Look Digital Signage

Look Digital Signange

Look Digital Signage – Easiest web-based digital signage software.

Target Audience: B2B SMB
Website URL: LookDigitalSignage.com

About Look Digital Signage:

LOOK Limited is a worldwide producer and system integrator of the LOOK Digital Signage solution, which was created for deployment and remote management of digital screens’ networks of different scales and purposes.

We have a passion for creating elegant and simple solutions for average people, and not just for professional system administrators. When we create our product, we always try to put ourselves in the place of the ordinary user. We try to understand which tools they would need in daily use, and which would be useful from time to time. And we just get rid of everything else . We do our best to make the navigation inside our software solution intuitive. And the use of our devices does not require special technical skills.