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snap it. map it. sell it.
The first entirely mobile, location-based application for buying and selling anything.

Target Audience: Craigslist users and smart-phone owners

MapDing is a real-time, location-based smartphone application for buying and selling locally. MapDing uses GPS technology to geo-tag posted items by location and keywords.

Buyers can search for items on a map browser or use custom keyword filters that automatically alert them if that item is posted nearby. Sellers can use keyword filters to find out when people nearby are searching for what they want to sell, and can post products when buyers are interested. Once an item is posted and a geo-match has been made, users then have the option to contact each other using in-app messaging to avoid spam and other privacy concerns. Sellers can search for statistical data such as demand of a product by zip code, average price point and competition.

All users can share postings with friends on Facebook and Twitter. MapDing also allows local businesses to post products and instantly reach nearby customers, and will soon give buyers and sellers the option to make transactions in the application. MapDing is available for free in the iTunes store and Android Marketplace.

Feedback sought:

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Anything from the UX, design, web type or ideas.

5 thoughts on “MapDing – Buy & Sell Anything Locally

  1. Just a quick remark on the website design – the colorscheme of the site is quite unpleasant. The off-tone desaturated orange is not the best primary color out there, especially if I look at it on a poorly calibrated laptop screen. It also makes the menu items at the top of the page hard to read.

    The same goes for the logo – weird myspace-ish font in oddly selected colors. All in all, I would say you have a problem with capturing and retaining the attention of your visitors. The app itself might be great, but the site does not make me want to stay and explore it.

  2. The last item on your slide show is larger than the rest. It is distracting to see the orange area grow on that slide and shrink on the loop. It should be a very quick image resize and all would be fixed.

    Additionally this looks like every other app store web page. Woothemes is great but this one is way overused. If you want do differentiate your self from the pack don’t use a template, at least not this one.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Clearly the site needs a little work. If i Ditched the orange theme, what color would you recommend?

    Also, give the app a spin if you get the chance.It has some pretty cool features that are like nothing else out there.

  4. Duly noted and changed. I don’t plan on using this template forever, but time and bootstrapping make it the most convenient for now.

  5. Slow down the header’s scroll. I couldn’t finish reading them before it flipped to the next one. The Share icons also look out of place. Could you put them somewhere the doesn’t rotate?

    I like the “Snap it. Map it. Sell it.” tagline. It’s catchy while actually saying something about your business.

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