyed the video. When it came on it immediately caught my attention from begining to end. It was short but detailed, easy to follow and it explained all the basic points that your site is about. I really like that your homepage is short but detailed as not to cram a ton of unncessary information. You have a great us of tabs, every one is of use. I really like the use of color throughtout the site. The colors make me think of an all american website. I really like the blue wave on the features page, very pretty, and you have a very nice breakdown. I like that you put the plus sympbol next to the features that are “add on’s” from the basic package. Often times people are left searching every feature to figure outs what’s different. I like that you offer a 30 day risk free trial with month to month access. Through contact page with multiple modes of communication. Nice faq’s page that contains viable facts to a consumer. I really like that you have your customer service number right on the homepage.
    What is your least favorite part of the website?
    This comment in not a complaint but just a visual observation. I would like to see the prices on the feature pages more centered under each column, they seem to sit a little off to the right just a touch. It’s not blantent but just what I noticed. When you click on the prices page I see would like to see the choose package bar removed, it really seems to get in the way of looking at the information. As I stated before I like the faq’s page but I don’t like the additional information at the bottom of the page however I don’t mind that information on the testimonial page. It seems more befitting to stay on there. Visually I would like to see the testimonial page with the pictures on the left side of the page and above the comments they made. When I see it like you have it setup it makes me think that the pictures correspond with the information below it and not above it. I see that at the top of your page you have easy site creator and local bookmark it tab. Your website clearly states the creation of websites but it doesn’t give much information about the local book marking which is clearly in the title of you website. That  really needs to be talked about because that is not understandable. I see that you also have the capabilities to do a mobile phone version but again its not much information about that besides what’s in the video. Again people might want to know more information about the mobile webpage and the local market.
    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?
    I think there needs to be a tab just for that. Possible screen shot or another video that on the homepage. I remember seeing a few simple steps from the video but there is nowhere on your site, that I see, that goes in much more details as to how the process is achieved.

    Was the video useful in explaining the service?
    Yes the video was really good as I stated before. Quik, informative and catchy.

    Would you recommend this service to others?
    Yes I would highy reccommend telling others about this site. In fact I find it to be something that I would like to look further into.

  8. Thank you for all the great feedback, we appreciate both the negative and positive remarks since they’ll help us continually make the site more appealing to users.  The common theme seems to be the video being on auto-play, we’ve already made the decision to take your advice and change the video so it’s won’t be on auto play, the user will have to choose to play the video.

    We thought that since users were able to build their websites for free that we wouldn’t have to showcase other customer websites, however that also seems to be something you want, so we’ve included other customer websites on our testimonial page now, so you can see what the live website look like.  You can see the new testimonial page here:  https://easysite.localbookmark.it/testimonials

    Thank you again for all the great feedback, we’ll keep looking at each comment in detail to work on making the site the ideal user experience.

    Jordan Hudgens
    Director of Product

  9. If I was a small business owner, this service would not be appealing to me. The favorite part of the of the web site is the price and the moble services.THE LEAST FAVORITE PART OF THE SITE IS that the sites are to simple and the backgrounds don’t stand out to get a persons attention,and there is not enough selections to chose from.I think the video was easy to understand and helpful.Should the service be recommend, the only way I would recommend this service is to change the things that I suggested.

  10. If you were a small business owner, would this service be appealing to you?
    Absolutely yes. After i watched your video, it’s quite long. In the beginning i dont really get what the video trying to explain. I only start to get it when it talk about pricing and how it works. I suggest that you can cut the front intro of the video and put the how it works front then follow by the pricing. It will be more straight to the point which won’t make the video too long. Make it like 1mins video. Because people dont really have patient in watching a long video.

    What is your favorite part of the website?
    I like your slide which explain how it works in 3steps which make it simple and easy to understand for the visitors. I also like your chat which directly can allow visitor to type any comments or question from your drop down box. Your site navigation is quite good which easy to reach. And your site contain is simple which will be good as people dont like a complicated content which take few mins to look for what the website is about. I like the service that you provide which is very convenient for people who like to promote their business. 

    What is your least favorite part of the website?
    What i dont really like is that when i go to your pricing category, it showing the choose package in the bottom which is the red horizontal area. I feel that it is quite annoying. I think when you already have the choose button on every description of your packages, you doesnt need to put the choose package feature in the bottom. I know it’s for convenient but i think without it will be better. It state that choose package 1 or 2 or 3, but in each of the package description you doesnt state which is the first second and third. For the web consistency i think you should label it. For the local bookmark.it link, it is hard for visitor to realize that you actually have this feature as it is quite small at top. I think you should enlarge it or put it at some other places.

    Do we explain the website building process in a way that’s easy to understand?
    Yes, i found it is not hard to understand what your website service is about. With your 3steps slides it is clear that what i can get from your web site. 

    Was the video useful in explaining the service?
    For the video i think i have share with you about it in the above. it is useful, but keep it like 1mins so that wont be too long. People may get bored.

    Would you recommend this service to others?
    Yes, i will intro this to people that might need it. example like if i know i have a friend tat need this kind of service i will definitely intro them about this service. Maybe u can an affiliate program for people to helping you promote your site by giving them some commission if they successful in getting people to join your service.

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