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Easily send private video messages to family, friends, and business associates.

Target Audience: Mass market.
Website URL: is a private video messaging service which makes it possible to send personalized video greeting cards to friends and loved ones in a matter of minutes. mailVU videos can have self-destruct criteria, and can be retracted by the user anytime.

Videos are streamed from mailVU servers, and multi-platform support ensures videos play on any computer and most new smart phones. Use includes sales and marketing, education, recruiting, deaf, religious and charity, and a wide variety of businesses and individuals.

mailVU has a freemium end-user pricing model, along with corporate and white label account plans. An API is available for integration with other services.

Feedback sought:

The service is completely free to casual users on You can talk into your webcam for up to 10 minutes and send it to anyone for free. Try it out and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “mailVU – Mail You Can View

  1. Excellent. High marks for ease of use – it was incredibly easy to record, send, track and view instantly. I tried it on my iPhone as well and it worked perfectly. The design of the site is fluid, light and friendly.

  2. I like the site’s design, very user-friendly. Also this is a cool web application which everybody needs, an option to traditional e-mail. Thumbs up!!!!

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