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Prove your identity to the level of a driver’s licence or passport purely online

Target Audience: Internet users and consumers
Website URL: https://www.miicard.com/

Feedback sought:

1) Visit https://www.miicard.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to click any of the buttons? Why or why not?

2) Take a look at the ‘How it works’ and ‘Tour’ pages – is it clear what miiCard is for and how it works?

3) Can you find how miiCard can be used on Social Networks like Twitter and LinkedIn? Is it clear why you would want to do this and how to do it?

4) Are you encouraged to sign up for your free account? If not, why?

5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

19 thoughts on “miiCard – Your Internet Identity

  1. 1. My initial impression was, “Oh, another online identity card.” Which is good, in a way, because it means that your home page communicates the service you offer pretty clearly. But it also means that I’ve seen these around before, so my immediate response is to wonder, “What is this one offering that the other ones don’t?”
    I think I was most drawn to click on your slideshow and then, secondarily, the “How it Works” and “Take the Tour” buttons as my eyes moved down the page. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to notice that the computer monitor graphic in the upper right corner is actually a video tour. I suggest you make this a little bigger, especially the play button, so that visitors realize it’s a video.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes, I clicked on the “Social Networks” link on the “Tour” page to get that information. And, yes, the “Trust on Social Networks” clearly presented your argument for using miiCard on social networks and explained how to set it up on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.
    4. I don’t feel that I have need of an online identity card at this time. The issue with your marketing strategy is that it hinges on my need to prove to others that I am who I say I am. I don’t experience such a need. I don’t have problems making online purchases, convincing friends that I’m really me on social networks, or even doing online banking. Sure, I’d like to know if other people are who they say they are, but I don’t feel any special need to prove myself to them. So, for me, getting a miiCard would actually be a risk with little benefit. That is, I’d be giving highly sensitive information to yet another online entity with no tangible benefit for me since I’m not having problems proving my identity to anyone.
    5. I’m going to go through your main pages and give some feedback:
    Home Page
    Nice, clean layout. I like your scrolling selling points in the upper left corner because they scroll slowly enough that I can actually read them. That’s a problem I run into at a lot of other sites, so kudos to you. I also like that each “slide” links to a page with further information.
    As I said before, it’s not really clear that the computer monitor image in the upper right corner is a video, so this should have a bigger play button or text that says, “Take a Tour.”
    Your “3 easy steps” do a good job of presenting how the miiCard works, and again, I like that they link to more detailed pages. One minor point: there’s no grammatical reason to have quotes around the phrase “you are you.”
    The list of press quotes at the bottom helps to inspire trust in your brand since it’s relatively unknown.
    Your Twitter and news feeds seem to be in the right place, but I wonder if anyone will see your newsletter subscription box all the way down here.
    Finally, I see that you’ve chosen to put most of your tabs at the bottom of the page instead of the top, and that’s fine, but I’d make sure you have your “Contact Us” tab up top, too. Since you’re making a business out of handling sensitive information, potential users shouldn’t have to search to figure out who you are and how to get in touch with you.
    How it Works
    This is a good, solid page. It’s just long enough to explain what the miiCard is for and how to use it, and it throws in some appealing visuals for additional clarification. I also love the FAQ-style questions below each step and the pop-ups that accompany them so that users can get a quick answer or click on the link for a more detailed explanation if necessary.
    One thing that puzzles me about this page is that you have the selling points in the right margin and grayed out. This doesn’t seem like a good place for them or a good text color since the eyes tend to skip over them. I think you cover these points elsewhere on the site, so maybe you could eliminate them here.
    Another thing that bothers me somewhat is that you have a menu with links to other informational pages in the left margin, where it’s also easy to overlook. I suggest that you add these pages to a drop-down menu under “How it Works” so that visitors don’t miss them. I looked through all these pages, and once again, I really like the mix of text and visuals. However, I noticed that you have the occasional errors in spelling and grammar and some awkward phrasing here and there. You might want to hire a copy editor to clean that up. It didn’t prevent me from understanding the text, but sites look less professional when there are errors.
    Your video is great! The animation and voiceover look and sound professional, and the pacing seems geared toward today’s short attention spans. I like that the video clearly explains what miiCard is for and how to use it while throwing in a dash of humor.
    You then have links to the pages you already covered on “How it Works,” but this time the links attract more attention due to their placement on the page and the use of icons. I’m not sure you need to link to this information on two different pages. I’d choose one page for these links but make sure the links are highly visible on whichever page you choose, like they are here.
    Again, this has a clean, professional look with the expected company and industry news.
    I like your web site. The design and layout are clean and simple, navigation is easy, and a lot of information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand, using an attractive combination of text and visuals. I particularly love your tour video, which is just the right speed and length to give new users an introduction without boring or overwhelming them.
    My main concern is that this will be slow to take off because there are other identity verification products already on the market. If yours is the only one to provide a particular service, you should emphasize that right up front (i.e., “miiCard is the only free online identity verification service” or “miiCard is the only online identity verification service that you can use offline too”). Whatever those unique selling points are, make sure to communicate them so that visitors understand the value of choosing your service over another.
    Although I personally don’t feel a need to use miiCard at this time, I suspect this may take off among the self-employed or small business professionals, who might get a better customer response by “proving” their identity on their web sites or social networking profiles. The general public will probably be slower to respond.
    Bottom line: Your web site itself is very good, and with just a little tweaking of the copy, it should be all ready to go. Good luck.

