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For everyone who wants to take better pictures.

Target Audience: Photographers of all sorts
Website URL: Http://

Feedback sought:
What are your thoughts on?
1. General impression
2. Understandability (is that a word?)
3. Design
4. Awesomeness

9 thoughts on “Photic – Be a Better Photographer

  1. I love the simplicity of the site and overall look and feel. Instead of simply asking and answering questions, are there other ways to connect with a photographer of your choice?

  2. The site is simple and easy to navigate. The pictures are also appealing to the eyes. However, considering the fact that the site is covering a specific niche, I think it should at least have a blog tab/ some articles as pertaining to photography. It is too simple that one can mistake it as a site under construction.

  3. My general thoughts are that it’s a pretty simple website, and while using multiple colors is a good idea, it should be done a little more creativly than the random here and there.\

    I thought it could have used more graphics,  maybe a background color?

    This website was extremely easy to understand, but not in a way that makes the user feel patted on the head- which makes it extremely awesome. 🙂

  4. What are your thoughts on?1. General impression2. Understandability (is that a word?)3. Design4. Awesomeness

     When I first saw the sight I saw photograph and thought maybe this is where a person can upload their own photo and edit it, but when I look at it again it says photographer. This site is clearly for photographers which is very clear.I think this site is very attractive because the design logo is creative, using the colors yellow and green is great but I will change the gray it looks too dual.  To be honest this site does not grab me because of the grey color. I like the creativeness you did with “O” in Photic!! now that was very unique


  5. 1. Well, the objective is clear and well understood: to have constructive criticism from photographers on photos.

    2. There are two subjects in this site: 1st is the photographer who gives critique, based on impression, like and advice. Next, is the photo which is under criticism.

    3. The Home page has emphasized on the objective of this site in simple way with key word: be a better photographer and grow through constructive advice. However, i can’t see any advice on the photos until the cursor runs over a photo, which presents only the name of the photo owner and the number of advice. Can these photos be sorted based on categories, number of advice given, etc? I

    4. Click on a photo will get into the details of the subject. It would be better if viewers could access the photographer profile, both owner and adviser, on Home page instead of going into next level. Next to the photo, there is ‘More details’, that viewers have to click to view a little more details, and to see less, will have to click on ‘More details’ again instead of ‘Less details’, different from the Home page. This page has excellent arrangement on Critique, as viewers could compare how these advisers do at the same time: their photos are next to the photo under their criticism. 

    5. The Photographer page is having the similarity like the Home page: simple. Again, viewers might think will see the details by putting cursor over the text ‘See more’ instead of clicking it, to close the details will have to move the cursor and click on ‘See less’, kind of troublesome to navigate, it would be good if there is consistency over various pages.

    6. This site might want to consider the Photographers (advisers) page to be the Home page instead of the photos? 

  6. 1. General impression

    I like that the submitted photos are the first thing visible. It really jumps right to the point. I would probably organize it so that the photos with no advice are at the top.
    2. Understandability (is that a word?)

    I thought the word was very unique and memorable. It has the potential of future buzz word, i.e., Yahoo or Google.
    3. Design

    The site is simple and understandable. It is not complicated by too many sections to choose. It is just what it says – a site for photographers to constructively critique photos.
    4. Awesomeness

    The photos are all beautiful. I am not an artist or photographer. I know I will be recommending this site to a few friends of mine that, I think, take great pics. I think they would benefit from a resource such as this. 

  7. 1. General impression
    Lovely site, very intuitive to use. The photos on the front are immediately engaging — I wanted to participate. I like that nude photos are flagged — not that I have an objection to nudes, but it will cut down on complaints and trolls.

    2. Understandability (is that a word?)
    I was able to register and upload a photo quickly and easily. It was very clear how to provide critique and it was also clear what kinds of critique would be helpful.
    The copy on the website could use a little work. There are some grammatical mistakes on the About page, for instance. In my opinion, the copy on that page would have more impact if it were shorter, broken up into shorter paragraphs, and if it were focused on a few main points, followed by a call to action: “Ready? Let’s get started!” or something along those lines.

    3. Design
    Typically I like a lot of white space on a page, but in this case I felt the white space overwhelmed the content. I had to do a lot of scrolling up and down to see everything on the critique pages, and there is no navigation at the top of the page to allow me to jump straight to the critique section.
    4. Awesomeness
    Totally awesome! The idea of ranked critique is similar to what smugmug offers, but much more streamlined. It’s very easy to jump in and participate on Photic. Great idea for a site that’s really worthwhile and simple to use.

  8. 1. General impression: I immediately wanted to participte! I think the idea is awesome… It could use a little more direction on the home page. Ex: “3 easy steps to becoming a great photographer: START HERE”
    2. Understandability: I thought the site is easy to understand, but I think more directions are needed.
    3. Design: I love the design of the page. I think the simplicity of the white background made the photographs on the homepage stand out.
    4. Awesomeness: I think the website is awesome! I will start using it myself! I would love to see alot more content though. Maybe a “Top 10 Photography Tips” section and some useful hints to beginning photographers.

  9. 1. General impression
    First thing first. The floating beta accounts sign up is too upfront. It screams scam, or money making deal. If people want the service, they will click the sign up link. You don’t need to force them. Other than that, I love the simplicity, it is clean, it is trustworthy.
    2. Understandability (is that a word?)
    I felt this website is very  very good. The service you provide is explained first thing. People will know what you guys do, and will sign up. There is very little confusion about the service you all provide. Which is not something that many start ups are able to do. Bravo.
    3. Design
    When it comes to web pages the balance of simplicity and serviceability is many times hard to find. However, I think you all do a good job at this. You provide a single service, and you make that service easy to find, and use.
    4. Awesomeness
    I was pretty awesome. I like simplicity and I like mastery of a single service/idea. You all do this.

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