6 thoughts on “Never get recommended MS Exchange from the Apple Genius Bar Again

  1. 1) Initial impression of the home page is good…it is geared towards all types of businesses, it seems to me – from a small business owner to the corporate world.  I would have the pictures start automatically, instead of me having to click on the play button.
    2) The “Why Mojo” page answers all of the questions that I would have if I was looking for a service such as this.  There doesn’t seem to be anything confusing.  Your fee structure seems reasonable, but are the prices monthly or annual – I would not be willing to sign up because I don’t know how often I will need to pay these fees?? 
    3) I am encouraged to get an account if this was something that I needed.  I think that this is a wonderful service to have with the MAC’s and PC users that we have.  But as stated in #2, without clarity in whether the pricing is for monthly or annual, I would not sign up until I know EXACTLY how much I will be spending a month/year for this service.
    4)  I searched under several keywords, “Enterprise Cloud Email for Apple” “Business Cloud Email” and could not find another service such as yours. 
    5) On the resellers page, the icon for Connectwise is centered over the text that is below it, while the icons for Autotasks and Spiceworks are off to the right.  I would center those two icons like the icon for Connectwise is.
    Another thing is on the resellers page, I see buttons, “Join Now, It’s Free”.  For me, this is the WRONG place to have the Join Now button.  It needs to be on the home page and/or on the “Why Mojo” page – where the pricing is.  Additionally, is there a trial before one has to start paying the fees…or do you offer the “basic” account for free? An free account needs to be added to the pricing structure, along with what we get for free.  People tend to want to try something out before committing to purchasing a service – I know that I would.
    On the “Support” page, there is a grammatical error under Presales Questions: “Do you accept checks payments?” should be “Do you accept checks AS payment?”

  2. 1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    My first impression was a well designed website that will appeal to small business owners who have had trouble of a hard-drive breaking and the time and money it cost to get going again. I am also missing 3rd party recommendations of small well known companies who use postmanmojo as their online business to have real time, cross platformed synced & secure business email, contacts, notes, reminders, tasks & calendars.
    2) Does the “Why Mojo” page answer your questions about Business Cloud email for Mac users? Was anything confusing?
    Yes, the “Why Mojo” consists of different kind of updates and synchronization kind of stuff. It has various terminology under one umbrella. However, I would suggest to make this website compatible with Android, IOS and Windows platforms. But still the page really has all the information required for the user finally.
    3) Are you encouraged to create an account, if you own a brand needing branded email? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    If I have an online business I definitely need an online project management service, I would definitely sign up for this. This is truly one of the most powerful, feature-rich services of its kind that I have come across. Your fee structure seems quite reasonable, although its a shame that certain features are only offered with the more expensive plans. This is too helpful for small businesses that would like to use these features but have a few employees. Nevertheless, I can see that this would be a great investment for mid-size and larger businesses, and certainly the free accounts provide a lot.
    4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?
    I searched on “Business Class Email, Simple.” The first result returned was a service called 1and1 email solutions. I was surprised to see it since I really wasn’t aware that anything like this existed. 1and1’s home page presentation is very different than yours. It’s much briefer, and the look and feel is more strictly business, whereas yours is friendlier and more casual. 1and1 is another very feature-rich service.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    PostmanMojo looks like an excellent service, although after comparing it to 1and1, they may have the price advantage. Right now, I think the most useful thing you could do would be to restructuring the price value on your home page. It’s “pretty,” but I had to dig deeper into the site to understand what PostmanMojo is, whereas it was pretty obvious what 1and1’s was as soon as I read the tagline. Your “Blog” page does a somewhat better job of this, but it’s not until the visitor reaches “Features” that everything becomes clear.

  3. My initial impression of the website is that the color is very light and inviting. Although this is the case, the real purpose of the company being presented seems to be overshadowed by the small company name and the rapidly changing pictures. It gives the website the illusion that it is very busy. It took a while for me to understand that the pictures were showing target audiences for the business. 
      I like the idea that the what the company does is written there for all to see as well as the that the pertinent information such as pricing for one who deliberately goes to the site is readily accessible. As I scrolled down the page, I immediately noticed the platforms on which the product can be used because of the pictorial representations.
    The oversized icons give the illusion that there is more information on the page that what is actually there when I look at the scroll bar, which I automatically do when looking at a new website to assess the amount of information on the page. I like the icons though, because the help me navigate the page without actually reading the entire text  to understand what I need to understand. this is perfect for a busy professional.
    The Why mojo page does answer my questions about the fact that it is compatible with apple products and can be used for a wide range of applications. The information was easy to see and its synchronizing capabilities and suitability for teamwork was readily noticeable.
    If I needed a brand email I would be encouraged to open an account because of the price and the safety features of the product that were highlighted.
    When I saw the webpage I immediately thought of Rackspace. I liked the fact that the Rackspace website at first glance did not have too much movement and had a live chat feature. In terms of the color, it was too dark and the website seemed to have less information on the home page. For these reasons it was less distracting. On the Mojo website, there is a grid-like white and grey background to distinguish the sections. The backgrounds seem to flow into one and makes me not want to read the text in that section. It also makes the page look as if it flows into one. This is on the homepage.
    One can be easily drawn to the website because the top of the page is very inviting. Beyond that, the bottom of the page has the information, is easy to navigate but seems to be monochromatic in scheme. although the pictures tell a thousand words, it takes too much space to tell story, especially for one who needs to skim information quickly.

