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Orkia is a ground-breaking internet lender, offering consumers small, short-term loans with unparalleled speed and convenience.

Target Audience: People in the age group 20-45
Website URL: https://www.orkia.fi/vippi/
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 3

Feedback sought:

1) Look around the orkia.fi/vippi/ subpage – what is your initial impression of what you see?

2) Should we use human face as a background image in orkia.fi/vippi/ subpage?

3) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

4) Any ideas how could we increase conversion rate?

4 thoughts on “Orkia.fi – Vippi ORKIA® lainaa 30-1000€

    1) Look around the orkia.fi/vippi/ subpage – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    My first impression is that the website if very bright and eye catching. The design is uncluttered and pleasing to the eye. I used Google Chrome to translate the website to English. When I did so the tables/layout changed a little and not for the better. Also, the translation is a little off. This may or may not be something you want to address.
    Otherwise, the slider bar that quickly does the calculations for a loan is very responsive and a very neat feature. I like that the general description is high up on the page but I think user might be better served if it was a little higher up. On most platforms a user would have to scroll down to see the paragraph beginning with “Vippi 30 – 1000 € nopeasti, luotettavasti ja edullisesti tilillesi!” 
    Finally, I do not immediately see any testimonials or any “secure site” verbiage (other than the https), both of which would be great as a user to see with a financial company. 
    The website seems to be clear and open about the process (i.e. what you can borrow given your age and how you will be billed). Having this information up front is good.
    2) Should we use human face as a background image in orkia.fi/vippi/ subpage?
    I like the yellow tint of the background and I think that a human face adds warmth to the numbers and professionalism of the site. However, I had a little trouble relating an internet loan company with a picture of a woman reading. One did not seem to have anything to do with the other and it perks up my “is this site legit?” radar a bit. 
    3) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    When you click HAE! to begin processing your loan, the color scheme changes from primarily black, yellow and white to primarily blue and yellow. This is jarring and might throw someone off. I do like how the loan information is in the box front and center while you are entering the information. It keeps the page relevant and encourages the user to finish.
    Also, I think the main header text “Vippi 30 – 1000€ nopeasti ja helposti tilillesi” could be better. It seems like it should have more relevant information, such as the description of the website for this job:”Orkia is a ground-breaking internet lender, offering consumers small, short-term loans with unparalleled speed and convenience.” The time warning might be better elsewhere. 
    Additionally, I looked at the website on my Mac in Chrome and Safari as well as on my ipad and everything was responsive/functional.
    4) Any ideas how could we increase conversion rate?
    Testimonials and more verbiage about the security of the site would be helpful. Do you have any partners that you could list as well? Or perhaps Twitter/Facebook/Paypal affiliations? Maybe even a ticker of loans done recently or something to show that you are running a well oiled machine and that people are actively borrowing with you. 
    You might highlight how quickly you can get the money (same day some cases up to 15 minutes).