  2. Thank you greatfeedback4u! Really appreciate the level of detail you go to in your feedback. Some great points we will take on board to improve the site. Regards, Cassie

  3. 1. Initial impression – I like your homepage. I am guessing Mii Card has to do with protecting identity and secure web browsing. Those words stand out. No obvious glitches or errors found on homepage.

    I like that you have a logo, tagline, and have a plan of attack for how visitors will view your content on the homepage.

    2. How it works: Very well done. I think the way you present this information really builds to your brand credibility.
    Tour: I like how you have a video. May I suggest you call it “Video Tour” so the visitor is prepared to watch a YouTube Video.

    3. Yes, I think you make it very clear on your homepage and How it works page that social media is incorporated into your product/services. You do a good job of showing this to the visitor.

    4. Sign up? I am not convinced to sign up for free at this time. While you have a nice site, I am not convinced that I am in immediate danger of identity theft or in need of extra services.

    5. First observation – brand awareness: Given no prior information about your brand, I would assume that Mii Card is somehow related to the Nintendo Wii because they ahve already capitalized on the word Mii. Have you looked into the copyright on this name? This could present some brand confusion.

    I like that you have a blog, and your website does not have any immediate issues that I notice.

    Blue is a good color, and you use it throughout your site.

    I think if you could research some statistics and present that with your selling points, it would be a more convincing argument for people to use your services.

    Business Strategy/Plan: Here is what still confuses me. It sounds like you need to partner or get a big player on board such as Ebay, Facebook, Amazon to start using your service to prove one’s identity. Once that happens, you will have no issue in getting people to use your service.

    First you need to convince a company to use your service, not convince the people we need you, because I do not see the need for the individual to demand your services.

  4. 1.  I went to miicard and looked around a bit.  My initial thoughts are

    It has a nice appearance.  I like the colors, and choice of fonts.  The page appears to be put together well.  The location of things like, “contact us” and “about us” were located at the bottom of the page where I expected to find them.
    I was drawn to click on the 3 easy steps links.  They appeared right in the middle of the page where my eyes tended to look.  They also indicated that it would tell me what I needed to know about this website.

