A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

When looking for a telephone service provider, pricing should top the list of your choices to consider for your business.  Your company must reach customers in the most affordable way to maximize profits and reduce call costing overheads.

Phone.com is a cloud-hosted wireless SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Business) phone system that can be set up within minutes. The system has nearly 45 standard tools and features and tools, including ten additional premium options.

In this article, we’ll focus on a detailed review of phone.com to help you make the right decision when looking for the right phone provider that fits your company.

Company Overview

Designed to support startups and small businesses, Phone.com endeavors to retain the flexibility of letting its customers access its services on any communication device. You can choose to use a mobile phone, a VoIP phone, a regular landline, or a computer – saving you the headache of specialist hardware expenses. It is easily accessible through a stable internet connection. It is flexible as it has easy to use SBM virtual telephone systems and you can configure the extensions remotely from any device connected to the internet.

A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

Phone.com has a great self-service, user-enabled configuration portal that reduces an administrator’s workload. The advantage of using a self-service portal is that it significantly saves on time. Users can configure the extensions on their own with features like find-me or follow-me and align their preferred contacting devices by listing the phone numbers to either ring synchronously or in sequence till one is picked.

Besides, the self-service portals cuts down the manual administration workload by allowing clients to access voicemail messaging services, and monitor their phone extensions, as well as the reporting accounts.

1. Features

Phone.com has nearly forty calling and mobile features standardized with every plan. The phone company also has ten premium features in the top-rated plans.

1. Features - A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

The standard features include:

  • Call-handling auto attendants’ tools
  • Call forwarding/call transfer
  • Voice to email/Voice mail
  • Call transfer/blocking
  • Call logs/screening
  • Call waiting/notification
  • A dial-by-name directory
  • Voice tagging
  • Call routing scheduling/on hold
  • Find Me/Follow Me

Other features are:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call queues
  • Click-to-call,
  • Call on-hold music
  • Online faxing

Premium features:

  • Caller analytics
  • Call recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Toll-free number
  • Professional recording
  • Inbuilt- integrations for Salesforce CRMs that feature screen pops, call tracking, and click-to-dial when connected to the internet.

2. Ease of Use

As a cloud-hosted (VoIP) phone system, Phone.com doesn’t require any cabling or special equipment. You have the option to work with toll-free numbers or transfer your existing number into the system.

Once you have the system installed, you can use any phone, such as mobile devices, IP phones, or a softphone on your PC, where you can control the entire system from a portal connected to the internet. You can install phone extensions, customize your phone settings to IVR, voicemail greetings, on how and when to receive your phone calls.

3. Pricing and Plans

Phone.com has two distinct service plans;

  • Unlimited Minutes plan
  • Pay-Per-Minute plan
3. Pricing and Plans - A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

The Unlimited Minute plans include Base, Plus, and Pro with a $20 difference in payments on a monthly user extension, each going for $29.99, $37.99 and $59.99 in that order.

The Pay-Per-Minutes Plan has three optional price plans. These include a Base plan at the entry-level, which comes with 300 free minutes and a reasonable price, $12.99 per user per month with the option to pay at a much-subsidized cost ($9.99) paid annually advance.

The Plus Plan includes 500 free minutes at a monthly cost of $19.99 per user, and lastly, the Pro Plan comprises 1,000 free minutes at a monthly cost of $29.99 per user.

4. Service Delivery

Phone.com beats the competition with great service plans that offer actual free calling minutes, including the toll-free dialing options. The free minute package is available across all the service plans. You can also purchase free minutes bundles separately.

For instance, with the base plan, which includes 300 free minutes, you can buy extra free minutes for about $18 for 500 minutes.  Additionally, $725 gives you 25,000 minutes – more than enough minutes to last you a couple of months. It saves you a ton if you have a busy sales environment where making phone calls is inevitable.

However, if you would like to switch your pay plans from pay as you go to the unlimited option, it will cost you $24 a month per extension. This flexibility is a great option for startups and medium-sized businesses trying to cut down on phone expenses.

Phone.com beats its competitors by offering a wide range of phone number options like toll-free, vanity numbers, and International numbers purchased at an extra cost. Examples include $4.99 for the EU nations and Australia. Premium locations include Brazil, Bahrain, and China, charged at only $14.99.

5. Conference Calling

Phone.com has an inbuilt conference calling service in its telephone system, complete with  free conference connection tools.

5. Conference Calling - A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

Your staff can hold individual conference calls with up to three hundred callers.

6. Customer Service

Phone.com’s customer service is limited to U.S. citizens offering round the clock customer support. You can contact the support staff through live chat, phone, and email.

6. Customer Service - A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

The company’s website also provides useful features, including a detailed system status page with the latest data on the active status of its network, control panel, and system. The site also features other useful resources, including training materials and support guides.

7. Mobile Apps

Phone.com has VoIP services and integrated mobile apps for both Android and IoS Smartphones that deliver seamless communications. The mobile app allows basic extension services on your cell phone, especially for those who work out of the office on most occasions. With the mobile app, you can simply change between using your VoIP Wi-Fi connection and calling minutes to make your business calls.

7. Mobile Apps - A Complete Guide to Using Phone.com for Your Business

Other important features supported on the mobile app include SMS texting, video conference calling, enhanced visual voicemail, and Faxing.

Phone.com is a reliable VoIP telephoning system. Most startups prefer the company for its simplicity with setting up, compatibility with both mobile and analogue phones and its numerous features.

8. Pros and Cons


  • Supportive customer care services
  • Flexible features
  • International number options


  • Poor call connection
  • Lacks Google Chrome extension

Phone.com is best for small companies: The pay-per-minute pricing option is a perfect fit for individuals and both small and startup businesses with limited budgets.

The Verdict

Most users find the number of unique features to be impressive, coupled with the options available. Their customer service delivery is commendable since it is targeted for small and medium-sized companies.