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PropertyBlurb---startup-featured-on-StartUpLift-for-Startup-Feedback-and-Website-Feedback automatically generates professional quality property ads for realtors anywhere in the world.

Target Audience: Real estate agents, Realtors
Website URL:
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1

Feedback sought:

1) Is our website clear enough on it’s offering?

2) Would you watch demo videos? (applies to Realtors)

3) Would you send to friends / colleagues in Real Estate?

4) Are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell us why (or why not)?

5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

2 thoughts on “Property Blurbs – Automated Real Estate Ads

  1. 1. Yes. I understood just from reading the home page copy that your site enables real estate agents to describe properties through a quick series of multiple choice questions, and then you provide listings based on the details given. Watching the demo video confirmed this impression.
    2. I’m not a realtor, but I did watch the demo video. I think it’s essential to do that for anyone who wants to understand what your web site is about for sure.
    3. If I worked in real estate, I can imagine this would be a huge time saver, so if I liked it after trying it myself, I probably would.
    4. I’m not in real estate, so it wouldn’t be necessary for me, but, as I said, I can see why this would be a very useful service for agents.
    5. My thoughts on your various pages:

    Home Page – The central “Blurb Maker” image is cute, and the minimal text quickly and effectively conveys what PropertyBlurbs is all about. The short and sweet demo video illustrates the process nicely. I’m not sure you also need the intro video. It basically repeats what you already showed visually in the demo video, so it’s kind of redundant.

    Demo – I was surprised that this tab took me back to the demo video. I thought it was going to take me to a page where I could try creating a listing myself.

    Pricing – I like that you offer a free trial without requiring credit card information. I also like that you offer enough range in packages to satisfy users from any size agency. However, I think the prices seem quite steep. The chart itself looks good and is easy to read.

    Samples – Not as effective as they could be because you don’t also show visitors the multiple choice question page used to generate the “blurbs.” I’d think you’d want to show them a before and after so they could see how quick and easy it is to fill out the form and get a polished listing, ready to go.

    FAQs – Very well written and in keeping with the cute, friendly feeling of the home page.

    I think your site is just about ready to launch. I can’t find much fault with it. I’d choose just one video for the home page (the demo video) and allow visitors to actually create a sample listing under Demo. But other than that, your site looks complete. Your service seems like it would be very valuable to real estate agents. It seems pricey, but I guess you’ll find out soon enough if users are willing to pay.

  2. 1) Is our website clear enough on it’s offering?

    Yes. it sees that your site writes property ads. The process, just from viewing the homepage, seems like you check certain boxes and out pops a prepared ad based on the criteria one checked.

    2) Would you watch demo videos? (applies to Realtors)
    I by no means am a realtor having only flipped one property but I would certainly watch a demo video. I looked at the demo video and it was quick and easy. teh only draw back was teh black bar throughout the video was a little annoying becaue it made it hard to see what has happening in the video.  I would consider putting it at the top of the video in the black open space. If there is going to be a demo video for realtors I hope that it wouldn’t be that short and that it would voice instructions. Even though your site seems simple to execute I would make sure it user friendly for everyone, young and old. I don’t think someone in the realty field would mind watching a video that was longer if it was going to make their job easier. I would however not put a picture tutorial with content to read. At times it can make using sites seem more hard. Videos are interactive, capitivating and can simple be rewound if one needs information repeated.

    3) Would you send to friends / colleagues in Real Estate?
    I would definitely send this to friends and colleagues. Any tool that can make real estate and business easier is a plus.

    4) Are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    I would consider creating an account and having a trial offer.

    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have
    I was looking at your price page and I was not excited to see a 3 day trial. I find that to be quite short to see if a service works or not. I think a 30 trial and or a 2 week trial is standard and much better suited for any customer trying out a new service. I find a 3 day trial to be quite a turn off even if I thought your site had good potential. With such a small window it seems like your site might be just trying to get money rather than allowing people to get a feel of what your site can do. There also seems to be quite a price jump from the light to the pro of 60 dollars. The only difference that I see in your offerings are the number of properties. Again, this could another turn off with paying more money but not getting more features. I think with the balance of a short trial and prices based onl property count you have to have a great service at hand. I like that you dont’ ask for a credit card and that you can cancel anytime. What happens to those ads that are placed using your service after the three days? Do you discuss with customers billing when upgrading and downgrading in the middle of a billing cycle?

    When I clicked on your sample page I saw a 7 day free agent trial. What is the difference with from the 3 day trial?  I also liked that you offer sms and tweet alerts, nice way to use technology in suh a simplistic way. With the sample I was hoping to see more than just writing samples. At the top of the page of the sample screen it looks more lively than what was featued on the page for the users to view. I would like more of a true sample.

    What do you mean when you put unlimited users?

    I think that you have a great idea and a visually nice site but it seems to lack in detail as to how to use your site. The demo was fine but it leaves alot of small details out. The process was said to take about 5 mintures but from looking at your demo that might be an under statement espeically with the longer ads. I like your site but I don’t get the feel of how to use it exactly without watching the demo video a couple of times.

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