  4. 1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    I see the logo and navigation at the top and then it breaks into a large slider that takes up the remaining space above the fold. The image choice for the slider, however, has me confused to what this company does and how it relates to the company’s services. Also think that the slider text needs to be improved upon. The text also blends in too much with the slider images and needs to be bolder for it to be noticed. 
    2) Does the “Why Mojo” page answer your questions about Business Cloud email for Mac users? Was anything confusing?
    It does answer the questions I have, but from a UI perspective, I think more work needs to be done. The amount of lists of content is too long and involves too much scrolling for the user. The pricing is also very far down the page. I do like the fact that you added a button for easy access back to the top of the page. But you need to choose whether this is a paralax site design or not for it to look right. 
    3) Are you encouraged to create an account, if you own a brand needing branded email? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    Yes, I am encouraged to create an account. I like that the company choose to feature what they are working on for the future so customers know they are continuing their research to develop even better cloud solutions. Specifically, the Coffee Shop Cross-Platform video chat is intriguing to me and catches my attention. 
    4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?
    Upon searching “iCloud for Business” in Google, it brought me to iCloudDrive at the end of page 1’s results, which lead me to believe this company has not invested in SEO. Their site was not appealing to me and seemed quite dated for a company that is providing a technology service. The PostmanMojo site was more appeasing to the eye and made me feel more comfortable as a consumer if I was entrusting them as my iCloud for business solutions provider. 
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    I like the colors associated with the branding of the company and their use throughout the site. I also liked the way “What our clients are saying about us” was designed. My biggest feedback is that the company needs to figure out how much of a paralax design they want to use across the site as a whole, because for now, I don’t feel it’s entirely there.

  5. 1) My first impression of Postman Mojo is that the site was very colorful and eye catching.  I also felt it was great that the company would be geared toward small businesses because after all most products any more try to target larger crowds because they feel that is where the money will be made.  Therefore, I also feel that their product would be very well ran and thorough since they probably would not have quite so many customers and their customer service would be on point.  The site was very easy to navigate through and all the advertisements were clear and not confusing at all.
    2) In the Why Mojo section I did not find any of the information confusing at all.  There were so many different areas you could look at that I feel sure they covered all interests or questions anyone may have.  It also appeared that they are striving to add more services by the ads of what is to come.  There is a 30 day trial period where the product would not be full price.  I always think that is a plus so that you can have a test run before you are actually charged. 
    3) If I had a small business of my own, as stated above, because of the trial period for the test run, I would definitely try this site out.  There would be nothing to lose and when reviewing the services offered I feel that Postman Mojo would offer anything that a small company could possibly need with many services coming in the future.  It also sounds that customer service would be right there at a fingertip touch if there were any questions or problems that arose. 
    4) I feel that Google Calendar is similar to the service of Postman Mojo but actually did not seem to offer near as many services as Postman Mojo.  It had the ability to sync your schedule with your phone and receive email reminders but just does not seem to be anything that would benefit a business, I feel Postman Mojo had many more services to offer than Google Calendar. 
    5) Overall I felt the site was very straightforward, easy to follow, eye catching and appealing to anyone who would have a small business.  I was impressed that there would be a 30 day trial for a test run and that customer service was available 24/7.  Also the real time ability I would think in this fast paced day and time would be a service that would be so beneficial.  Postman Mojo seems very up to date and I did not see anything that they missed out on when initially reviewing the site but then when I came to the lower portion of the page they state all the services that they will soon be offering.  Therefore, I feel that this company would strive to maintain the business they have and keep it in optimum performance while at the same time strive to keep up with everything else that is being offered in the business world.

  6. 1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    The homepage gave a business feel to the site. I also liked the banner slideshow. It was the first thing I saw and it gave me quick idea of what the site is about – although I did find myself waiting a bit for the text info to appear for each slide.
    I also like the colors used and the layout of the info on the page. I find it easy to go through the sections of the page without feeling lost or overwhelmed.
    It’s also great to see a “What Our Clients Say About Us”. It makes me think that you are a reliable company knowing that there happy users of your system.
    2) Does the “Why Mojo” page answer your questions about Business Cloud email for Mac users? Was anything confusing?
    Yes it did answer my questions, particularly the features PostmanMojo offers. The info provided was pretty easy to follow and understand.
    One thing I didn’t find though, was info about “Privacy/Security” (aside from the Anti Spam/Virus feature).
    The layout makes it easy to read. I like that there were pictures alongside the features. 
    3) Are you encouraged to create an account, if you own a brand needing branded email? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    Yes I am. This kind of service is something I need. The site seems very professional and it looks like you know what you are doing. It’s also great that there is a 30-day free trial available.
    4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?
    So I ended up at https://www.macace.net
    They seem to offer the same basic features although I didn’t see much about Notes/Calendar which I think is very handy.
    Feature-wise and price-wise I prefer PostmanMojo over MacAce. PostmanMojo offers features I need and seems to be more geared towards small-businesses. PostmanMojo also seems to be simpler to use/setup.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    While I was going through the “Why Mojo” page, I was sort of hoping there was a quick link I can use to navigate across the page (e.g. Pricing, Security, Sync features..) cause I found myself scrolling up and down when looking for a particular info.
    It’s great there are images of PostmanMojo (at the homepage) but I was hoping there was a video as well. This will help visitors and convince them as well to use PostmanMojo. 
    All in all, I like PostmanMojo. The site looks professional and credible. And the service/features are useful – it is something I need.

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