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One stop shop for citizen generated news content.

Target Audience: Anybody with a smart phone, professional photographer, stringer, journalist.
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About OneNews:

Images and videos of breaking news can change the world, but only if the right people see them. If you’ve got the content — we’ve got the connections. Even great, if you regularly write journals.  OneNews is guiding the evolution of this digital revolution. We’ve designed the software infrastructure. We’re developing strategic relationships with the key players in media, telecommunications and social networking. We act as a breaking-news broker, facilitating the immediate distribution of citizen-generated news content to the media leaders who will show it to the world.

9 thoughts on “OneNews – The Citizen Journalism Solution

  1. Visit our Fan Page:– Okay
    Complete the form to enter to win an ipad 2-  Okay
    You will receive a text message with link to download the app- Recevied
    Download the Onenews app– Okay
    Let us get your feedback regarding the website/app-  I’ll start with the website.   The first thing that I clicked on was the arrow to Join Us, Become a Reporter.   I think this opening page is really good.  I grasp the concept of what it is you offer promptly.  I really understand the points that have been made and I am glad that you have included the first two.  I just hope that they are respected and followed.  I see too many people stopping at car accidents and such to shoot videos now as it is.  I am hoping that they realize they can be sued for doing this stuff without the person’s consent.
    The video on the front page is great.  It’s captivating and shows a great enthusiasm for what it is you do!
    On the About page, under Here’s How It Works- I would like to see the font a little more clear, possibly changed to bolded font.  To me, it’s actually kind of fuzzy looking and tends to make me not want to read it.  Upon further clicking through the bottom tabs, I see that this same font has carried over and through.  To me, the professionalism of the site is taken away by the font.
    I love the pointers for capturing images and videos.  Great presentations.
    The App is great.  Although I don’t really think that I, myself, would think to use it at the point of a time I could really use it.  LOL- if that makes sense.  It’s easy and fun, overall.
    The App is a great idea.   I think that the whole concept, including the site and App will be used with enthusiasm.  I especially think that it will really draw people in with the potential to be paid for their news capturing.  Great concept!

  2. Visit our Fan Page:

    I visited the fan page

    Complete the form to enter to win an ipad 2

    I completed the form and clicked the like button

    You will receive a text message with link to download the app

    I did receive the text

    Download the Onenews app

    I did

    Let us get your feedback regarding the website/app

    Website is straight forward and clear as to what its purpose is. The app is clean and quick with its purpose quite clear. I didn’t have any assignments yet so i couldn’t try that part out but all the components seemed to be there to be able to capture and deliver fast breaking events.

  3. Visit our Fan Page:

    Visited the fan page on Facebook. My first impressions were good. I think your logo is simple and bold but very effective and easily recognizable. The name “One News” is also really simple but great, I immediately know from the name that this is all about news content. The contest idea is fantastic to entice new users. I wasn’t quite sure what the app was all about so I went to the info tab on your Facebook page and I think even though the description is short it does simply explain that basis of what it’s all about.

    Complete the form to enter to win an ipad 2

    Done. Very straight forward and no unnecessary details to fill out which is nice.

    You will receive a text message with link to download the app


    Download the Onenews app


    Let us get your feedback regarding the website/app

    1. The video on the home page is fantastic and very well made. From this I know that this is a professional, serious company and not some sort of joke. The video makes me feel enthused and I want to get out there and capture some news worthy footage and be involved too. Is there anyway you could add this video to the Facebook page under description or something because I think if people stumble upon Facebook first the video shows a much better first impression.
    2. On the “About OneNews” page under the “Here’s how it works:” the font is very small and for some people would be hard to read. I think the text reads well and explains the concept but if people struggle to see it they simply won’t read it.
    3. I think the video on the “About OneNews” page is also great but it needs to be larger. I like the concept of the video playing from a cell phone but I think for the website it could be a little bigger.
    4. The “Education” page is well done and a good resource but again the text could be a little larger.
    5. The only thing I couldn’t find was more about was how “you get paid your fair share” as the news reporter or for the footage you have captured. Is payment a percentage, a set rate, a negotiation? How do you get paid? PayPal, Check, Bank Account. Do I have to fill out a tax form? And can people outside of America receive payment? If this information is on the website then I couldn’t find it so it may need to be more clearly visible or better labelled.
    6. I think the overall website is good, simple, clean and represents the company and concept well.
    I think the app is simple, straight to the point and easy to use and navigate. I think the concept of the app is ingenious and will definitely take off and become popular.

  4. Visit our Fan Page:
    Complete the form to enter to win an ipad 2
    You will receive a text message with link to download the app
    Received Text.
    Download the Onenews app
    Let us get your feedback regarding the website/app
    I think that in the times in which we live in an app like this goes right along with what people are already doing. Everyday someone is whipping out there cell phone and capturing a news worthy clip.

