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October 11, 2011


RAVN – It’s What You Do

ravn - startup featured on StartUpLift

Find and book over 11,000 activities.

Target Audience: All Internet Users
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit and sign up.
  • Go through the onboarding process. Is it appealing? How many items did you view before you clicked “Finish”?
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • Could you see yourself coming back to the site? Why yes or why not?

About RAVN:

What is RAVN?
RAVN is an activities search and booking engine that allows people to discover, schedule and pay for the things they love to do directly online. We have the most comprehensive database of experiences and work directly with the providers to ensure that every transaction occurs smoothly.

Why should I use RAVN?
Besides offering amazingly low prices, RAVN allows you to reserve your spot directly with the provider so that you’ll never have to worry about booking last minute or missing an opportunity. Forget phone reservations, forget waiting in line, we provide the easiest booking experience possible.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.