    2.  Yes, it was clear how this works.  It talked about a 2 step verification process and also indicates how long it takes to verify your identity.  It think this information is helpful as you want to have a reasonable amount of time for identity verification and not have to wait days and weeks to be able to use the service.
    3. There is a clear link that describes how you can use miicard with social networks. According to miicard, this is necessary so people can verify who you are on social network sites and you can build trust.  Since people can pretend to be someone they are not on social networks a sense of trust is important.  Miicard helps you prove your identity and therfore build trust with your contacts.
    4.  There is clearly a “sign up” link.  However, the link does not indicate if this is free or not.  Within the “how it works’ link it says that the first 10,000 people can register for a free account, but there does not seem to be a way to know if this number has been exceeded or not.  Perhaps you could add some text near the sign up link that says “Free” or “Limited Time only, Free account”.  I am also not sure if the first 10,000 people get a free acount for life or if this is for a limited amount of time.
    5.  I would switch the location of the learn more and the tour link.  The video tour provides a good quick visual about the service.  I clicked on this 2nd, but would have rather viewed the tour first.  Also, I assume this is a virtual card that helps verify identity.  Since this shows  a real card with a QR code on it some people may assume that you are getting a plastic card in the mail.

  5. 1. Initial impression– I like the layout and the colors.  The home page is simple and explains what  miiCard is for.  I was curious to see how this would work and was drawn to the “How It Works” link.
    I would outline the 3 steps more clearly by making the boxes an even darker shade and outlining the boxes in black. I would make the writing and the miiCard that is on the picture of the computer screen on the right clearer.
    The changing information at the top of the webpage is good as it uses easily recognizable social media like Twitter and it also says it is free.
    A scrolling list of organizations that use miiCard would be good.  I think building credibility is the most important issue here.
    2. How it works– video was just the right length and did a good job explaining how it works and why you would need it.  I would have a link back to the Home page  here, instead of having to click the back button. Same for other pages, such as the Blog page….
    I would say some of the places that accepts the miicard  ( match.com, bank of america…) It would strengthen your legitimacy. It would be good to add something at the end of the video to say that this is free.
    3. Social Networks– Yes, I found how miiCard would be of use on Social Networks and believe this is where miiCard would be of most use.  I think it will be of most use on online dating sites.
    4. Would I sign up? At this point, no I would not sign up.  If I was doing online dating, I would. The best way to get people to sign up is to have the miiCard logo on websites that take miiCard with something that says Verify identity free. And you can click on the logo and it takes you to the miiCard website.
    5. A list of Social Networks, financial institutions… that use MiiCard would be good.  And to have your logo on their websites that directs people to the MiiCard website.  See #4.  That builds your credibility, which is the most important issue here.  Without that, I would be hesitant to give my personal information. Maybe this is another website just trying to steal my personal information.
    I use ebay a lot and don’t think that miiCard is really necessary.  And I would think financial institutions are going to ask you the same questions over again, rather than just taking the miiCard.
    I do think this type of identification will be something that the majority of people will get it in the future.

  6. Thanks for the feedback zeke2100.

    miiCard is about proving and protecting identity online and not secure web browsing. I’d really like to know did give you that impression so we can address it on the site.

    Some great points about the stats, and we will put up a page for businesses accepting miiCard when we are at that stage.

    We do see a need for individuals to prove identity online now, for example we’re seeing a lot of people wanting to verify their identities on Twitter just now. So it’s important that our site does convince those with that need to use our service.

    Thanks again,

  7. Thank you for the feedback jcring. Good point on the order of the Tour/ How it works, and also ensuring there is no confusion over miiCard being a physical card.
    We’ll ensure we clarify the conditions around the free accounts.

  8. Thank you for the feedback kgoodwin. We are working hard to build credibility and talking with companies who are looking at accepting miiCard as identity verification for their customers. I’d love to get your thoughts on other ways to build credibility in the meantime – I think the press mentions help. Do you have any other ideas?