    I like that your website is so simple and not bogged down with information. I would have liked to see a small description of what you site was about before I clicked on the video. I really enjoyed the video. It was quick, simple and said what your app does without making it over complicated. I like that you have so much diversity on your video. I know that your site put the video together but I really like how these look like everyday people and some souped up actors talking about your app.

    I clicked on the join us tab and after reading the information provided I would like to have seen the content broken down a little. I feel like it’s disclaimer, company info and sign up all one page. I think it would have been nice to a little more information abou the company itself. I think that if you add some tabs to your homepage and a description box that it wouldn’t take away from the simplistic feel of your site. I guess I like a good story and I was wondering if there was one as to why this app was created.

    I clicked on the register page and again I like the simplicity of the page. Nice addition to have a globe placed on the page.  I liked that I could upload a picture of myself making the sign up seem more personalized. I went ahead a started to register and the first page was really simple to do. I like tha you had a system to verify the information with a text message however I was little confused as to how it worked. I clicked on the link and all it did was take me to your site.  I would like to have gotten a code to type in or something of that matter. I am a little confused in knowing if my information  was verified or not. I like how my name pops up before I even finish my registration information. I didn’t understand why in your sign up that when there were no star next to the tab that it would let me finish that it kept taking me back to the same info. I also don’t understand why you would want to know someones work history or education but I don’t mind the education level tab. I think that the personal info should be mixed in with the contact info. I also don’t understad why I would have to go through the whole signup process if I could just download the app at any time. I think the sign up needs to smaller and faster with an easy verification system.  I like that I could keep track of the news that I uploaded. It would have been nice to see somewhere on your site abou the financial section.

    I liked that your took your sites name a made it into a great looking logo. It’s so small, yet simple that I could see it placed anywhere.

    I think that your site fall short in showing me how you site works and how the info is shared. Throughout the whole process I was still left wondering how it all works. As I stated about I like that you site it simple but I wouldn’t mind seeing som the red used in the sites name. I think that I could overall use more color. I find the that color blue seems to be overused.

    Great app in the making.

  5. Visit our Fan Page:

    Complete the form to enter to win an ipad 2

    You will receive a text message with link to download the app

    Download the Onenews app
    Let us get your feedback regarding the website/app
    I have difficulty in viewing the video, I hope to load the video in full before I play it, but still the video isn’t working properly for me, I think the video is filmed well, the streaming is the main problem in my case. I can’t hear what they’re talking about(because of the stop and pausing of streaming) and so I can just guess what this website did. I think the video is okay if I can hear what they are saying.
    I also hope that there are some brief description showing us what this website is about so that for people who cannot view the video like me will get what is going on. You will lose customers if they have a slow connection or have difficulty in viewing video. I don’t get what your website do until I read the description on startuplift summary. Create a tagline which matches your website. Tell us what is it about in simple words and short phases, video will not increase your SEO, text on your website does.
    If you have such an interesting contest going on, eg an iPad 2 contest, why don’t you put it on your website? You should have put it on your index page where everyone can see it, then more people will be able to register and hopefully increase the traffic of the website.
    Link facebook with your website on the front page, now the two seems like two separate applications by 2 parties. Connect them.
    There are a few links on the right, which I assume is where your menu bar located. I think that is an awkward layout. Why don’t you put your “menu bar” on the top of the website? If you want to keep it clean and simple on the main page, put them on the footer.
    Your website is lack of design, I would add a few more elements or feature to make it less plain and polish it up.
    When go to the registration page by clicking the join button, I am greeted by an email from your CEO. I don’t like it. What I expect is somewhere for me to fill in my info to process my registration. There are too much words on it. I won’t read them, let me ask you, how often will you read the disclaimer when you register on a free service on the website? This page should be modified as the registration form filling your username, etc, and before the “Register button” there is a link to this page where you can check the “I agree” checkbox. This passage is just too clumsy and heavy. No one will read it. I have a few glance on it and I think it suits more on the “about us” or “news” page. Those pages you can use letter style.
    I like the registration form ajax part. And I think the registration part layout on your website is presented more professional than your index page.
    There is a spanish version. But the video is still in english. If it is difficult to film it again in espanol, add espanol captions and subtitle on the video.
    This page is much more professional than  But the “about onenews” links to the former page, which is the corporate website of onenews, that is not logical. We ‘re expecting some detail information of who own this website, what do you want to accomplish in onenews, that would be something like the CEO letter I mentioned above. Now you’re having the wrong content on wrong links.
    The link “Join us” direct us to the registration form eventually, and the “Media Company Registration” also shows a registration form, what is the differences and which should we fill in? Is that if I represent a company, then I should click on the Media one? I’m confused.

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