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Target Audience: SMB, sales teams
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Compare us to our nearest competitors

1. Which would you trust more?
2. What features would slay your decision to signup?
3. Would you say we were on-par with these other businesses?

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  1. Compare us to our nearest competitors
    a) – A basic site, looks like right “out of the box.” Not much personalization with real pictures of people.
    b) – Pretty basic, only offers a demo on the homepage. No bells or whistles.
    c) – Pipeline deals offers an app in the Apple Store and has an opening picture of a real person, which is a plus over your site, that does not have a opening picture of a real professional. Pipeline also shows a price upfront on the first page.
    d) – Compared with, your site looks similar except that you offer a Google app (assuming for internet browser) and Nutshell offers an actual app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
    e) – This has a comic looking figure that could be a mascot, which is very likeable. It also has credibility increasers such as the logo from ZDNet, The Guardian, and the Sunday Times.
    1. Which would you trust more? After looking at the competitors above, I like the site for Pipleline deals and One Page over your site. Your site seems pretty basic and straight out of the box. You need a professional on your homepage that people can relate to, and your logo for Sales life cycle seems a bit too generic. It doesn’t feel like you are an established business by visiting your website. It feels more like a “here today, gone tomorrow” type of business.
    2. What features would slay your decision to signup? Interesting wording of the question. I go to the pricing page and it says the basic option is free and offers 1,000 credits yet offers no explanation of the credits. You need an explanation of the credits in an obvious place on your pricing page.

    3. Would you say we were on-par with these other businesses? Just by the usability of the websites, and the look, I would say you have two competitors that look a bit more professional and develop more credibility in my eyes. The other sites are probably on the same level as you. I would not necessarily pick you over the others. I would flip a coin.

  2. Compare us to our nearest competitors
    The first impression for me between and your website is that, both of you gave me a very clear thought of what are both of your site services. The difference is that how both of you presented it. It is pretty much the same as both of the site having a video(capsule) and slides/video(SalesCRM) presenting to the visitors about what your site works and how it works. My feeling is that your site give me a feeling of profession which it can be trusted. The design of your site makes it clear that what is it about and from one single homepage of your site i can know almost everything that i need to know which is how it works and what features you provide. Instead, from capsuleCRM i can know what is it about and how is works but i still need to dig more deeper to know what are the features. I more prefer a page that is simple and can tell me everything i need to know. For pricing, you are offering a single member with 1000credit for free while capsuleCRM having a free edition and also a free trial. For the pricing package i would go for capsuleCRM because i think it is more ideal. It is because Capsule offering 12/per user and you are offering 49.95 for 2users. If you have the reason to charge higher than others, i think you should present the worthness of the price in a better and clearer picture. 
    When i first visit to the systematicRevenenue(SR)’s site it require me to click on something like go to to be directed into the homepage. This is very annoying for me because when i already type the url for that site, why does it need me to click another link to visit the homepage. This has already make me feel reluctantly to visit the site in the next time.
    When i go into the homepage, the site presented in a very creative and attractive way, which it is looks interesting for me. The buttons, the effects after clicking on something and it will scroll directly to the section where its about the things that i clicked. All these are the key to attract customers. It has make it very clear that what the site is about and how does it work and what feature it has. I can get all the detail i need to know in the homepage and with the take a tour guide it give me more detailed info. All i need to know is the price. The price is a little disappointing because, its expensive. I would rather look for other cheaper. 
    Even though your site did not provide a beautiful buttons with all those effects that would make user feel special when clicking on it, but you provide mostly what they provided and also your price is much more cheaper. You have a process tab in your site which i think your explanation of how is the process is much more simple and easy to understand compare to them.
    The homepage isn’t that attractive to me compared to yours, which they just put a quote with a pictures. They did not really put lots of detail on their home page which i still find that i need to go through for other section in the page to look for more detail. But they mention their price in the homepage, which it attracted me because its only 24$ per user with everything included. That is their key strategy to win over other competitors. They do not have a complicated pricing tiers that having lots of packages which make the user feel that hard to make decision. They give one price and thats all.I also find that 
    This is the site that i find it hard to actually understand what it try to present in the homepage. They not really highlighting their features on the homepage, they are just like displaying some screenshot without explanation which i think your site provided a better homepage then theirs. When i click on their tour, then it show more details and with a video. It is not really convincing for me because i more prefer reading the homepage with some simple and straightforward keyword highlighted that tell me what is it about and the features. 
    The pricing is the only thing that caught my attention because they offering 10$ per user. 

