Researching Content Ideas for Your Blog

How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

Sometimes when you’re all fired up to write your next blog post, something terrible happens.

Your mind goes blank, and you can’t seem to put two sentences together.

It’s called Writers’ block.

But this should not worry you much because there are plenty of places to get writing inspiration – listen to people carefully, and you’ll get tons of potential ideas, not to mention the internet, which is an endless sea of possibilities.

In this article, we’ll give you the right tools and tricks to find content ideas for your business blog.

Before you rush into writing content for your blog, the endgame in your mind should be to solve a potential problem, and your audience will be interested in reading in your industry.

For instance, if you’re in the tech industry, and your readers would like to find, say: Best wireless headphones for 2020.  If an ardent music fan sees this title, they’ have to click because the heading has a great punch line and is precise.

So start with a question-form title, bearing in mind that your article is the answer to what people are looking for.

Now let’s dig in and find different ways to come up with great content ideas for your business blog.

1. Competitor Websites

If you’re struggling with topics to write, you can start by going to your competitor websites (start with industry gurus) because they already have an established reputation and have thousands of followers.

1. Competitor Websites  - How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

Here you’ll find a sea of topics, comments, and ideas on their website.

Imagine that!

It’s not so much about the written content on your competitor’s websites; it’s the community forums within site and what people are talking about.

Skim through the comments section, and you’ll find inspiration for your content creation. Some of them may be questions that your competitor hasn’t written about, so you can go right ahead and write your blog post around the uncovered topics.

Don’t steal their content and plagiarize yourself. Get the ideas you need by looking through the posts and write unique content based on your findings.

Great ideas are buried deep in the comments section, and all you have to do is discover a USP (unique selling point) and grab that opportunity.

Also, check out the FAQ page on websites for the topics you’d like to cover. These questions could all be concepts for the topics you can write about.

2. Online Community Groups

Social media groups like Facebook and LinkedIn are great inspirational niche forums for business blog ideas. People discuss ideas around their professional experiences, personal interests, including politics, sports, and many other topics.

2. Online Community Groups - How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

Narrow down your search target groups that didn’t post a lot of marketing stuff through backlinks and shared spam messages. Go for groups that members ask questions, read through the comments, or pick some of the ignored questions and do your research.

3. General Online Forums

One of the best places to find blog title inspiration is Quora and Yahoo forums. These forums are a big deal and so popular because people share industry-related news, ask questions, and post answers to inquiries made every day.

3. General Online Forums - How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

To find what you’d like to write about, go to the search section and type in the best keywords around the topic you would like to cover in your business blog. You’ll find numerous questions. Narrow down your findings by picking questions to create the topic you think your readers would be interested in and turn it into content inspiration for your blog.

4. Social Media Platforms

If you have a sizeable number of followers on social media, you can start by looking up social influencers and skim through their profiles to find out the latest topics on the discussion on their walls.

4. Social Media Platforms - How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

Read through Facebook posts, tweets, and LinkedIn articles and see what the fuss is all about with millennials and industry influencers in your social media community. Some of the topics can be exceptionally valuable to your brainstorming process.

You could even go ahead and post a question to your followers and wait for the answers to start streaming in. You’ll be amazed as you follow through the answers because here, anything goes.

New ideas start flowing, people generously come up with useful information, and there’s always a nerd who will write a thesis around your question. 

Imagine if this nerd answered your question so correctly that they created an entire article with perfect descriptions and illustrations. And it’s all free! That’s the power of social media.

5. Blog Comments

Sometimes the answers are right within your resources. When was the last time you re-read your own blog posts’ comment section?

5. Blog Comments - How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

When faced with writer’s block, try going back to your previously written blog posts, and read through the comments section.

Some of your followers may have replied to one of your posts, and you never got the chance to respond. Some may have asked questions. You never got around to answering those as well.

This would be an excellent time to review all your blog posts and see if you can draw some inspiration. It would help if you went through your blog more often to get new ideas and to answer all questions your readers ask.

It gives you a chance to connect with your customers. Always respond to at least 10-20 comments on your website. These comments provide a great source of inspiration whenever you’re thinking of creating a new post.

6. Google Search

If you have an idea around the topics you’d like to cover, you can type your idea on Google search, and you will see related topics based on keywords on the first page of Google. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will also see related searches based on the words you typed in the search box. Now you have a sea of information and multiple ideas from a simple Google search.

6. Google Search - How To Research Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

Analyze the results and make a list of keywords, topic ideas, subheadings, and anything you find useful for your business blog post.

Your goal is to work with what’s already out in public and how readers engage around the trending critical words by accessible industry-driven content. It’s a great formula that produces reliable results.


I hope you now have tons of topic ideas from his post and how you can draw inspiration around the web for your business blog posts. There are millions of resources at your disposal. If you follow this guide, you will discover numerous ways to generate content ideas. We’d love to hear opinions in the comments section.

Talk to us.

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