MyInsaneStories – What Insanity Happened To You Last Night?

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Post your insane stories, read others stories, comment on them, or rate them.

Target Audience: College students, high school students, teenagers.
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  • We’d love to hear what you like and don’t like about the site.

About MyInsaneStories:

MyInsaneStories is simply a place in the web where users can post their insane stories, read other users’ insane stories, comment on them or rate them. Users don’t need to register/sign-up to do all of these. They can post stories anonymously, use a fictional name or use their real name.

Another feature that the site offers is if the user logs in or connects with their Facebook account on the site, he/she can upload photos related to their submitted stories. They can also post their comments on a story directly to their Facebook wall for their friends to see.

We (Kyle Soltan & Joel Capillo) are co-workers and we enjoy listening to our friends telling us their unbelievable stories and we thought wouldn’t be awesome if we make a site where people can post those insane stories, read other insane stories, rate them and comment on them.

3 thoughts on “MyInsaneStories – What Insanity Happened To You Last Night?

  1. I like the ease and simplicity of this site. With the success of social networking sites, I see this website going far. Twitter about it and let people post their stories. Everyone likes to get their stories published!!!

  2. The site needs some more pizazz to it. Right now it’s to plain and rudimentary. Also look to reach out to the 3 ring blog community like late night mistakes and see what synergies you may have with them. Also I have a site perhaps we could figure something out there as well.

  3. I have some mixed feelings analyzing the site. Definitely I would like to prize it for the technical efficiency and simple but elegant layout. The website works like a charm and everything what user needs is easily accessible for him. However my doubts are founded on the general topic of this project. What Insanity Happened To You Last Night? Unfortunately all my readings there appeared to be focused on …drinking, getting drunk and everything easily associated with it. Sorry to say, it is boring, as thousands of such such stories are already on the net. However this site is targeted on students and teenagers, so I guess it can be successful at the end of the day in terms of popularity 🙂

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