Promoting New Blog Post

How to Promote Your Newly Published Business Blog Post

Just published a new post on your blog and you’re wondering how to promote it? We’re here to fix that.

There are multiple ways to promote your blog, but the critical thing here is to reach your target audience organically.

The first thing you need to do is have a set of keywords in your post to help readers find it easily as they navigate the internet. Carefully select the keywords and spread them evenly across your article – at least ten mentions, because you don’t want to sound like you’re trying so hard to push a product or a service.

Secondly, make your article engaging and fun to read. Make it understandable, and more importantly, make it stand out. The first paragraph should lure in your audience and make them want to continue reading. Write short sentences, and paragraphs, with the use of exciting headlines across your article.

Lastly, remember to include backlinks like the keywords to make your article sound credible and infallible.

Now let’s see the ways you can promote your newly published business blog post.

We came up with six great ideas to boost your blog post and stand out in any filtered search engine.

1. Paid Facebook Ads

Create a budget for content promotion because pushing your blog post to friends and family won’t get you enough audience for a decent ROI. So skip the free content strategies and have a reasonable promotion budget for your Facebook outreach.

1. Paid Facebook Ads - How to Promote Your Newly Published Business Blog Post

The cheapest clicks from Facebook will cost you about $0.30 each. You can set out a weekly budget of, say, $30 for over 100 guaranteed clicks for your article. In a week, you’ll get over 400 clicks, which is quite some decent organic traffic.

You can allocate a regular monthly budget to attract more people to your newly published business blog post.

2. Promote to Your Existing Audience

Now that you have sizeable audiences with Facebook ads create a new pool of people who have visited your blog and will indeed amplify your content by sharing it across other social media platforms with their friends.

2. Promote to Your Existing Audience - How to Promote Your Newly Published Business Blog Post

Of course, not all of your website visitors will share your articles; most of them don’t even care about sharing.

Create a mailing list with your loyal readers. Here’s a strategic taker – create a side listing of email subscribers who didn’t open your initial email and change the headline.

Send them the same email, which may, hopefully, get them to open it. But don’t do it many times. You’ll piss off some of your newly acquired loyal readers.

To implement a strategic content re-circulation on Twitter, share your newly published business blog post multiple times with tweaks to your message to attract new fans.

3. Create Interesting Content Worth Sharing

Creating great share-arable content is necessary for the success of your newly published blog post.

To impress your readers, write overwhelming content, and make it emotional.

But what is great or an emotional content anyway?

Publish something insightful and unique, have a well-researched article, with touching stories, stats, backlinks, and simple info graphics that will get you the support you need from your readers.

But not every article you write will get you mind-blowing results. And that’s okay; you need to invest time and effort into content creation to come up with share-worthy articles for your business.

Get content writing ideas from your competitor’s website and research for articles that have a huge following and get to understand why the authors have such a massive fan base. Now borrow some of their ideas (just the ideas, don’t take the whole context to your website) to understand better how to create great articles for your business blog posts.

Invest time by reading resources that help with creating fantastic content. You can start with “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.” An incredible book by Jonah Berger on creating catchy blog posts.

4. Google Traffic

SEO is king with Google ranking. Successful bloggers have consistently used Google to push their blog posts and reach a wider audience by appearing on the first page on Google search.

4. Google Traffic - How to Promote Your Newly Published Business Blog Post

But how do I get my first blog post to the top rank in Google?

Traffic on Google ranking relies on SEO. To rank well with SEO keywords, you have to find out what your target audience is interested in reading. (Google for ideas). 

Write an article with a catchy topic based on the Google searches you discovered and make your article stand out.  Get credible links to your article from other blogs to boost your traffic on Google and get as many clicks as possible for your new business blog post.

5. Reach out to Relevant People

So you have a catchy new business blog, and you’ve written a well-researched, fun, and engaging article to boost your business, but you want it out fast, and with a bang. You want people to talk about it for weeks on end, and you need sales pronto.

5. Reach out to Relevant People - How to Promote Your Newly Published Business Blog Post

Here’s how to level out big time with a brand new blog post.

Show your blog to influential people in your industry with massive outreach.

But before you do that, you should have a compelling reason to approach influential personalities. For starters, you can mention them in your article and include a backlink to their website. Make it stand out because these people are already famous and may even ignore your “good intentions’’.

So get personal, make sure they know you, and have interacted with you in the past.  If you don’t know any influencers in your industry, interact with them on their social platforms, get into their mailing lists, and give feedback. Contribute to their work in the comments section of their websites often, making sure that you stand out with credible contributions.

Once you reach this level, make sure your article is worth their time. Create a groundbreaking article that will get this person genuinely interested.

To get top people in your industry to promote your work, you have to do outstanding work.

6. Join Relevant Online Communities and be Active

Online communities bring together like-minded people who’d like to engage in meaningful conversations about specific topics and help each other with relevant issues. Do not mistake these communities as marketing platforms for promoting your blog posts.

6. Join Relevant Online Communities and be Active - How to Promote Your Newly Published Business Blog Post

It works like this; members engage on a variety of topics, and if one of your posts fits the plan, you can plug in your links to help people better understand the topic of the day.

Links to your blog help to benefit other members, and not to sell any particular product.

Some of the most engaging communities on social media exist on Facebook fan pages or groups. Industry communities also use WhatsApp groups for community engagements and announcements.


In today’s world, reaching out to potential clients and readers is difficult. The more business networks you use to stay on the internet business radar, the better. Let your acquired audience find your written blog posts easily through email subscriptions, and across all the relevant social media platforms where you should regularly post and update all your business blog posts.

Lastly, learn how to write excellent copy to impress people with your writing skills, and encourage them to look forward to all your future blog posts.

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