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Secure and Powerful Document Management and Sharing tool.

Target Audience: Marketers, salesmen, designers, businesses, insurers, bankers, copy writers, lawyers.
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Feedback sought:

  • Visit Spend no more than 5-10 seconds on the home page. What do you think the site is about?
  • What do you think of the sign up process?
  • Please register and provide feedback on application UI.
  • Try to use common options and provide feedback on usability.
  • Do you find it user friendly?
  • Did you know what to do when you logged in for the first time?
  • How much time you need to figure out for what you could use this product?
  • How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors?

About OrganizedDocs:

OrganizedDocs is a simple yet powerful online solution that enables you to easily and securely upload, organize and manage all types of documents, files and folders so that your life and or business runs more efficiently.

Your online document management solution can mirror that of your personal computer and to enable this, OrganizeDocs lets you easily import your entire existing folder and file structure so that you can access your documents online anywhere, anytime.

OrganizedDocs also enables you to create and edit documents online as and when you need to, easily add users to documents while giving them different levels of permissions, so that they can appropriately co-edit documents with you. Thereafter all users including you can efficiently manage and easily track versions of your documents.

As you add users, you will also need to track document changes and know exactly who made those changes, and when. Organized Docs gives you all this efficiency at your finger tips.

4 thoughts on “OrganizedDocs – Online Document Management Made Easy

  1. To me this is not a service the average person would need. For individuals who run their own business however, this could be a very practical tool because you can have access to your document from anywhere. I found the website very easy to navigate. Right at the top of the webpage they had: Contact Us, Home, Solutions, Features, Tour, Blog, Pricing & Registration, so someone can fine the information they want immediately which was really a nice feature. The bolg was well organize giving the date of the last posts and, you can go right back to the home page from the bolg page. When you go to the Pricing & Registration feature it gives the pricing from basic to enterprise immediately which is nice because you don’t have to look for that information. It is right there easy to understand.

  2. I visited your site and thought it was well laid out and described your services well. To me, it was about keeping all my files organized so that they are easier to find and easy access from anywhere. The sign up process was easy to find and choose a plan from. It was easy to register for and was very user friendly. I’ve looked at other companies offering the same services and believe this one to be the better company to use as it is more user friendly and easier to navigate.

  3. I understood at first that this service is a mix between GoogleDocs and Dropbox.

    Homepage, solutions pages appear a bit cluttered, as if you had too much to say. Too much text, too much use cases. Pls compare to for a better solution in dealing w/ use cases imho

    Plans pricing page very clear.

    The service appears not to be competitive with Dropbox (free for < 5Gb) and Google Docs (free for small businesses)

    Design looks professional

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