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Lucky Orange - Startup featured in StartUpLift

See who is on your website in real time and interact and learn from them in neat ways.

Target Audience: Website Owners.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit and see if you understand what it does.
  • Would you use this?
  • What would you highlight more of?
  • Did you know that you could see mouse movements? Do you care?
  • What feature is important to you?
  • Is the price fair?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Lucky Orange:

Lucky Orange is a hosted web service that lets you see who is on your website this very instant. You can see where they came from (Google, Yahoo, Adsense, Referrers, Keywords, etc.), how they navigate and move their mouse around pages – and all of it is in real time. Imagine you’ve just sent out a newsletter blast, or started a new PPC campaign. Lucky Orange will let you evaluate how that is performing right now instead of waiting for your analytics to update.

Lucky Orange also acts as a 1-to-1 Live Customer Support Chat. You can initiate chat requests or the user can page you. You may also offer real time visitor polls.

It really is something that needs to be seen and experienced and I hope you give it a shot. You can see a live demo right now at

2 thoughts on “Lucky Orange – Realtime Visitor Analytics

  1. Really deep analytics. Extremely helpful in gauging activity within the site. The web site is very easy to use, intuitive and well organized. I did like the mouse movement feature although it wasn’t as prominent as I’d like. Price points are fair, and this enhances regular google analytics by way of depth of information

  2. Visit and see if you understand what it does.

    It was very clear to understand what your product is.  The use of large bold print for your initial statement quickly drew me to the main point of your website.  Your positioning and size of information was excellent in portraying what was most important to start with.

    Would you use this?

    Absolutely.  This is a very creative product that could be useful to many website owners.

    What would you highlight more of?

    The name of your product is an initial throw off since it does not have anything to do with describing what you are selling, but you have done a nice job of keeping it small enough not to be distracting, yet present enough to be remembered.  Good use of the orange slice as a visual aide for memory.

    Did you know that you could see mouse movements? Do you care?

    Yes, you made it clear on the main page that mouse movement could be tracked.  This would be a great feature for many companies wanting to track how their sites are being used.

    What feature is important to you?

    I found the combination of your features to be amazing.  The ability to see what visitors are doing, where they are from, and the ability to quickly chat with them are amazing features.

    Is the price fair?

    I think the price is more then fair.  I love the trial and not trapping people with the initial credit card.  I think you have a good enough product that people will pay as soon as they are hooked on the features.   I would think you could increase the price fairly quickly after the product is better known.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    I really like everything I saw about your site and product.  If I had to find something to suggest it might be considering making the page where your first page is all contained on one page.  You upper image is almost identical to the lower image and if you just moved your lower image up to replace the upper one, you would initially show all of your features without customers needing to scroll to see all that you offer.  I think seeing the details features you offer would be an initial draw to customers.

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