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Create a free ever lasting memorial, send gifts, tributes and candles.

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  • Create a free online everlasting memorial for your loved ones and share your experience.

About Memorial Gardens:

Memorial Gardens helps you create the perfect tribute for your loved ones. Create your online memorial website and share your memories. Remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones. Leave gifts, tributes, candles, poems.

12 thoughts on “Memorial Gardens – Create An Online Memorial

  1. Create a free online everlasting memorial for your loved ones and share your experience

    This is a great website that is needed. Many times after a loss, friends and even family do not want to discuss it.  It seems like the person that is lost can be forgotten.  This is a brilliant way to remember them.
    A site like this is neeeded.

  2. Interesting concept.  The website is clean and simple, however I noticed the thumbnail pics on the homepage don’t scale properly (some seem to be squished).
    I really like the fact that you offer customizable themes.  I think that is a great feature particularly since your site is about paying tribute to a loved one, and what better way then creating a page that is truly reflective of that person?
    Who specifically are your target customers and how do you reach them?

  3.  Hoping our Memorial help’s those who are hurting from losing a special loved one.
    our aim is too get a bigger memorial site as we go along.We have had some really nice comment’s in private from peopleA big thankyou to Andrew  the owner.
    To all our members on MG,and we hope in some way their pain has been eleviated a little  by using our site bless you Maureen

  4. Just realy love this memorial site i have used a few sites and find this the most suitable one .So peacefull as it should be .Beautiful themes and gifts for my memorial sites .also the owners of the site Andy and Maureen are such lovely people and will help in any way they can .I would just like to thank Andy for making such a wonderfull site and all the hard work he as done to get the site up and running also thanks to Maureen for becoming such a treasured friend .Hope anyone using MG Memorials find as much comfort as i have .God Bless All Your Angels xxx

  5. I wanted to mention Anne Bairstow because she has been with our site as an Admin since she started and done quite alot for us a big TY Anne we say it often but you know we are very grateful for all you do for the Angels and a good friend to us.

  6. A great site would recomend anyone who as lost a loved one to use this site so friendly and peacefull .Great job Andy thanks xx

  7. Love this site can go in and light candles for my grandma and grandad and my friends .Love the themes and layout also its great to put music on what they liked .Thankyou Andy xx

  8. My father passed away 5th of June 2010 in La Junta, Colorado USA. Having very little family support, I went on-line to search for a memorial site in which I could honor my father and also locate one that was free of charge (as many charge for these sites.) I came upon Memorial Gardens and I was having difficulty putting my dad’s memorial in order and then a very nice lady named Maureen began to help me with it. I did not have music readily available to download, so Maureen picked one out for me and it was so very touching. I soon began to receive messages from Andrew, the creator and founder of the site, Maureen, co-founder and Dee. My aching heart and my grief began to be soothed by these three people who showed me love and compassion and understanding, at a time in which I needed it the most. This site is like Holy ground to me as I cannot visit my father’s grave due to distance. So I come here to the Garden and grieve and yet feel so very close to my Dad. This is the most wonderful site for those that have lost a loved one as it is a haven of embracing hearts who actually care!!! Thank you for the site, Andrew, Maureen and Dee, you three are wonderful!

  9. Thank you everyone for lovely comments. It mean a lot to me that my site is helping other and that’s what the website is about. The website couldn’t be where it is today without our admin and helpers. BIG thank you to you all. xx

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