  9. I assumed that secure web browsing was part of what you offer because under the first selling point it says:

    Prove your identity through secure access to your online bank accounts

    And under the third selling point it says:

    When you need trust online…
    Trading on auction sites»
    Online dating »
    Social networking »

    This led me to believe it was related to secure web browsing, because I log into an https page on both Facebook and my Bank website, so it made me think you have something to do with a secure or encrypted web browsing.

  10. On the website, it might help to have the Mii in bigger bolder letters and the rest of the word smaller and down a bit.  Hard to describe. Like    M  i   i  Card.  and then the y and the nternet and dentity in lighter lettering and below.  So you can see the Mii and also read the My Internet Identity. 
    I have trouble remembering what Mii stands for and always seem to think My Identity and then what?
    It would be great if people signed up to Miicard on say, some online dating service and then you could see your logo by their name.
    I think identifying names of banks, social media which use Mii card would help a lot.

  11. Thanks zeke2100, easy to see how you would think that. We’ll include this feedback in our messaging review. Cheers, Cassie

  12. 1) Visit https://www.miicard.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to click any of the buttons? Why or why not?Your website looks very professional but with so many identity verfication websites I quickly wonder what sets your apart from the rest. The colors are very nice and the layout of the homepage is not complicated at all. I like how you put you showcase your product in an easy three step system, the easier the better. I also liked that I could click on the info that was scrolling adding yet another element of depth to your site. At looking around the site the tab that get most attention from me was the fact that your have a tour. I like that you put some security reassurances at the bottom of your page because entering bank information has to secure and trusted.
    2) Take a look at the ‘How it works’ and ‘Tour’ pages – is it clear what miiCard is for and how it works?I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I was happy to see that it was a video and not something else that I had to read. Your video totally reinforced the fact that your product is easy to use allowing people of all ages to use it. Agian the video and the tour back each other up no doubt. Does your site offer any age limitations?
    3) Can you find how miiCard can be used on Social Networks like Twitter and LinkedIn? Is it clear why you would want to do this and how to do it?I clicked on the scrolling info that talked about twitter and I also could see that I could access this info from the how it works tab and click on social networking. It seems with all of the social networking site all you have to do is link them and all the information will be made available on your mii card webpage. It seems that verifying with me card me is simply linking but how does the process work. I see no instructions about how to do it, which would be nice to see.
    4) Are you encouraged to sign up for your free account? If not, why?I would feel encouraged to sign up but I think you leave out information about how the process works in verifying your bank information. I see so much info about easy it is to use but I would like to see the prcocess with the bank information by using a dummy account. I think that with so much business being done and jobs looking at your social networking sites for support in choosing qualified people having a website that shows “trust” in what you say to them is key.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.I went to the page where you can register and I could barely make out the words that you had listed in the text boxes. If your going to have it there make sure people can read what it is. Also when I clicked on your help and support page it opened up another window saying there was a problem with your websites security. That of course can be a huge problem being that you say your site is trusted and that your asking for people’s bank information. As I stated before you give no infomration about what bank information will be needed I don’t understand that at all. A simple tab about the needed information be quick and easy without needing to go into much information. I think your site needs to watch out for saying the same information over and over about the steps how to use your site.I like that your put testimonial/ support of your site but I barely noticed it. Real people supporting a site is something users like to see and with it being so small user might not even notice it al all. On the supported countries page there is an overlapping of information. I would also like to see the coutries listed closer to or on the map making more quick to pinpoint one country. Is there a bank that your site will not work with? I see on your sharing your mii card more information about  you link with social networking sites so that is a plus but I also feel that I had to search for that info. I liked how the little windows popped up on that page making it easier to see what the content was. I am not a fan of the graying writing, it makes it hard to see. Even though your site is very well done, I don’t see exactly why I should go with your site versus another one in totatily.  A showcase section of where other sites like yours fell could possibly give user the push to choose your site over others.  

  13. Another idea- if someone is on an online dating… site, if there was miicard button that said something like
    “request miicard “  where you request the other person sign up for miicard.

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