    My first impression for this site is pretty good because it presented their business in a simple and straightforward way. But i still prefer your site over this one because you listed your key features in the homepage which i can look through it and mostly new visitors would not miss to see your feature. Some visitor might miss to see the feature of because some might not happy with their presentation of their home page and just left the site. Unlike yours, even people dont like the way you present your site but they get to know your features and that will make them come back to your site when they go to other site they will think of something like ” I remember this salesCRM site provide some feature and why does this site dont have it?”
    Their pricing is also attractive as they proving 15$ per user and 30 $ per users. It is cheaper compared to yours.
    1. Which would you trust more?
    If it is based on quality, the first i would trust is your site and also capsuleCRM, because both of the site provided a detailed info about what services is provided. 
    If it is based on pricing, i would prefer capsuleCRM because they offering 12$ per month for a user. 
    if it is based on features, i would prefer and because they support mobile app. Nowadays, people are looking for mobile apps because it is much more convenient and portable. 
    2. What features would slay your decision to signup?
    Supporting mobile is the one feature that would slay my decision to sign up. 
    3. Would you say we were on-par with these other businesses?
    Yes. because your site have mostly what others have. If you service support for mobile phone that would be good impact. 

  3. 1. Which would you trust more? 
         I would choose because they provide current challenges and
         reasons why they’d be the solution for what I’m looking for. They also provide
         specific samples by using demos and create good communication by providing live
         chat / help.
    2. What features would slay your decision to signup?
         The marketing features would slay my decision because it could use more tangible
         examples and before and after details regarding how much easier and faster the solution is.
         No quantifiable figures showing the marketing would pay for itself.
    3. Would you say we were on-par with these other businesses?
         Yes, you are on par with these other businesses because your content relates benefits to at 
         least one of the customer’s needs: make money, save money, save time / effort, do something
         good, feel secure, and impress others, along with providing needed assistance in growth.

  4. Compare us to our nearest competitors
    1. Which would you trust more? I like how and have the security info right there to see before you decide.
    2. What features would slay your decision to signup? The need for a credit card with a free trial would instantly make me find another site.  I refuse to give my card number for “free” things. 
    3. Would you say we were on-par with these other businesses? I think has a bland website, there is nothing eye catching, nothing draws me in.  I find it difficult to read, I feel bored trying to read through and look at the details.  I like how the other sites had outlined their info with boxes and colors to grab my attention.  Other than that I think it is on-par, however I don’t feel like I would choose this site because there’s nothing drawing me in when there are other sites with more competitive prices and eye catching details.

  5. Compare us to our nearest competitors
    First off would like to congraulate you on a simplistic yet practical CRM website. Tim & Chris you did a great job o get your CRM so far. Few people know what goes into setting up and maitaining such a system. Personally I have recently started using a CRM system and a lot of the futures is new and a lot has to be learned. I would like you to know my first impressions to your website and what went trough my mind.
    Most people compare CRM or any new system to what they have used before and many including myself find it difficult to master. 
    So at first I was very tempted to immidiatly sign up for a free account and get started. Then at the pricing i saw $49 per addidional user that slowed me down as I have vtiger and with them it is $12 pm with up to 50 people I can create profiles for.
    I am doin networkmrketing and whaen I work on many differant people I also help many people with their leads. For that $49 would disquilify your system. It would work for each to have a free account but then we need to share the same user mane and password This would complicate things if people see too much personal data about leads that is not part of their group.
    I did easily spend a good 10 min looking at all the futures and find the wbsit well put together and funtional. I can clearly see it all has been designed by someone who knows the frustrations and joys of being in the selling bussiness. So to speak I like that  you have a good overview of the system and explain each prosess that the sale is going through an the relation to your CRM.
    I am missing a more detailed marketing platform that includes the leads facebook, linkedin or other social media. Also not sure what email platform you use and if it can easily be linked to gmail or similar free email
    Now I will visit you competitors and compare

