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A typing tutor that runs directly in your browser.
Nothing to download. Nothing to install.

Target Audience: Average consumers who want to learn how to type.

Quick Brown Frog is an HTML5 typing tutor application. It runs totally in the browser, with no Flash or other plugins required.

I was inspired to create this software after having a bad experience with some commercial typing software- an app I purchased from a major software publisher wouldn’t install or run properly on my (very mainstream!) computer. I ended up having to purchase a second copy- this time on CD-ROM, before I could get it to work properly.

The idea of installing consumer software from a CD-ROM is an anachronism in 2010, and Quick Brown Frog aims to modernize this market.

Feedback sought:

  • Please create yourself an account by following this link.
  • Try some lessons/practice tests, and let us know what you think.

8 thoughts on “Quick Brown Frog – Learn to Touch-Type

  1. I tried the practice mode and loved it. I think it’s got great potential to take on the Mavis Beacons of the world.

  2. I love the idea. It works well, it runs very light weight and I feel like I could use it to work with my kids to teach them how to type. All of these factors will play well to the success of your site.

    However, there are some things I’d love to see changed:

    Pricing – $30 is steep for a web app. I see where you’re coming from as far as pricing it in line with installable teaching software, but I won’t buy it at $30. Consider an introductory section at $5-10, then perhaps $20 for a full access subscription.

    Aesthetics – Facing facts, I’d write about it on The Next Web if it looked better. I always hate to tell people this, but that’s the truth. The site is a bit clunky in both its navigation and overall look. It’s reminiscent of sites from 10 years ago. Spend a few bucks on a new design and I’ll gladly give you air time.

    I said a few, but honestly, these are the two big ones. It’s a great idea, it works well and it’s a great resource, but you need to spiffy it up some and chop the pricing down.

  3. Brad, all valid and welcome feedback, thank you.

    The $30 price was really a shot in the dark, and as you guessed it was based to be in line with the shrink-wrap products. I’m certainly open to lowering it.

    I agree on aesthetics- I’m a programmer, not a designer, so I will need to seek out some help on that one.

    If you don’t mind my asking, what aspect of the navigation was problematic? It’s all ajax for speed, yet fully bookmarkable (and crawlable) ajax. I spent a lot of time making that work, so I’m interested to hear what you found problematic with it. Not second-guessing you- just trying to get clarification so I can improve it.

    Thanks again for taking time to play with it.

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