NetSig – Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Solution

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Fully mobile authentication system based on patented technology.
Generate secure one-time-passwords instantaneously using your mobile!

Target Audience: Medium-sized businesses

NetSig, is a patented cloud-based two-factor authentication solution that delivers unprecedented cost and operational savings. Netsig is licensed from U.S. Navy under U.S. Patent No. 5,511,12.

NetSig generates secure one-time-passwords instantaneously and completely offline using something that users always have with them: a mobile phone. The mobile phone is already a business critical tool, and using this device as a basis for authentications produces a tool with low incremental management costs.

NetSig’s authentication protects against man-in-the-middle attacks or malware running on users’ systems. Now your employees can have secure access to your corporate resources with two-factor authentication.

Feedback sought:
  • Visit NetSig website. What do you think about the website? Is the message being conveyed clear?
  • Please download the iPhone app off of iTunes or the Java app and share your experience.

One thought on “NetSig – Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Solution

  1. The message being conveyed is someone who knows tech, but not to a layman. Might be useful to explain what a two factor authentication is in the first place.

    Is it not possible to provide a API for this service? Donwloading and installing the software seems too cumbersome.

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