    Capsul took me a time to figure out exactly what I get and was clustered with loads of aps email systems and other accounting programes i don’t truly know or understand. As a new user of CRM systems I do find any new venture to be either simplistic or overwelming. Must say saleslife cycle got in better with a more detail focus on exactly what you get. Price wise Capsul look more attractive and at the pricing options they give a better outly than saleslife. At the same time they also stress the benefits and kinda feel $12 a month is more acievable than $49. Personally I know the value of these systems and complaining about price would not be a factor once I use it and my business makes good money. As a manager on a ship with thousands of guests and hunderds of staff I can imagine the importance of having a solid system. But for all brand new businesses that needs to turn their pennies I for a first system would rather go for Capsule. 
    Couple of things I miss and probably is in the detail is how much it cost to migrate to another system as what many times happen after a good game of golf and the personal best friend has through 18 holes completely convinced you why his CRM is perfect for the last 5 years. So my sugestion would be 3 price uptions that will get more sign ups and more word of mouth recomendations. That is after all the best advertizing….
    Capsule also have a great affiliate programme that shares 20%. that is not too shaby and atracted me a lot.

    First off systematiccrevenue changed their name to hatchback. It seems more friendly and for a person with my new earnings I would say a start of $99 is a bit of a far fetch. I live in South Africa in a small town of Mossel Bay where the average salary is $300. Most new businesses close after the first 3 years the started and all in all I guess Hatchbach is more for dpctors and lawers. however a couple of things I noticed about them. Giving their price upfront and kinda in your face without being ashamed or shy about it make you wonder if it is not a good system. At their about tab they explain their passion about helping small businesses and share in most business owners struggles. It kinda gave me the feeling hat they are confidant that their price will be small campared to all the money I will be making by using their system. Neither saleslifecycle or hatchbach gave me that confidance. In fact I would strongly urge you to do something similar and press on peoples hot buttons to let them know you understand them as people and what they are going through. Also very cleaver to ask personal detail for a live demo. That page alone is worth its weight in gold cause that is where the magic begins. Did not quilify myself to get the live demo, but must add for a start of $99 i would rather get salesforce that seems to me like the industry leader currently. Couple of last thoughts is that hatchback idetify themeselves as confidant and trusted partners of real businesses and with real people.

    This system seems to doexactly what they say but is missing a couple of things for a full CRM. Their focus is much more on the prosess and must add of all the systems I have so far revied their aprouch is clean simple and very effective. Their pricing is $24 per month per user that is fair and they are not scared to take on salesforce with a gutsy comment that you don’t need a tank when you can have a sports car. All round their system looks the cleanest and most easy to use. Couple of pointers opposed to saleslifecycle
    Pros- Affiliate programme
    – Easy simplistic been around since 2006
    – Lots of satisfied customers iphone intergrated
      (I happen to believe in the apple iphones)
    -No fuzz straight forward hit the nail on the head
    – Seems like to best system for the money’s worth
    – great to at the bottom of each page give you an opt in for a month
    Cons- Seems it only supports the selling prosses
    – Dont have built in invoices and seems limited to the finance
    side of things
    – Too expensive per user as most sales forces are 10 and more
    in MLM marketing i do I have 60 people of which 1 makes good money            
            and most of the group does not earn enough to afford it

    Comparing with saleslifecycle
    Pro’s – Nutshell provides walktrough video tutorials that simplifies the 
      decition prosess and keeps your attention on exactly where
     they want it
    – It feels like a dynamic team of developers that are working well together and providing a simplistic system that gives you a clean feel
    and a well rounded experience.
    – Pricing is great and feels affordable for all
    – Every
    Cons Feel they are too self centered and does not look at the custemers consers first. Does not seem they have the sales experience saleslifecycle had before creating the software.
     – Dont see instant billing and financial software intergration
    – Would not be the only system a small bussiness can run on
    – Being quit new they are lacking bigger companies and success 
    – stories of people using them.
    – No affilliate account that would be a nice add on

    1. Which would you trust more?
    2. What features would slay your decision to signup?
    3. Would you say we were on-par with these other businesses?

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