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The first ever Gamification Q&A site..

Target Audience: Engineers, Game Designers, etc.
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  • Visit What do you think of the questions and answers content?
  • Please share any additional feedback you many have.

About MetaGamify:

MetaGamify is the first ever Gamification Q&A site. Ask gamify experts how you can gamify your product or service — discuss game mechanics, best practices, case studies and more.

2 thoughts on “MetaGamify – Gamification Q&A

  1. Visit What do you think of the questions and answers content?
    The simple design of each page makes for a nice flow from title to question to answer.
    The Tag buttons that allow you to instantly see all topics with the same tag is much more attractive and seems much more accessible then a simple list of links. I got caught up simply navigating by Tags and it was an enjoyable experience that didn’t feel like it was wasting my time.
    The vote, answers and views statistics make navigation to the hot topics (or those that have not been addressed yet) quick and easy and the implication of reasonable expressions rather than whole numbers as in 3.4k instead of 3400 keeps the page looking streamlined.
    The questions pages themselves are easy to read and simple to understand. The posted links are working (the ones I tested at the time) and the overall sense of cooperation is very strong.
    The sidebar is useful and easy to understand and the “Related Questions” section actually appears to be related to what I’m reading.
    Please share any additional feedback you many have.
    A new visitor may be startled by the lack of information on the main page. A quick blurb or statement as to what Meta Gamify is all about would enable them to quickly determine if this is the site they were looking for or not.
    On the main tags page, while the ability to sort “by name” or “by Popularity” the words “Gamification” and “Gamify” should always be the top two, since these are the two primary tags and are in the name of the site.
    On the question: “How would you gamify the process of hunting down pirates for the U.S. Navy?” the link answer exceeded the right margin and obscured the tags listed there, making them unclickable. This should be corrected.

  2. When you first click on the site it looks very overwhelming. Once your eyes adjust to so much white and blue you can cleary see each question, though I may not have used dots in a line to seperate each question as it can be a little hard on the eyes. 

    One of the things that first drew my attention was the Votes, Answers, and Views. That is very well laid out and very helpful in making it seen if the question was answered or gone unanswered.

    The Tags on the top and the lower right hand corner is very intersting and a great added bonus for those who may just be browsing. One thing I couldn’t help but to look at is the Badges, thats a great way to keep people coming back by rewarding them for posting questions and answering.

    You have About and FAQ in a few places on the main page, that I like because I am the type of person to click on FAQ and About.  

    The boxes on the right hand side, like a side bar kind of, is a nice touch, I especially like the GamifyLinks and the tags.

    Please share any additional feedback you many have.

    I did notice the lack of discription about the site when you clicked on the link, it took you straight to the questions, which I understand thats what it is set up for. A little bit about what MetaGamify is would be nice to read instead of having to look at it thrugh the faq or the about part.

    One thing though, their are so many badges I started to get a little confused if it was indeed for the poster or for the person who answered. Better discription would be good for those, but overall nicely done.

    The whole site has a very boxie feel to it, besides the quesions, tags, users little round buttons, everything is boxes and lines, some people are comfortable with this as it gives a very clean look, to me its a bit much with all the boxes and blue color.

    Personally, I would enlarge the follow us on Twitter and Facebook and put some space between that and the bottom of the page.

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