  2. 1. My first impression is that this site must not be intended for an English-speaking audience since it appears in a foreign language without any apparent option to display in English. I had to try two different web page translation services before I found one that worked, and probably the only reason it worked was because I recognized that your site was in Finnish. A lot of English speakers probably won’t recognize that, so if you want them as a market, you need a clearly marked option to display in English.
    The next thing I noticed was that I liked the option to get a loan estimate quickly and easily using the slider. That worked well. However, every time I tried it, I got automatically redirected to a registration page. That seemed pushy to me.
    2. In my mind, the problem with your current image is that it’s cut off by the navbar. The visitor sees only a woman’s smiling mouth, which looks strange. If you want to use an image of people, I’d suggest a picture of a transaction, such as a bank teller handing over money to someone or a loan officer consulting with an applicant.
    3. I’ll give an overview of your site’s pages and how each might be improved:
    Home page: It’s hard to comment on the copy because the translation isn’t the best, so it’s difficult to understand in a number of places. Instead, I’ll comment on the design and layout. I like what you have above the fold, but I’d narrow the navbar a bit and maybe decrease the size of the headline so you can fit even more into that space. The loan estimate feature with slider is great and in a prominent position. Below the loan estimate, I see a lot of white space. I think you could shorten the page by eliminating some of that. You do a nice job of laying out your selling points in a neat, concise fashion that’s not overwhelming. However, I notice that you have two blocks of copy that basically say the same thing–one above your bulleted list of selling points and one below it. Why not combine these two chunks of text into one? More importantly, I feel like your home page doesn’t address some very important questions. Specifically, I’m left wondering how I would get the money (by direct transfer into my bank account? by wire transfer?) and what assurance I have that you are a recognized bank or other lender.
    Registration page: Again, I don’t like that this pops up when a visitor tries to use the loan calculator. I also find the sudden switch to a bright blue background surprising and suggest that you go with one color scheme throughout the web site.
    Main Page: Now this seems like a more appropriate home page to me. It’s a little bit crammed, but it contains all the information that your current home page has plus more, such as lender affiliations and information about your services for mobile users. I like the colorful logo in the upper left corner that features an array of bills. The only thing missing here is, again, some information about how the loan will be transferred. Otherwise, I think I prefer this page to your home page.
    Allow both ceilings: I don’t understand the purpose of this page. The only new information presented here seems to have to do with loan eligibility. Couldn’t you just present that on your FAQ page?
    Frequently asked questions: The FAQs seem to be properly set up, but I had some trouble with them due to the poor translation. I still didn’t see anything about the method of transfer, but perhaps that wasn’t clear to me because of the translation problems.
    Search Methods: Perhaps this is another translation problem, but I have no idea why this page is called “Search Methods.” It appears to be instructions for applying and receiving a loan. I would call it “How to Apply.”
    Vippi: The final tab on the navbar doesn’t translate to English and brings me back to your current home page.
    4. If you want your market to be the whole European Union and not just Finland, you should really offer site translations in the major languages of the EU, such as English, French, German, and maybe Italian. These options should be prominently displayed. I also think you need to make it clear on your home page that you are an authorized lender. You have some kind of notification to that effect on “Main Page,” but it should really be on the home page, and again, it should be prominently displayed. In addition, you need to clarify how you will send the loan right upfront. A lot of people don’t trust wire transfers, at least not in the US, so applicants need to know that their money will be sent to them in a secure, verifiable way. Finally, I think you should consider using your “Main Page” as your home page. It seems more concise and complete. However, if you go this route, add some space because the copy is too dense right now. 
    That’s about it. Good luck!

  3. 1.What I see is a dreamy yellow color picture.Because it is a financial service,the color should be sky blue contrasting with white.Anything involving financial services should appear in a relaxed,peaceful atmosphere.Many people will avoid something they feel is not clear to them especially money lending matters.The loan payment rate should have been shown below the page not at the start.This might scare away potential client.Another thing the site ought to specify at what percentage and which kind of interest they are lending the loan.
    2.Yes,there should a picture of a human face.As I said earlier about a relaxed atmosphere,I recommend seaside backround of gentle sea.Not when the sea is rough.The one on the site appear as if it is a student probably in a shool field.All the same even if the program is for students matters of finance needs a clear mind devoid of distractions.
    3.I recommend the program to include senior age group.By this I mean those who are still active in their careers,life and are healthy.Also the site should include alternative language(s) section if it is to appear international,as they are using the Euro.They should rectify the site to translate all languages because after I used the google translator there are words that still appear in Finnish.
    4.That you are in business and you want to profit from your venture,common principle is to balance the needful so as to know which side you are on.After the expenses are catered for what remains you will know for sure if it is worthy.The exchange rate fluctuates every now and then due to circumstances.I can see the Euro right now is slightly above the US dollar as per current exchange rate.The current loan repayment is reasonable according to me.Only show the percentage and what kind of interest charged so that anyone wishing to apply what he/she is getting into.

  4. 1) Look aroundthe orkia.fi/vippi/ subpage – what is your initial impression of what you see? My first impression of the homepage is that it is not for an english speaking country as i couldn’t find any option to display the site in english. After translating with google, i realised that the homepage dd a very good job of telling what the site is about which is for taking loans and all the steps and process of the loan are clearly explained. I found the homepage to be very simple (which is good) and has a nice sleek feeling.
    2) Should we use human face as a background image in orkia.fi/vippi subpage? Yes I think it is very good to use a human face as the services offered are for humans. The fact that a happy person is used as the background image also gives the impression that if the use the services offered you would be happy that you did.
    3) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have. I found the FAQ page very helpful as it gives a detailed explanation of how the loan taking and payment works.
    4) Any ideas how could we increase conversion rate? Having an option to view the site in english language could increase conversion rate as people might be put of from using the site if the find that it cannot be viewed in english. This is particular to people who are not aware of google translate for example.

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